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About Me...The Bird Brained Up Close & Personal

For the last 4 years of what is now going on 11 years living here in the Coastal Bend of the state of Texas, I have become an avid birder and amateur photographer of such. Bud and I were talking about the birds we've seen while birding and both wondered just how many different birds have been recorded in our state. Collectively, during migration, there have been a phenomenal number...recorded total [according to the Texas Parks and Wildlife site] is 615!! Some of which are only migratory, being that they don't 'settle' here but migrate in Spring and Fall from northern North America or south to the tropics of Central and South America...but, their migratory flight path crosses Texas. Of the 615, an estimated 333 cross our area of Texas to vast areas for breeding or southern wintering grounds. That boggles my mind. Some have asked me how I got so interested in bird photography. Well, my previous paragraph kinda explains that in a nutshell. I live in Te

Hot .... and more HOT!!!

FIRST DAY Total Steps: 8,203 ALRIGHTY THEN. After reading D J's [known in blogland as D Janity ] post about her health app that counts/records each step she takes ...a pedometer, for her iPhone, I had to go to Google Play Store and search for something similar to that but for an Android Phone. I found several and chose one to install. It only keeps track of the steps you take which is what I wanted. AND!!! Best part is, it does NOT consume a lot of the phone's battery charge. 'Nother thing that I like, the waist band carrier I use for ID purposes and carrying my cards with me....having the phone closed in the carrier, it STILL keeps track of my step count accurately too, I counted the steps along with it's count....same as my own. The Android app is FREE and it's downloadable from your phone's Google Play Store...called Noom Walk [Moon?....nah, it's NOOM]  But, as D J mentioned the goal that's considered highly active would be 10,000 step

Here and Around Town...

What's been happenin' in the hood lately? Not much. We've had a few rainy times, some windy times, and gray skies intermingled with partly cloudy/partly sunny times. The humidity is high. But, we both go out in the morning to do some walking. Usually we drive to a city hiking trail and enjoy the people and the wildlife that way also. Places we've ended up are our norm... One day, the jetty and the gulf. Here, I enjoyed the company of a young guy who was more than willing to have his picture taken of what he snagged at the end of his fishing line!! Ready? Well, wait, here is a bit of our conversation: Me: "Did you just catch that?" He: "Ya. I want to catch a sting ray now after this!" Me: "Seriously? Okay...did this fish give you any big fight?" He: "No, it was easy reelin' 'im in!" Me: "Can I take a picture of you with your catch?" He standing up and showing his fish

The Week Past...

This past week it was T. S. made landfall around Port O'Connor Texas - about 100 miles north and east of home [Corpus Christi]. Anyway, the night before Bill came in off the Gulf waters, the sky, at dusk, was stunning! Looking toward the storm front moving in I snapped some photos just as the sun was beginning to set... ...say hello, Bill!! - - - * * * - - - The morning Bill made his way inland, Bud and I went to the beach to see what the Gulf looked like. Of course we knew that the main beach access roads were closed to traffic, but we also know where we can go to park at a close proximity to the beach on North Padre Island. [so many confuse NORTH Padre Island to South Padre Island ...]we are not close to the tourist resort island town...ours is local, and a lot more real estate that is still uninhabited!! Unlike South Padre Island that's nearly 170 miles from our beaches. A few others were checking out the storm~A 'sea  heart bean' found

Seagull Sunrise [or Toilet Paper - What a Rip-off!]

All this past weekend, we have been kept busy trying to finish the hall bathroom.  But first, a bit of photography around our neck of the woods... Last week I showed you the first blossom of my epiphyllum and mentioned there were other buds forming.  It bloomed a 2nd time the next evening, and the first blossom had closed and withered the previous afternoon...thought I'd show you 'both'. And, at Charlie's Pasture North, in Port Aransas, where Bud and I go birding often during Spring Migration, a 'century plant' in bloom!!! The century plant, a tall agave plant once thought to bloom every 100 years. Although it doesn’t actually take 100 years for a century plant to bloom, it is still a rare sight, only flowering once about every 10 to 30 years, according to Horticulture Unlimited’s website. Adding to its unique nature, the plant dies off shortly after it blooms, but not to worry, it reproduces by having 'runner' plants at its root base. There wer