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MEMErized by heart...

I am going to try and add images today for most of the following week's memes since it will be kinda busy around here with not much time to be online. Nature Notes and Our World is all inclusive for EACH image. So, here goes: Reflections Weekend: A 'tame' goose [one of several] that is a full-time resident of a park on Holly Drive. Macro: A bleeding heart plant found in the city park along Shoreline Drive. WILD BIRD & GOOD FENCES: The two birds here in these two photos along fence Willet bottom: Mourning Dove The Willet was spotted at Indian Point Park and the Mourning Dove was sighted at Oso Bay Nature Center. Both perched on fencing that meanders in the 'swamp/marshy areas' of the parks that take you to observation platforms SkyWatch: A very temperamental morning sky with two Nighthawks catching flying insects after an overnight storm. CRITTER: Can you tell me what kind of cri

Signs of the Times aka-Nostalgia Lane

--- from the 50's. I know this ages me, but when a youngster, during summer vacation and traveling somewhere by car, one of the 'fun' things to keep from boredom was reading the highway signs! And Burma Shave was one of those that kept you awake and from whining "Are we there yet?" Once on a deserted highway, far from the maddening crowd...out of nowhere, a sign along the highway shoulder would appear. It usually had just part of a sentence. 5-10 miles down the road another sign would show up with another section of the sentence in text...on and on it would go, around curves, behind a boulder, in the barrow ditch...somewhere another sign would come to view until the last sign that promoted the product....Burma Shave!! [shaving cream in an aerosol can] For examples I add here: My job is another 10 miles or so, then: Keeping faces clean another 10 miles or so, then: And nobody knows another 10 miles or so, then: De stubbl

In the Merry Merry Month of May...

Thursday, May 21st... I'm moving my fence image to the top for today: Sighting several species of birds with the likes of Sandpipers, Stilts, Larks, Egrets, Yellowlegs, Mockingbirds, Red winged Blackbirds, Herons, Swallows, Plovers, Phalaropes, Spoonbills, Willets and more [my bird photos are most always saved for my birding blog], along the way some views of the nature's habitat, near the jetty, along the trail, and by the Marine Institute in the merry merry month of May: From a long distance, a Horned Lark flying away from its Feeding Field - Wildflowers with enlarged section Marine Institute Flag Pole - Camping Restriction Sign - Fire Wheel Flowers [unusual to see pink blossom] Paraglider [Motorized Kite Flying] and Fence Line [with enlargement cutout] pandanus palms, these plants are not closely related to palm trees No doubt you figured out that one of my favorite areas that is close proximity of our home is Mustang Island. More so, the small fishing village of

To Those Who Keep Us Free...

I mentioned in my previous post about walking around the largest cemetery here in town. I ended up walking the distance to reach the war memorial grounds for those who served with honor and dignity to keep our country free... As you enter the unbroken circle a plaque has been set in stone. Each upright slab of rose granite has names of Corpus Christians who served and sacrificed life for their country, etched for life-long memory, for each of the military branches, including the United States Coast Guard. All grave markers have the fire pit for a small gas lighted eternal flame... ...walking further from the Veteran's Memorial Grounds I found this, and must admit my thought of how poignant this is. It's a 'stand alone' momument, carved with a verse that is heart warming and heart breaking at the same time: In case you have difficulty viewing the carved stone the words, verbatim, are as follows: THE BROKEN CHAIN We little knew that mo

'Nother Gab Session- -

I'll begin with some randomness: 1- Updated Firefox Browser ... now, again, had to go back in and readjust my preferences. Why, you wonder, do Firefox updates change everything back? 2- Decaffineated Iced Tea hits the spot on these sultry pre-summer afternoons. Better yet, a Root Beer Float with 'fat free' ice cream!! 3- I'd prefer to spend more money at the store , buying deli foods than cooking during the 'hot season'. 4- T elevision's season's finales [the programs we watch online] have been aired. Now, I wait for NCIS New Orleans Season 1 to come out in a DVD set. 5- I need a new camera with larger zoom lens!! Convincing Bud is going to take some work. Stay tuned. lol ...a bit of continuation of the previous post. Sunday morning, I just don't know what it was all about, but the streets and highways were heavily congested with traffic. Cars bumper to bumper. It took three light changes at the island highway intersection that

The Week that Was...

The weekend has passed, and the past week was mundane. We stayed home quite a bit, which is unusual for us. BUT!! One thing for sure, while at home, I spied a spider sack clinging to one of the dining room curtains...what did that do to me? I relegated the help of Bud and we cleaned house thoroughly. It took us a couple of days...scrubbing venetian blinds even. It's no wonder...when you live in Texas, spiders and cockroaches are and can be trained house pets if you want 'em!! lol And yes, Bud made sure I took the easy, no strain tasks. Speaking or relegating jobs of work, we had the city come to our neighborhood after the real heavy, street flooding, storm from last week!! We had them come in with the big huge drain sucker trucks!! The crew cleaned out the three gutter drains and they trimmed the areas to nearly bare ground!! Then, the very next day we had another heavy storm...which a tornado touched ground about 12 miles from us...but our street didn't flood