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I Am a Witness...

I HAVE A NOON SCHEDULED POST FOR SATURDAY [october 31st] ON I'd Rather B Birdin' with much more information and photos. If you're interested, stop by again to see what I witnessed. I took, and will share DOZENS of photos at that time...on my bird photo blog.  Just follow the link. The sky was a cobalt blue, the wooded area of Pollywog Ponds was dense with a bit of Autumn Colors showing up for the season... The small clump of sunflowers was found at the entrance to the nature sanctuary.  With last week's flooding storms, and predicted scattered showers this coming weekend, it's been, and will be,  a bit of a mix-up for the bird migration. By that I mean, instead of the usual thermals that are used for flight patterns for the migratory birds found much farther northwest of our city, some of the larger kettles usually found away from us...they have been seen MUCH CLOSER to us by only a few miles instead of having to drive to see it all.  [did that make

Rose Scented Stroll...

It's been over a week since I've posted anything here at Hootin' Anni's abode. Master Bathroom prep for redecorating has kept me a bit locked up with no where to go but on the ladder. Up and down, up and down. Thursday afternoon, after a lunch break, I felt like getting out in the fresh air and walking... even if it had rained and threatened more to come within the next few hours of that day. The forefront of the massive hurricane [ Patricia ] that hit the west coast of Old Mexico was barreling down on parts of Texas by the beginning of Thursday, so there have been bouts of heavy rain and now flooding from the storm after landfall. But, on my afternoon break, it wasn't all that wet. I drove to the Botanical Gardens to get out and about and see what bird activity I could find out in the Garden's Wetland Preserve and Gator Pond. By the time I arrived, the winds had kicked up...keeping the birds inactive. I walked the entire 180+ acre perimeter/pathways

Just for the Hell-uv-it

This post is truly nothing but random photos and thoughts! So, leave if you must, or stick around. Maybe you'll find something a bit fun, oddball, or way out of the park. Here goes. Remember, just eclectic, random stuff--- I was fascinated and stayed around to view the images taken by this little drone!!!  May be a good way to get nature noted photos that no one can see by just standing alone on a path!!! If you're into photography [or birding like I am], you may come across someone with a new 'popular' toy! It's actually a robot or slide photos. It's called a drone. A few weeks ago, when I was on one of my solo outings when Bud stayed home instead, I was intrigued by this couple at a birding refuge. Of course, you are supposed to get permission to fly these from the FAA . Most people probably don't realize that. The drones can become a liability suit with the government agencies and there have been known incidents of ha

Foggy Sky, State Park, and a bit of JAZZ!

This weekend is the Corpus Christi 55th annual Jazz Festival; Bud and I will be attending if weather cooperates, tho, we've been there rain or shine in the years past. It's always a fun-filled event, with this year to celebrate 55 years in Corpus,....fifty five jazz bands will be performing with live celebration of America's music!! There is food, drinks, and vendors, along with the bands. Big crowds are always expected in the area, parking spots are hard to find....etc. etc. etc. But worth getting there to enjoy the music and New Orleans style ambiance as you sit under the tented stages, or walk around to shop for trinkets or unique clothing. Beer Gardens, grilled greasy food is also on the venue, if you dare to partake!! The shows run late into the night and reopen the next morning. For three days. This past week Bud and I drove to Harlingen, Texas and headed toward a small city west of there via the interstate to stop at a Texas State Park in search of a rar

Life's a Beach!!!

Lately, with the mild days and for the most part, drier air, tho there have been a couple of days with rainfall, Bud and I have been trekking the beaches. This time of year [and even the colder wintry days for me] the shore walking is so refreshing. Listening to the gentle waves, the birds calling, the light sea breeze, the different hues of blue and muted, sandy, browns along with the sparkling reflection of the Autumn sun atop the Gulf... It all makes a perfect day. And of course, a photo to share some beach fencing... The other day I spent the morning walking my 10,000 steps along Whitecap Beach. The human population was nearly nil. The shorebirds, tho very little numbers, were keeping active trying to stay a safe distance from me as I left my footprints in the sand. Mostly gulls, a few plovers and sandpipers, pelicans, along with a trio of gray legged willets. left to right:   Juvenile Laughing Gull, Warming itself: a Willet, Hunting for its breakfast along the s