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Rain water in our yard is finally receding. We got more wetness Saturday morning, but nothing compared to last week. I'm not complaining tho...this is much better than the drought from the past years. As long as it doesn't get up so high that it reaches our doorways!! LOL

Of course with the heavy rains, comes heavy humidity!! That's okay too. For now at least, until I get 'sick and tired of it'. Y'know? That's only the nature of this beast.

I just finished making a pan of meatless manicotti! Seriously, it's been eons since we have had this entree. Thing is tho, with my diet being changed and all, everything is now fat free. I have to add more seasoning to make up for the saturated fats. rofl. Just hope it will be a tasty dish of Italian. And I won't feel guilty. I cleaned and sliced up fresh fruits and have them all in containers and refrigerated for my snacking frenzies during the next few days. Apple slices, cantaloupe, fresh strawberries, kiwi slices and fresh pineapple. Oh and I cleaned a lot of baby carrots. [I always have those on hand for our lettuce salads anyway.]

After Friday's walk, we didn't feel like going out anywhere today [Saturday], so I'll share a bit of what I've been seeing the past week...

Just yesterday afternoon, in our pecan tree, about a dozen warblers were busy munchin' away on the catkins!! If you don't know what catkins are, then let me explain...they're the 'flowering' part of a tree/plant that are 'single sex' which means they don't need pollination to produce. In my following images you can see them clearly dangling from the brances!! If you're one who likes to photograph birds, you most likely realize that warblers are a huge challenge to get in the lens and have time to release the shutter button before it moves/flies out of view!! I managed to get TWO decent images of the Black Throated Green Warbler.  THREE OTHER FANTASTIC birds I shared this week at I'd Rather B Birdin'...a beautiful BLUE warbler for one.  Just click on the link at the top of my blog. 


...a couple of days ago, on Mustang Island, walking one of the bird sanctuaries, I spied a lot of limes [a Mexican Lime] on the tree!!! I thought it made a good photo.

Before the heavy flooding rain, I managed to get out on the patio and get photos of my cactus plant that I moved here from Tucson. A few years back, I re-potted it from one planter...and trying not to get stuck with its needles, I just let it break up and planted them in three blooms like clock work!!! But now...this week, the blossoms were heavily damaged, as fragile they are.

Well, enough gabbing for now. Tomorrow [Sunday] is the last day for the Audubon Guided Bird Tours, so perhaps when you read this, that's what I will be attending. Afterwards, when that is over, I plan to head over to the cemetery where a lot of migrant birds show up. So many different birds have been reported there this past week. And, I'm hoping to find some and have my camera aimed at the trees!! Then, Monday I have an appointment with my Primary Care Physician which I will hear what she has to say about my blood work. :::sigh::: Hope it's a half way good report.


  1. Love your cactus plant :)
    It blooms wonderfully in a great colour.
    Have a beautiful Sunday with lots of birds to see!
    Tinna ✐

  2. Beautiful captures of your very lovely world, Anni!! Always a delight to see!! I do hope all goes well on Monday and you can be sure that I'll be holding good thoughts for you!!

  3. Oh, I hope so too, on the blood work front. I love your pretty cactus pictures, and I do hope that water continues to recede. :-)

  4. Pretty birds but the flowers are my favorite. We got a flood here last week, but it was badly needed.

  5. Such lovely photos and I do love the one of the limes! Worthy of a frame, I think!

  6. A pretty cactus flower. Wishing you good luck on your blood work.

  7. Beautiful images. I love the birds and those Cactus flowers are amazing.

  8. Your bird photos always amaze me! I know birds don't stay still long. :)
    Praying for a good report from the Dr!

  9. Your cactus flowers are glorious!!! They are the star of the show here. My doctor's orders have been NO red meat or pork. So for about the last year, that is the way it has been. Only fish and chicken. Please let me know what your doctor says.

  10. The cactus blossoms are gorgeous!

  11. Hi Anni, your cactus flower is beautiful! Hope you're enjoying your bird tour this morning. Greetings Jo

  12. Well I always love seeing your bird shots but your cactus flowers really caught my eye. So pretty.

  13. Hope the medicals go well.

    The flowers on the cactus are wonderful.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  14. Hi Anni, wonderful post. I love the warbler and your pretty cactus blooms.. The manicotti sounds yummy. I hope all goes well with your blood work.. Have a happy Sunday and new week ahead!

  15. Triple gorgeous Anni! Oh boy are you's bday is tomorrow. The peeps did something fun on Friday to celebrate and there will be I scream cake tomorrow to. We hope you can drop by to see our post!
    Hugs Madi and mom

  16. Your lime photo is my very favorite. Neat that you even caught the drip. We call catkins "squigglies" and they are quite messy when they drop. I hope your blood work comes out just fine.

  17. good luck with your blood work.. hope all is well. the flowers are magnifcent. glad the rain came and not inside... we got 4 inches and loved it, but nothing like what you got. and the humidity is already killing me. i can only stay outside for a short time for 2 weeks we have been pushing close to 90 and today when we wokeup at 5 it was 79 which does not bode well for today. AC has been on for 2 weeks and this is only April.
    good luck with finding birds. i did not know what the catlins were called on the pecan trees,

  18. The birds and flowers are beautiful.

  19. How lovely that you have a cactus from here, Anni! It is blooming so beautifully. I made the mistake of planting a cactus directly in the ground last year. It bloomed around Easter and then around Mother's Day again, and then the monsoons saturated it with water, and it shriveled up! The one I put in a pot is doing great! Learned a lesson! Love those pretty limes, and the bird with the catkins is great! Sorry you have had so much rain. It rained last night, and spring rains are supposed to be over plus it isn't monsoon time yet. Go figure.

    Wanted to just comment on my Fri Five two weeks ago...I would LOVE to give up our satellite tv! But my hubby being "chairbound" most of the time cares a great deal about a lot of shows I do not watch. I'd be happy to just watch the series I mentioned, getting them on Netflix streaming ir Hulu or something. As it is, we dvr everything and then fly through the commercials. I absolutely have NO patience for commercials anymore! Life is too short! :-)

    Have an awesome week. Thanks again for hosting Bird d'Pot. Even though I'm not a real "birder" I really love taking photos of birds and seeing others' photos (especially the more serious birders's photos!) I am always encouraged by those of you who kn0ow so much more than I do, and I am learning a lot.

  20. That cactus bloom is beautiful, and your bird pics.

  21. I hope you get a good report!

  22. Wow!!! Such beautifully vibrant colors the blossoms on your cactus have!!! Have a grand day and wishing you well!

  23. love your cactus blooms! and your pretty warbler, too. definitely a stormy spring season this year. i won't complain about the rain, though!