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TV/Movie World Lost A Good One!

I'll get to the meaning of my blog post title in a bit.  For now, I begin here..... On a very foggy morning, Bud and I were found driving around, out on the country roads that divide sections of land in the area of the historic Chapman's Ranch * searching the properties for the rare Upland Sandpiper which has been reported seen along the open fields and turf farms. Of course we couldn't see much of anything with the weather clouding our vision, but as we drove along with the windows open, the birdsong was phenomenal. Hawk calls, seagulls, sparrow songs, and flycatchers sang to us along the deserted county byways. We stopped to take a photo of  a  ranch gate along some of the developed land: We DID spot some sandpiper[s]...but 'tweren't the UPLAND sandpipers ....several seen were Solitary Sandpipers . We'll keep trying to find the elusive Upland species. Persistence pays off; maybe for us it will also!! solitary sandpiper On a side note, I D

Was she a Spirit, an Angel?

Without cable for TV any longer [which I don't miss at all!]...the other day I was watching NCIS New Orleans online and the commercial just made me giggle....such cuteness ever!!   Of course, the cellphone was on my desk and snap away I did!! I think the song in the commercial is sung [or was a long time ago] by Sonny & Cher, right? Yep, Sonny & Cher! [I had to Google this....whoa 1966. That's 50 years ago!!] Little man, when you stand by my side Then I know I don't have to hide from anyone And I pray that we'll stay just that way 'Till the day comes along when we catch the sun. Watch the commercial here. - - - TripAdvisor has this restaurant in town [there are south and the other north] as a 5-star ★★★★★ establishment. We stopped here the other day for a quick lunch. I ordered the Taco Spud. It is a one pound potato with taco seasoned beef, a sprinkling of melted cheese, mild salsa. As an extra side order I had them add slice

Holiday Themed Images

My painting of Easter Sunrise Services in town along the sea coast in a small park. I painted this in 2009 according to my thumbprint note on the backside of the watercolor paper. It was completed for our daughter, Irene. Continuing with the theme for Easter: A crucifix fish which I found on the beach... and its legend [ from a previous post ]. I do hear the rattle when I shake it!! I am blessed. ...and one more piece. My pencil sketch of the Crown of Thorns from another previous post " Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do. " LUKE 23:34 {King James}

Look! Up in the Sky-it's a, a feather...wait, a Cloud!!

Of course y'all should know by now I love searching the fields for wildflowers. I think these were strategically planted, and perhaps plant-nursery-grown for the city's parks. The sunlight was on them the other day, and it brightened the pathways... This looks like pea vetch to me, but I'm not 100% sure on this. Perhaps someone knows more... This is a bush more than low lying wildflowers...a Coral Bean Blossom. Baltimore Orioles LOVE these!! This resembles Brown-eyed Susan - - - I spotted, along the walkway, far from the property fence, a couple of critters that would LOVE chomping away at those wildflowers, I betcha, uh-huh!! I think goats are awesome!! - - - Along Packery Channel Park's new boardwalk and observations areas, in conjunction with the City Parks and Rec and the Audubon Club/Society, they have been busy doing some improvements and landscaping. Along with a small pond and palm tree area, flower beds, and tree planting along the

It's Mating Season ....

It seemed that all the locals had the same idea Bud and I had. The island highway was busy. And all the birding hot spots, once arriving in Port Aransas, were crowded. We all had been waiting for the Spring Break to end so we could enjoy the area to ourselves. LOL We stopped at three areas, Leonabelle, Paradise Pond, and Charlie's Pasture North [the salt flats]. At Leonabelle's there was a bit of fun bird watching while we were there....two Green Herons were in a courting ritual. And naturally, the morning light wasn't good for photography, but I managed to get one calling to his potential mate, and part of his displaying once he perched on a branch. These two images show their breeding plumage. In the non-breeding season, their legs are pale green/yellow and the rusty breast and bluish green is much more muted. Normally, the body feathers are, he was displaying his crown feathers AND spiking his body feathers!! In the uncrowded area, near the e

Oh....the Weather Outside Is.....DELIGHTFUL!!

Today, I'm gonna play catch-up on my posting. Since Sunday's post was a severe weekend weather update, with power and cable outages most of the two days, I missed writing about Sister's Day celebration. Friday morning, my sister and I were on speaker phone together as we opened our gifts we sent each other to celebrate being sisters...I sent her almond tea cookies and flavored teas along with an imported silver bolo necklace with a filigreed 'real' leaf on the pendant. She sent me an infinity scarf with bird figures and a Willow tree figurine "Simple Joys...You're Simply a Joy in my Life". I believe this is our 28th consecutive year we've done this together. We toasted, with synchronized clocks, at 7:30PM with each a glass of champagne "To long and well"!!... In my previous post, I also mentioned that with boredom overtaking me, I packed away the St. Patrick's stuff and put out a few Easter things