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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out


Long ago, I used to blog a Thursday Theme Song post. So many times I see something or photograph something and a song comes to my mind; like these under the causeway at North Bay. Of course, the songs are always 'oldies but goodies'. Well, it's not Thursday, but what the hey...there's a song in my heart...

Everyday it's a-gettin' closer

Goin' faster than a roller coaster

Love like yours will surely come my way

Buddy Holly sang the lyrics long ago, in my youth. The words resonate through my mind as I view the 'roller coaster' ride of the vehicles crossing swiftly along the causeway [highway]  while watching the tide come in underneath the bridge, near the stanchions and follow the courting flights of the swallows!!


  1. I love the way you take your pictures Anni :)
    If I knew the words I would sing along :))
    But I do that many times myself :D
    Wish you a beautiful Sunday!

    Tinna ✐

  2. I know a lot of oldies but that's not one of them. Your pictures go with it well though

  3. Love the angles, dramatic!

  4. Hello Anni, that road looks like a roller coaster ride. Great shots and song! Happy Sunday!

  5. Who cares if it's not Thursday? Fun post! :o)

  6. I saw the first line of the song and heard it come alive in my head! That was when I was young, too, and Buddy Holly was a favorite of mine. :-)

  7. i am now trying to figure out where you were to take these awesome photos. the song is the perfect fit for the photos. wow... love it

  8. Oh, yes! The perfect song indeed, Anni, and great memories as well!! Love your shots for the day as always!! That road looks like a roller coaster!! Ah, and happy birds, too!! Great way to start my day and I do hope you enjoy yours!!

  9. Cute idea. My friend belongs to a church in Lubbock where relatives of Buddy Holly belong. We were just talking about that last week on the phone.

  10. That was perfect! You found the right pictures for that song.
    PS - now it's running through my head. :)