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Google Photos - Picasa Albums

On March 15, according to Blogger, Picasa Photo Albums will be defunct. In other words, your photos from the past will continue to be available [you won't lose them if you never delete them], but Blogger will no longer maintain the albums. Yes, the photos will BE THERE in your albums, but after March 15, 2016, your uploaded photos will be stored, unlimited storage data, in Google Photos!! Some may wonder, after uploading photos to Google Photos...."How do I post the images and share them on my Blogger Blog?"  It's a simple process. But, you must know a little bit of html protocol. [I will go through the steps to use the once saved photos from Picasa also!!]

First of all, there are two kinds of protocols for composing a post in, nearly automatic...the other is HTML.  Both can be used, but with the onset of Picasa's 'demise' and using the images/photos from the past, it's best to know a bit of html...which I will show you below---

HTML PROTOCOL [in this mode, you need to know html! I use this version all the time.]

BLOGGER'S 'COMPOSE' MODE [with this window, Blogger does the work for you!!]

Here, I will try and help.


The following four images were uploaded to my Hootin' Anni Album - the new version/storage for Blogger, GOOGLE PHOTOS [Google photos will allow you to title your album, or if you prefer, the album is dated automatically by Google].

1-find the photo[s] you wish to add to your blog post.
2-Upload them to Google Photos
3-Choose Album

4-When album has opened, search for your photo. Right Click on it, and get the URL of image!!

5-URL will automatically be copied...
6-Return to your Blog Post and Right Click to paste the copied image URL...adding the opening and closing tag. [in RED below]

7-Continue with text as usual and save/schedule/publish your post.


Same procedure as with Google Photos, except you're in the Picasa Albums.

For the example, I used an album in my Picasa site from 2013--

Find the photo you want, open it, right click, copy location [URL]...

Use the same image source tag above in step six.

Save post, publish.

If you want to add a caption for the image, follow this procedure [you'll be in Blogger "Compose" mode instead of HTML protocol]:

1-LEFT click on image...

2-click on "Add Caption"

3-type in caption




  1. Thanks I think. Is it going to be better? Not sure I understand it but we'll see.

  2. All of that is well beyond my capacity to learn on my old imac. Sorry, but I don't have any understanding of it at all and maybe I don't need to be concerned. ALL of my photos are saved elsewhere.

  3. Thanks for explang all that.