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Progress Report...

The graph is complete, and I've counted the number of stitches needed for the width to make the main piece of my Day of the Dead 'Sugar Skull' afghan. Between the days we've been out birding, including one day trip to Falfurrias, Texas, I've made slow progress. I have around 30 rows done ... out of a guess of 130 rows. The weather here feels a bit more like Autumn now. At least the last day or two. Which I'm welcoming with open arms. Bud and I did a bit of yard work trimming trees. We need to get out there and mow the lawn and edge it. The back yard grass is up to my ankles!! I always think I'm stirring up the chiggers in there as I walk. So...dire straits with the mower. Sooner than later!! Okay, it's a quick report for now, am going to do a couple of more rows, then call it quits for the day and read some. I remain at the point where I won't take time to visit with y'all, except from when I'm hosting my bird photograph

Nature...Skywatching, Trekking the Trails....Crocheting

All my spare moments when I'm not out birding or walking or reading, cleaning or cooking, I've been online searching. I finally found what I've been looking for.  Tho,  to be honest, it helped a LOT when I finally wrote exactly what I was in search of instead of using incorrect wording for Google...There's a new project for me to keep me busy when we're home!! I'll probably be absent for the most part 'til I'm done...or the project gets tossed in the garbage. LOL I found a cross stitch pattern for a sugar skull [day of the dead] and I'm gonna try and convert it into crochet stitches and make an afghan from it. If I am successful in converting this to a crochet pattern, I plan on adding a bit of flourish to it. Of course, I've had visions of changing patterns before with some projects like this and they didn't turn out. All I can do is hope for the best. And not cry over spilled milk if it doesn't work out. This past week, th

Must Be the Season of the Witch

We haven't been home much over the holiday weekend!! Sorry, I didn't allow myself to be online to visit with anyone this time 'round except for my hosting I'd Rather B Birdin' over the weekend. We have been on a witch hunt!! Birding. Shopping. Country drives. To parks. Dining out. Our favorite local book store had a Labor Day Weekend sale with 20% off everything in the store! A lot of 'this and that'. The traffic in town was horrendous. I thought surely most would be on the beach taking in the hot days and the last 'holiday' of the summer, splashing & soaking in the salt laden waters. But, if they were, you wouldn't have known. Seems like everyone was out on the highways instead. While driving the inner freeways here, two major accidents occurred...we usually try and stay on the outer lane just for that reason...if something like this happens we're not 'locked' in the other lanes without any exit ramp access. One we

WILD Flowers and Some, Not So Much...

---On my bucket list--- My photo collection is getting out of hand!!! I need to clean out my drawers folders!!! :::snort::: the early morning sun... Most days, when out walking for the exercise, I tend to photograph a lot of wildflowers...year 'round!! Here are some throughout the past several months in different spots in our coastal area. Sharing them before I delete them from my folder: On the dunes, just after sunrise, year 'round in warm, protected, areas, there are two distinctive 'morning glories'. The Railroad Vine, that has the purple/pink blossoms which I've recently posted photos of here. And the white 'morning glory' is known by the name "Goat's Foot", which I have not an inkling as to why the name....but it's also commonly known as the Beach Morning Glory. It's the white blooms seen above after the rainfall along the boat channel's walkway. I've read that the Beach Morning Glory an