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On Sunday, April 12, it's National D.E.A.R. Day. That's Drop Everything And Read Day. This past week, I finished a book on "Fools"...Holy Fools to be exact.  To make my critique short...  I wasn't completely disappointed in the just lacked in something startling to make me WANT to continue turning the pages. Now, this week, believe it or not I began reading ANOTHER book of "Fools" as noted on my right sidebar. Ironically, or purposely published in April 2015...On the one hundred and fiftieth anniversary [April 1865]!! This one in particular is something I've oftentimes mentioned to Bud that someone should write a good one on the subject as there aren't any... of a genre I always enjoy!! And, that is a biography. Sure there are probably 1000s of books on this guy, but NOT a complete biography from childhood to his dying day in April of 1865. With that date, you'd probably note that it's a biography on Lincoln.  Nope...this is one on John Wilkes Booth, Lincoln's assassin.  We've visited Ford's Theater in Washington D. C. a couple of times, and the 'museum' in the basement of the theater piqued my interest on Booth. For decades I've been harping for a good, thorough biography. Maybe the author, Terry Alford, who researched and worked on this book for over 25 years, will satiate my appetite to learn about why Booth did what he did; explaining his demeanor and upbringing to get him to the point of killing President Lincoln, and continue to his last breath thinking he did a good thing for the country. What are you reading now?....

On Easter weekend, Bud bought me a beautiful blue hydrangea plant. We put it outdoors, in the ground, in hopes it'll grow. I read on the plant tag that they like partial shade. At least afternoon shade. In my area of Texas that makes sense. I too find shade in the afternoon during the hot, sultry months. We put it on the southeast corner of the house, so by mid afternoon it will be in the shade. And, in the early morning, it will have the morning sun. Also, in the colder months of our mild winters, it will be protected a bit with the house so nearby. In plant nurseries, the color blue isn't often found. The only blue we've seen a lot of is in Spring, with the wildflowers, the blue bonnets.

Speaking of blue bonnets [the Texas State Flower], the fields are simply gorgeous in our area right now. Everywhere you look, a sea of indigo!!

Most mornings this week, it's been misty/hazy before the clouds break by midday, and the hot sun begins to boil!! So, we're taking our walks very early before it gets too hot and miserable outdoors. We've gone to parks, on the islands, and around the seawall on certain days. Been keeping busy with little things that need to be done:

~Walking along the seawall watching the shrimp boats and cargo ships

~Walking along Oso Bay Biking Trail birding until I saw a snake coming from the grass and crossing our walking trail...time to leave!! Like Yesterday?!!!

I HATE snakes...of ALL kinds!!

~Drove to Padre Island and across Mustang Island. Mostly water fowl present, very few migratory birds.
~Stayed home one day to fix kitchen's skylight and replace the fluorescent light bulbs.
~Sat outside and watched Bud do yard work, wishing I could do some. Again, some day soon, I hope.
~Baked him a pan of chocolate fudge, mint brownies to thank him for doing my share of yard work!
~Did 6 loads of laundry...ugh!
~Gave Winston his annual medicated bath [Persian cats tend to have skin problems...he does each Spring!]
~Had blood work done this week, to update metabolic measures for PCP.
~Movies watched... Star Wars Trilogy, The Call, and English Patient [one of my favorites]
~Thinking seriously of getting a Samsung Tablet so I don't have to have a printer setting around to print crochet patterns I find online and then I can carry the tablet around with me to open the patterns. Saves me $ not having to buy ink cartridges for printer....printers are so near obsolete any more.
~Had over 200 photos on camera's card, working on them to resize for blogging having about 150 completed. Power went out, lost 'em all. Had to begin the process all over the following day!!
~Enjoyed walking the Botanical Gardens one day this week...birds, butterflies, Fountains, & Flowers!!

~Still need one job of work to do, and that is getting the automatic window on the driver's side of the car repaired. It stopped opening. Thankfully it 'broke' while the window was closed...keeps the burglars from a 'free break-in'. lol


  1. I'm reading "Guatemala" by Jerry Hill. He was a tenant of John's before his passing and his widow still rents from John.

  2. Your photos are so beautiful and I do enjoy your posts/blog so very much!!

    For years after I retired I read two or three books a week and I finally burned myself out and couldn't bring myself to even pick up another one. Then my son moved me to Seattle and I got into blogging, but I find myself leaning back to books again now so I really do APPRECIATE your post today, Anni!! It's back to the library and book stores for a while. I still love blogging and have SO enjoyed all the wonderful people I've met, but it's time for a little variety!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

  3. At the moment I read blogs only :-) Luckily there are blogs with a bunch to read like yours :-D That dove must have thought "what a big worm" :-D Sorry to hear that you lost all the work already done on your photos. That must have been hard for you.
    Love all your flower photos! :-)
    Have a wonderful week

    Tinna ✐

  4. Great pictures Annie of the bluebonnets, especially. I'll be posting some next Friday from our little plane ride.

  5. Love the flowers and butterflies. Hopefully we'll be seeing some here real soon

  6. Oh my goodness, you have been BUSY!!! As always, love the photos. That snake is scary. Hope the bird got it, rather than the other way around!

  7. What a full week you had!
    I love blue flowers - they are my favorite!
    You'll have to stop over. I finally posted a natural M, from the challenge you had out last month. I know I'm late, but I was waiting for the snow to melt! :) (Always an excuse!)

  8. I love coming here and diving into a sea of beautiful light blue! Did you do all that stuff in ONE day? OH, the gorgeous Bluebonnets, YES they are WONDERFUL! How long do they bloom for? You got great butterfly pictures, especially of the one that looks like a zebra!

  9. Hello Anni, sounds like you have been busy! I love the bluebonnets, they are so pretty.. The fishing boat with all the gulls flying around is awesome.. And your butterfly photos are gorgeous.. Thank you so much for linking up and sharing your post.. Have a happy weekend!

  10. Beautiful everything, especially Collared Dove and the snake, fantastic.

  11. Beautiful everything, especially Collared Dove and the snake, fantastic.

  12. Anni, I hate snakes too, well,most of them, and I just go in the their direction, as long as they are not in my home. Spiders, a whole other issue...ugh! I have longed to see fields of Bluebonnets and maybe one day we will enjoy a Spring journey, but until then, I shall enjoy those of you who share of their beauty. Hoping you are feeling oh so much better and healthy by now~

  13. I love the time of year when Texas bluebonnets are everywhere! Makes me think of my family members who live down there. I know how frustrating it is to work on something and have the work lost. Darn! I'm reading a book right now called "The Top Five Regrets of the Dying."

  14. our bluebonnets are coming through, too. :) love the dove and the snake shot! sorry about the power loss and you having to reprocess everything!

  15. Beautiful pictures, photographed very well.
    My favorite pictures are 3, 6, 16 and 19, really great focus.
    Have a good weekend.

  16. What an awful confrontation fly sweet dove bluest blue

  17. Firstly, the book on Booth sounds great...just my type of read! Secondly, hydrangeas are a huge favorite of mine (so glad to hear you love peonies like I do!) and I hate that I can't have them here. I had one in NC when we lived there, and a bunch of other flowers and nearly killed me when we left that house then went back several months later to see that the new residents weren't watering, and almost everything had died! :-( I enjoyed all your comments....wanted to tell you that having digital photos you keep on memory cards and then in the computer frankly scares the patooty out of me. Mom traveled somewhere and returned home to find that (probably) static electricity...which we have a lot of HERE....had wiped her memory card clean and she didn't have a single photoon her memory card! My b-i-l found a program she had to install to retrieve the photos. I get prints made as quickly as I can of the photos I want to keep (that's after making discs also to back things up, but those scare me too) I just figure one day there will be a big solar flare EMP and all our technology will be wiped out. I plan to sit and look at my photos (and read by candlelight too of course) when that happens :-) (I'm smiling, but I'm not smiling!)

  18. Hi Anni as always we love visiting to see read your thoughts and see what you are doing
    Oh we are so late...
    mom started a small afternoon project that mushroomed. AND IT WASN'T even for was for her birds.
    Hug madi your bfff

  19. I loved hearing about your days! Glad you are still doing well. You will be back doing more soon - just give yourself time!
    The bluebonnets are here now too in the DFW area!! I am loving them!!! We drive to Ennis to see them next weekend. That's the Bluebonnet Capital! I used to do that every year but have not been in ages!

  20. Capturing birds in action is a great feat in patience.You've it all! Thanks!

  21. Dear Anni, Your photo's are beautiful. I love watching birds too.
    I hope that you are doing well.
    May I ask for your prayers for my brother. He had cardiac arrest last week. Thank you I am very grateful. Blessings, Catherine xo

  22. Loved the pictures dear Anni. I hope you are having a good sunday :)

  23. I love the butterflies and the bluebonnets.

  24. You sure keep busy while resting! The bluebonnets don't grow here so I have to settle with yours. Nice!