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I'll begin with some randomness:

1-Updated Firefox, again, had to go back in and readjust my preferences. Why, you wonder, do Firefox updates change everything back?
2-Decaffineated Iced Tea hits the spot on these sultry pre-summer afternoons. Better yet, a Root Beer Float with 'fat free' ice cream!!
3-I'd prefer to spend more money at the store, buying deli foods than cooking during the 'hot season'.
4-Television's season's finales [the programs we watch online] have been aired. Now, I wait for NCIS New Orleans Season 1 to come out in a DVD set.
5-I need a new camera with larger zoom lens!! Convincing Bud is going to take some work. Stay tuned. lol

...a bit of continuation of the previous post. Sunday morning, I just don't know what it was all about, but the streets and highways were heavily congested with traffic. Cars bumper to bumper. It took three light changes at the island highway intersection that takes us to either Mustang Island or to Bob Hall Pier and National Seashore Federal Park beyond the light....Heavy, heavy traffic. Once, we pulled off on the shoulder to take a photo of a hawk [and nest - saved photos for my bird photo blog] about 1/4 mile off the road, and it took several minutes for the traffic to clear out so we could once again pull out and continue on our merry way.

It was a hot, sultry, hazy morning. After birding, we were not wanting to go back home just yet, so after our turn at the traffic light/intersection that allowed us to go ahead, we pulled left toward the Pier and the National Seashore Park. Once on that highway, heading south, we tried to decide either to pay the day's fee to enter the park, or go to Bob Hall.   No matter which we chose, we were sure to run into a crowd since it was afterall, a Sunday.  We flipped a U turn and headed into the Access Road, toward the Gulf and the beaches. Here, there is a very popular area that has a long fishing pier, several buildings on the dune side and on the beach side, a restaurant. After parking the car, Bud needed to 'use the facilities' while I began walking along the shore where most of the populace congregated.

Families everywhere, couples swimming and enjoying the shore walks/playing volleyball, etc....people using their surf boards on the 'high' waves. I put the word HIGH in quotation marks 'cause I always have to laugh inwardly while they're out on the waves thinking their surfing when all the time I say to myself, "I've seen more wave action in a toilet"! These people who live here have no idea what surfing is!! We've seen surf off the islands of Hawai'i... They should go to Hawai'i to see some real surf [link]!!

...after getting my feet full of sand and seaweed, I suggested we go into the bar and grill for a 'cool one'. Bud and I split an order of fries and beef/pepper/cheese grilled sandwich [a Philly]. He ordered his Shiner and I had a diet Sprite. We dined in the outdoor patio area while watching the gulf and fishermen. I watched a table of four college age 'kids' drinking something I'd not heard of before. A "Dosarita"...which is a margarita with a Dos Equis [imported Mexican beer]. They'd sip through the straw the margarita, then lift the bottle of beer up a bit to let some of the liquid drain back into the margarita mix. They were enjoying the time together, but my goodness...and they had more than one each!! Hope they could make it home safely after drinking that stuff!!!

The weather changed abruptly, most all left the water, returning to the covered picnic tables along the beach area, and we figured we'd better head home before the causeway got dangerous for driving with the pending threatening rain clouds...

...this is a photo of Oso Bay Bridge, the last bit of highway coming off the islands heading back to the city - not the causeway that is quite high off the Channel, and if winds are strong, the vehicles are challenged for steady traction.

...I was longing for some sunshine. This week it's been spotty, here and there the clouds have broken. On Tuesday, a beautiful day. Bud stayed home and did yard work, while I played 'bum'. I went to a park to spot any birds...not much now that migration here in the coast is nearly nil. I spotted a lone sparrow bathing in the creek's run-off water pooling. After walking in the park about an hour, I hopped back in the car and headed to another 'hot spot' for birds...the cemetery. Nothing going on there, so I walked some and headed toward the war memorial park of the cemetery. And for years I've been trying to find the section of the cemetery for the 'unknown' lives taken too early in the 1919 hurricane that destroyed a huge portion of Corpus Christi area.... identified bodies were eventually moved from the make shift grave site ON the Portland side of the Bay to surrounding cemeteries....but, I found the dedication memorial plaque! Finally!! Personally, I wasn't impressed with this at should be much more beautified with a surrounding flower garden & shrubbery!! But, that is my opinion.

The war memorial section of the grave yard, I will save those photos for a post closer to the day of Remembrance this month.

Okay, since it was still early in the afternoon, and I just didn't feel like doing any work at home, I got back in the car and headed over the Harbor Bridge to Indian Point Park. I walked a bit before it got too hot and humid, seeing very little wildlife, I headed back home, stopping for a roasted chicken and fixin's for our dinner from the local grocer's deli.

Oh, and one more thing...I DID SEE SOME BLUE IN THE SKY!!!


  1. It's good to see blue in the sky. Those people surfing are probably making the most of those small high waves to practise surfing. I've seen some doing in a flooded creek.

  2. I like your surfing pictures! That sparrow sure does have a big beak, I didn't know what it was. I remember a few years ago they finally identified the Unknown soldier in the famous tomb. Your marker does explain well, but I agree it should be "prettified". You're making me very thirsty now!! and since I am on my way to bed, I dare not drink, if you get my drift. Nighty night

  3. The seascapes are really fantastic. I love the off-season on the sea, it's so nice to enjoy the sights without many people on the beaches.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  4. Hello Anni, the surfing photos are cool. Looks like a nice place to sit and enjoy the views..And the last blue sky shot is beautiful. I think I would be sick if I drank that drink, ugh! Happy Memorial Day weekend to you!

  5. I'm familiar with Bob Hall pier. My deceased husband, brother-in-law, and nephew liked to go there.

  6. Like how you spend your bum time! I'm still chuckling about those surfing and those young ones enjoying their new drink! Interesting you watch programs online, I must try that! Have a great weekend Miss Hootin' Anni, you are a hoot!

  7. Always such interesting posts, Anni. I love the surfing pics and the wet sparrow. It does indeed have a large bill. Have a great weekend. Jo

  8. Well, in my book surfing is surfing, even if it's baby waves like these. I've never done it so I can't imagine what it would be like. And your blue sky must have seemed wonderful after all that rain. I know what that's like, living here in the Pacific Northwest. :-)

  9. Anonymous5/22/2015

    Nice blue skies and nice small waves - good for beginner's surfing.

  10. we've not seen much blue sky lately here, either. :)

  11. Our weather been pretty nice. My oldest son went to Mexico by the Pacific and he tried body surfing.
    Coffee is on

  12. Really? Updates change everything "Back?" - isn't that a strange thought???

  13. I am beginning to feel quite old, I have never heard of a dosaritas...and don't really fancy it. The weather is not much better here.

  14. Goodness, Anni, you covered just about everything imaginable for the memes today. Love the young birds. And the water scenes are awesome.

  15. Great photos and post for the day as always, Anni! Always a wonderful way to start my day!! Hope you're getting ready for a lovely weekend and hope your weather is better than ours today -- gray and stormy, but after our early, lovely spring, I really shouldn't whine!!

  16. I think your description of your day is wonderful! Glad some blue finally showed in the sky. I agree, the memorial plaque to the unidentified dead should have had a rose bush or something next to the rock and maybe something like a small statue. !

  17. Neat shots!
    Please stop by and link up at

  18. I had not heard of that drink either! I'm with you on iced tea, well iced coffee for me, but it really does it the mark on warm days. Sending love x

  19. Oh I love a root beer/vanilla float or a rainbow sherbet/ginger ale float....makes me say aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. After my bird sightings of last weekend I'd love a camera with a zoooooooom lens too. Maybe we can convince our B's to let us share one.
    See you tomorrow afternoon at I'd rather be birding
    hugs Cecilia and Madi

  20. Annie, Those Dosaritos don't even sound good to me - I must be too old! I'll take a rootbeer float any day. While you're convincing Bud that you NEED a new zoom, I'll work on Bob. Actually he said I'd better order one, but the one I want is on backorder. I'll send you a little coolness from CO if you get too hot.

  21. I love the sea, your pictures are so full of atmosphere. Have a lovely weekend x

  22. We're almost in what passes for winter here. The cyclonic, humid weather is over and I've swapped shorts,T shirts and bare feet for long pants, fleece tops and slippers! At the moment the winds are westerly, very cold and make 23C seem like 18C but the skies are blue with the odd whispy cloud passing over. I've heard baby magpies over the last few days which goes to show how warm it's been up to now, the parents don't usually have babies until September or so. I hope the babies survive. Whale migration is about to start, with the "Humpback Highway" as it's called, busy until November. Looking forward to seeing these magnificent creatures when they return from the tropics with their babies.

  23. You sure keep busy traveling around and taking nice pictures. A zoom lens? push! push! You will then get all sort of good shots!

  24. I loved see your photos. And the food you had sounds pretty yummy too! Looks like you had a wonderful time.

  25. I love those sea shot! That blue sky is gorgeous too.

  26. beautiful shots! good luck on the convincing and i too could just survive on deli during the summer! what a sad reminder...thank you for linking and hope you are having a wonderful week!