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Movie Review....


Since I was only one of about 10 viewers at the early morning screening, I took these photos shared today with my cellphone. Yes, it was OFF during the movie except for when I left to go to the restroom and came back....BEFORE I returned to my seat. I again, then, shut it off.

I love movies, but rarely go to the theater anymore. It seems that most often the released ones continue to be so redundant of others. And the politically correct cast is so outstandingly apparent, that Hollywood lost a faithful patron. At least until the movies come online or on DVD. I just can't see spending $20-$30 for the two of us to sit for a couple of hours in a frozen room [that's oftentimes a petri dish of people with colds or flu symptoms sitting next to me]. I admit, I'd much rather watch 'em at home in the comfort of the living room.

But I made an exception this week. With The Force Awakening in the first couple of weeks with over 1.5 billion dollars coming in, I had to see for myself what all the hype was about. To be honest, tho, I wasn't all that impressed. Same ol' same ol'!! After a nearly 20 year lapse in the last segment of the 'wars', you'd think they could come up with something outstanding. I just couldn't see anything special here in the nearly 2 1/2 hours. The effects, the story line, the scenes....they all seemed like going back in time instead of the future.  Sure time has passed and those characters have aged...but what I'm getting at is this:  The effects and production of new and improved starships and fighters and weapons...all continue to be the same as the past!!  Heck, we today, have a new iPhone or Android or computer phase coming out yearly...why didn't this movie have anything 'new'?  lol

Yes, I was [and still am] an avid Star Wars fan!! From the get-go. I was saddened when Yoda passed on...he was my favorite. Still is for that matter. Very frequently I still use my favorite quote...."Do or do not". "There is no try!" [when Yoda is teaching Skywalker the powers of the force]. I have a stuffed Yoda...AND a large AT AT. Even Darth Vader was exceptional back in the 80s as the dark side villan!! The villan in the Force Awakens seems a bit anorexic; not very powerful and evil to my estimation...a bit of a weakling. Maybe that's the point tho....he'll grow as the saga continues. LOL

Okay, back to the newest relase, The Force Awakens....

...the return of Luke [a cameo appearance], Han Solo, Princess [now Governor] Leia and Chewbacca, R2-D2, and C3Po. Like old home week. Again, the battle scenes, the desert land, the script...they all seemed like deja vu which is good for the next generation of movie fans, but for those that have been around for the past 30 years....well, a bit of overkill of the same stuff!!. A couple of new characters have been added, I enjoyed the brilliance of one seen only for a short time...MAZ KANATA!! She had the all-knowingness of Yoda and wisdom of the Jedi. And then there is the cute little new droid BB-8!! Gotta love its loyalty and sweet demeanor.  I also appreciated the reminiscent scene of the AT AT in the snow,  long gone and forgotten.

The 'new main character' is Rey. A heroine of the Force! A pilot, one who seems to have the force within her, but unknown where/or when her training took place. I'm thinking a cousin of the evil side, or perhaps another set of twins like Skywalker and Leia?!! She had spunk, I'll give you that!! I won't spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it yet...but in my opinion, the only thing that the movie has got 'going for it' and viewing it at the theater is the SURROUND SOUND AND THE BIG SCREEN!! Stay tuned - Star Wars NEXT episode [IX] to be released in 2019.


  1. I felt the same, Anni. But I expected it to be Star Wars, and to me that's what it's always been, lots of action and bad guys to battle. I enjoyed it, but I didn't love it. I liked both Rey and Finn very much as new additions to the mix. And I too love BB-8. :-)

  2. Sorry I can't comment because I NEVER go to the movies at a theater. I don't really feel that I'm missing anything but glad others seem to enjoy this activity and the fantasy shows.

  3. We enjoy going to the movies about once a month. I was so surprised that the new Star Wars was such a rehash of earlier Star Wars. Surely someone could have come up with something other than a bigger Death Star! And the new Darth Vader character looks like a pimply faced 20 year old. Well anyway, quite a disappointment. IMHO. However, DH and DD liked it, not loved it, but liked it more than I did.

  4. We enjoyed the movie too and I do like the new girl, she was perfect!

  5. I never saw a single Star Wars movie and probably will not see this new one. I just could never get in to them

  6. I would rather watch a movie at home too. Plus, I'm not a Star Wars fan. However, the second movie was where Bob and I went on our first date, so I give it a little grace because of that fact!

  7. I can't remember the last time we went to the movies (for all the reasons you stated). However, we probably will get this when it finally comes out on DVD.