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Yesterday morning, we thought we'd do something different and walk around the tourist area of North Shore. We ended up at the Texas State Aquarium. The TSA is a massive building, all with glass encased aquariums showing the sea life of animals and mammals that span the globe. Tho, as I state below a lot of the exhibits are, for now, no longer open due to construction. It's been over three years since we've been there; the last time was when my sister and brother in law visited us. The establishment was jammed packed with people. Local people mostly. I don't particularly enjoy being in a crowded area, but we were there, so what the heck....we paid our entrance fee, and I walked right to the Flight Exhibit. Naturally. But, it was a two-fold experience. One, only ONE bird was in the exhibit...BUT!!---two, it was a BALD EAGLE!! I haven't seen one of these birds of prey since we left Colorado, twenty plus years ago. So, that was exciting. Her name is Grac

On Dubbing and Books

While waiting for the dryer to get done for the last load this weekend, I found myself back at the Digital Art Site , and playing with some of my photographs of birds!! Go Figure.  This time I clicked on 'filters' from the option menu, and then chose my preference of the HD values given.  I ended up doing five.  The original images are infused in the corner-- -- Red Necked Duck and Roseate Spoonbill Northern Cardinal Cooper's Hawk and Snowy Egret ...after dubbing a few minutes with the site and using the one filter & different preferences, I left to sit down and read a bit. I'm reading a very interesting history book. Well, a book ON history and the myths behind the liaison between two 'prominent' figures in America. One, of course, well known, the other very elusive and controversial . The history of a rumored affair with Sally Hemings and President Thomas Jefferson. Reading through the first 100 pages or so, I oftentimes felt like thr

We Finally Found It!!!

Several attempts to find this sanctuary in the 'suburb' of Corpus Christi [Portland, Texas], we've driven the Farm to Market* Roads to find this particular birding no avail. Until yesterday! We finally found it. I must first say here that I am not too impressed with the county's Audubon Society. Sure, they've acquired many land tracts to keep in its natural state of existence for birds...but, the group neglects the ones we've traversed. Instead of keeping them cleaned up of brush and trash, the areas we've visited in the decade here, I'm sorely discouraged by their maintenance of their 'parks'. They need to find a way to get volunteers or something to beautify the land acquired. I can see at one point in time there was an enthusiastic beginning....but the inattention given now is evident. I'd volunteer to help clean it up!! Okay, so again, we finally spotted the entry. It is easy to miss. We've been by this with

Into the Woods* * *...

At one of our favorite birding areas, it seems the city is clearing out a lot of debris and deadwood to perhaps make a new trail! Bud and I explored it. The area is at the backside of a heavily wooded outcropping, and it was beautiful being that the quietude of it all and clear sky with warm sunlight filtering through was perfect for hearing the sounds of nature! I'm sure by mid Spring, once the trees are leafed out, I'll need to have some insect repellent carried with me ...oh the mosquitoes!! The third photo from top has a Golden Crowned Woodpecker [enlarge the photo]... At the entrance area we decided to take, we saw the white flowers in full bloom by the gate...Besides the denseness of the trees, we not only saw the wildflowers, but noticed 5 vultures circling high above in the clearing. When we made a turn-about, the same vultures had taken a rest atop the branches. Hmmmm, were they waiting for us to fall and break our necks perhaps? A free lunch buffet?