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Red Sky...

First I'd like to note that the slideshow/video I composed and added to my youtube account showing the the G B Heron with its plate full of EEL. It wasn't an eel, it was a siren salamander!! Thanks to Ken for enlightening me!! I appreciate your knowledge and correcting me. my post:

You just can't have a prettier way to wake up in the morning....would'ya look at the colors in this sky?

The two of us have kept busy off and on the entire last week. For months now, I have wanted to tear off the hall bathroom's wallpaper and get it ready for a nice new coat of paint instead!! If you've ever done this task, you'll know it takes a lot of time and effort to rid the walls of the glue/sizing left on the surface after ripping down the paper. Our hall bath has two rooms...the tub area and the lavatory area separated by a wall. We finally got the paper down and the walls cleaned and ready for painting over the week's time. But, we're in no hurry, so we are opting to 'live with the unfinished' rooms 'til next weekend. Our backs are achy...we need to recoup.


Did you all watch the weekend's horse race? The race was streamed live online; it was so exciting! A TRIPLE CROWN WINNER. The winning horse was a beauty!! And to witness history being made with a triple crown stakes since was thrilling. Now all I can think of is 'stud fees'. Long ago, when Lucky, our horse, had come into season, it was decided to acquire a stud...way back then it was expensive....I can't even fathom the cost of American Pharoah's "services" now that he has those credentials.


Have y'all heard about Dragon? He's a piebald fawn that was rejected by its mama, but rescued and being cared for....happily!!! Read his story HERE Funny thing is, its MAMA is piebald!!

photo source from online news


A couple of days ago, we took a long drive around the county roads near the area called Chapman's Ranch. I took my large lens camera along, but no tripod. Yes, I got a new tripod, but haven't had time to use it yet. Maybe today...who knows. Anyway, as we drove, I was surprised that there was very little standing water in the fields. Some of this area is oil wells/derricks pumping in the far distances off the roads. There were very few birds, except for red winged blackbirds, doves, lone duck, one lone osprey and one lone white tailed hawk. I spotted the hawk perched atop an oil derrick that wasn't operating....stopping the car, I took a photo of the 'natural' distance and then zoomed in half way...then used full zoom. Of course the full zoom isn't clear, I am hoping that a tripod will help with clarity!! Thought I'd share the 3 photos...

...from the road - look for the small dark 'spot' atop the derrick head!

...zooming in half way

...full zoom, using the car window as a tripod...still a lot of movement in the viewfinder!! And not too clear.



  1. Wow, your red sky is just stunning. I hope your aches and pains go away soon, I much prefer painted walls over wallpaper. The hawk is a cool sighting. I was thrilled to see American Pharoah win the triple crown! Have a happy Sunday and new week ahead!

  2. Yes, I saw that piebald fawn story, and the Triple Crown winner. But your red sky is a new sighting! Great shots, Anni, even if a bit blurry the hawk is a real catch. Good eye! :-)

  3. I'll say that is something to wake up to that view! I would not mind that in the least. That shot is not too bad at all of the hawk. I probably should start using my tripod more. I also have a mono-pod.

    What I really want is Roger to make me a stablizer like goes on a bow. I have had the mono-pod on before but not using it when shooting from the car, and I found that it helps me hold more steady. But even shut to its shortest length, it is too much to want to leave on all the time. So just want a counterweight to put on it like they do bows.

  4. Dragon is amazing.

    Lovely red sky! Isn't the saying, "Red sky in the morning, sailors take a sky at night, sailors' delight?"

  5. we have been having morning skies like this to, storms in the PM and during the night and the next morning beautiful skies. i never tire of looking at them in photos or real time... yikes on the wall paper, we had two bathrooms that were wallpapered on every wall. i don't want to think about the stripping it took

  6. Awesome skies, Anni, and fun to see the hawk on the derrick!! Having grown up in west Texas, that was a common sight for me -- well, the derrick was, not the bird!! Always enjoy your wonderful posts and pics!! I know you'll enjoy the new bathroom, but don't work too hard and have a great new week!!

  7. Beautiful sky! I like the hawk too.
    The triple crown story is quite exciting, and I enjoyed the story of the little piebald!

  8. Pretty sky. Made me think of "red skies at night sailors delight, red in the morning, sailors take warning."

  9. A beautiful red sky morning. The pump jack serves as a good place for the hawk to view for prey.

  10. Wow- you have got good eyes! Cool capture of the hawk. I love the red skies too- very pretty.

  11. I love the trees against the pink sky. Enjoy your week, Anni!