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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Holiday Cheer

With the holidays fast approaching, and the tragic stories recently in the news about bombings, hostages, declaring 'war' against the jhadist terrorist attacks, there has been too much killing and lawlessness in our world these days. That's why I would like to begin a little tribute post to show there IS some GOOD in our lives.

There has been a long standing tradition of a turkey giveaway in Corpus Christi.   [read the entire story from aforementioned link] For decades a prominent lawyer here in town has held an annual complimentary, charitable, free hand out to those families in need! Over the years many poor families have had a fine feast of roasted turkey....all thanks to a very generous person, willing to give without a second thought to cost....just an act of kindness! It has grown from just Corpus Christi to now-a-days, other towns and counties in South Texas. In 2015, the number of free turkeys reached 300,000!!

Of course there are other charitable acts throughout our region, naming the Angel Trees in the largest mall in our fair city. Where you take a 'package tag' that is adorning the trees...with each tag there is a name of a child and gender...ideas for a gift to buy for them from you! Then, what I can think of off hand of course is Toys for Tots [Marine Corps, nationwide] and Salvation Army's donations.

It's the season of giving. Not especially receiving. And I would like to sit down at the computer [or my cellphone] and read instead a HAPPY, good-feeling post. Would you join? I'd be honored!!! And if you'd like to advertise your "Feel Good" Post and Share the Idea with Others, that would please me to no end!!

I made a graphic tag you could use to draw attention to your post and allow other bloggers to join. Just find, tell, a good story with a happy ending!! And it doesn't have to pertain to the season...just something of kindness or giving us all some CHEER [and perhaps a bit of laughter that will go a long way]!!

Here is the new tag. If you'd like to add this to your sidebar, or place it inside your post, feel free to copy and paste the code found below in the text area:

THIS IS NOT A MEME OR A LINKING TOOL PARTY!!! So, the graphic will not direct anyone to anyone's blog. It's just to pass around and give a 'take notice' to share in the spirit of things. I will leave this notice up until New Year's us a chance to share happy thoughts and feel good stuff.  SHARE ONE, TWO, THREE....AS MANY STORIES YOU FIND AS YOU'D LIKE!!

The link back to this page will be added at the top of my blog for easier access.   Happy Holidays!!


  1. what a great idea. I'll be on the lookout for feel good stories

  2. Nice idea and a happy Thanksgiving to you and Bud.

  3. If we ever needed good news it is now. There is just too much bad things. Rarely watch TV for that reason. It would be a joy to read good things for a change. I hope there will be many great stories shared. If I hear something worth sharing, I definitely will.

  4. Many community have wonderful things to offer. Our little town is having an community Thanksgiving dinner.
    Coffee is on

  5. a wonderful story and a super idea.. and i love the idea of uplifting posts

  6. There IS much good in this world. They don't make headlines, of course.
    I have unfriended a lot of racists on Facebook lately. I needed a break.
    I donate to a goodly number of organizations. It's all I can do. We have had information overload.
    Great post.

  7. It is uplifting to read positive stories. Thanks for sharing this.

  8. Uplifting it is indeed, Anni, thank you for sharing!! I hope you're enjoying a lovely weekend!!

  9. Good idea Anni! We do need this.
    Sorry my CD winner post was not there when you looked - time got away from me!

  10. we do need to share good news my friend, bless you.

  11. Me, come up with something positive? I'll have to think about it. Kudos to you for coming up with the idea.