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Year in Review

With 2016 just around the corner, and company at our house, I am on holiday hiatus 'til all is back to 'normal'. This blog has been in existence since Christmas Day 2006!!! ....beginning my 10th year...a lot has happened in the past decade. I've met a lot of bloggers throughout, and enjoy the company I keep online with all the interesting, friendly and kind ones in our little blogger niche. From hikers, to photographers of expertise, exceptional writers, fun, crafty, and downright noteworthy people out in blogosphere. I've picked up so many ideas, and literally laughed out loud many-a-times. I've met some bloggers who also enjoy what I do ... mainly birding and learned so much from each and every one of you!! And in the next year, I'll carry on and continue to meet others and maintain the friendships from over the years. Now, a photo review of the past year.... A whole lotta photos to share. Small in size for shorter loading time. F in Action

No, there is no video of me, nor any photos of me at all. It's just the Anni in ' action ' of me carrying my cellphone/ camera around the house taking photos of the lights and holiday scenery--- Sadly, over the years, we've had outdoor decorations stolen from our yard. We're not the only ones. So, in order to keep these two reindeer safe at home for the season, we put them up INDOORS and enjoy the animated buck as he protects his lovely doe! [animated means when lighted his head lifts up and down in slow motion] Carved Santa Head in center of pine wreath - lighted opening between kitchen and dining room I bought this ornament the year my father died...he was the great fisherman!!  - Santa hat Artificial Poinsettia in Pine Basket - Frosted Fruit and pine cones embedded in a pine bough Glass Lighted Tree [we have three] atop a blanket of snow - Santa's Lantern A whimisical Santa - Resin Nutcracker Frosted Icicles adorning our tree - Santa Orname