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A Picture Paints a 1000 Words...

...or perhaps several photos in a series can tell the story with a 'happy ending'. At least I hope so!! As Bud and I were out for our morning walk along the boat channel used by fishermen and boaters to head out to sea, I spotted an older woman, on the opposite side of the jetties, in the channel water?!!! This looked like a mighty dangerous thing to do. The huge boulders that make up the jetty on both sides are slippery with seaweed, moss, and the current can be treacherous at times when the tide is rushing in. Or the wake from the boats speeding along can topple you over and there is a high chance of drowning or being pulled under. I, of course had my binoculars and camera ready for any bird activity, but the curiosity got the better of me. She was out there all alone. What was she doing? Am I witnessing a suicidal attempt? She remained on the rocks. in the water, barely moving, looking down... I then realized she had something in her hand. A turtle.


A little over a week ago,  back to the islands we go one morning. We ended up at the Port Aransas Jetty to see how many ships were out in the Gulf in line to come into the channel heading to the Port o' Call in Corpus Christi. The dense haze was out there, the heat was on; at 7 a.m. Several anglers were trying their luck...the one I photographed [father and son I presume] had just snagged a blue fish this time!! The Brown Pelicans were a bit inactive but for just a few. The air was still, the gentle breeze was a bit scorching. Living in the South, you learn to appreciate the terminology: the lazy hazy days of Summer!! It didn't seem to bother the dolphins...they continue to have fun in the cool channel water while guiding ships out to sea. And of course, with my camera I try to capture their play... My favorite scene for the morning!! In the downtown Marina area, I focused on the pelicans as the group on this day anxiously await the return of th

More Controversial Stuff...But Done with HUMOR

 ...first a bit of Birding, Sky, and Fencing "Don't Fence Me In [or out]: For 2015, The American Birding Association has named the Little Green Heron as the Bird of the Year... While Bud and I were birding at an area northwest of Corpus Christi, specifically around the trails of Pollywog Ponds, we spotted two Little Green Herons in pond #1. Along the entire hour long trek, a Red Tailed Hawk soared high above us, screeching its song, among the clouds!! This morning, with a prompt from Ann T at Ann's Snap Edit Scrap , I rushed over to find her most recent work. Oftentimes she has created works of art in post card form. And her work is always top notch. Artfully done. Crafts, Cards, Seasonal decor, etc can be viewed at her blog. On this particular day she informed me she had made something special for me from a hint I left her a while ago regarding birding. In fact, my hint was for her to make a card because she had left the very same in m

There is Something I Wanna Say...

What follows is entirely MY OPINION!!! Benjamin Franklin was quoted in saying: " Believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see. "   Hootin' Anni has been quoted many times with these words:  " History is only ONE man's opinion. " Which brings me to a recent comment about Lewis Carroll being a pedophile. Now, I can't say that this is true....OR false. There was perhaps a photo of a nude girl...sister of Mr. Carroll's love interest found in his possession. Was it really his? Was it planted there by someone else? Long ago artists painted and sculpted naked men and women and children , and in some countries there are children and adults unclothed and it's considered normal. I don't know where the statement came from other than perhaps a Lewis Carroll biography, or a documentary seen on television. A couple of my favorite classical authors, Poe and Twain, are said to be odd and mistreated women in that order. Recently

Rainy Travel Day...

Imagine traveling down the interstate, with posted speed limit of 75MPH...when all of a sudden a Summer Storm hits the area! Within seconds, the heavy traffic volume was creeping at 20MPH, if that fast. The rain was so heavy, the windshield wipers at high wasn't helping the vision at all. The front of my own car wasn't visible!! Thankfully, no major accidents. The drivers had enough sense to SLOW DOWN. Of course, I happened to be the designated driver. After arriving safely back in Corpus, we stopped at the Texas Road House for BBQ and a frozen margarita [or two!] Early in the morning, Friday, we decided to take a drive to Victoria, Texas. There was cloud cover, the temperature was comfortable. It's nearly 100 miles from home, and there were early morning showers near a small town of Refugio, Texas [normally this is a 'hot spot' for rain, so wasn't unexpected]. The drizzle lasted up until we left Victoria to head home. We went shopping, and stop