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Reflections of Springtime in Texas!

Awwwwww, Spring! Nothing could be finer. Well, maybe Autumn. But that is a close 2nd when it comes to welcoming the newness and awakening of a new, fresh season. The deep blue skies, the new births they animals or crops 'springing' up in the rich, black soil around here. The cotton plants are nearly 6 inches in height already in the fields!! Or maybe some newly hatched chicks or the bird life all around busying themselves; building new homes. It's such a glorious time of year. On our short daytime excursions here and there, I am seeing all kinds of 'new' delights that refreshes and brightens my day. I went 'shopping' for photo opportunities from fences, macros, beautiful Spring skies with a threat of Spring rains or a deep indigo with happy clouds, Spring colors of yellow and green. Oh and anything newborn. I found all I was shopping for and share. Wanna come along?... Reflection of a Snowy Egret A beautiful sky! A couple

F words....

FEATHERS F ound F ar F rom F ields... FEN F illed F or F eathered F riends... ... FOUND F eigning F ir F ork;  F ooling F ew FEATHERED FRIEND F ixing F ramework F or F uture F amily... FENCING F or F inding F eathered F riends!!

...the week that was

It's not that long, but, just seems long, since I've posted!!! Of course the weather here in the Coastal Bend hasn't been desirable the last week; couldn't go anywhere without getting soaked to the skin. The last two days before the weekend we had flash flood warnings going off on our cell phones, and in our weather apps on the computer! Trust me, I am not complaining...for the several-year drought we've experienced, the rainfall, any amount, is welcomed. Tho, as I said, didn't go anywhere except the grocery store...I'm learning to eat a lot more veggies, fruits, nuts and whole grain...[I'll be turning into a primate and swinging through the trees around here pretty soon....kidding!!].   The two of us here kept occupied reading, watching movies, playing dominoes, gin rummy, cribbage, and 5 crowns. I finished the novel, I Am Abraham.  It was cleverly written, but in a way, spoiled my conception of our 16th president somewhat.  A dazzling eye-ope

Dove Sentries and Sandhill Cranes...

In my previous post I mentioned that Bud and I went out birding for a few minutes this past Sunday. Altho we heard but did not see the Bobwhite Quail, we were witness to a huge flock [Bud estimated the field was filled with around 100 cranes] of Sandhill Cranes. The flock at first was about 40, but so many others dazzled our senses as they flew in to join their kind. The field was literally gray!! Even setting the camera's options on panoramic, there was just no way to get 'em all in one photo... When I first started taking photos, there were two Mourning Doves at the gate...

I Have a Challenge for Y'all aka MISSION imPOSSIBLE

'Nother rainy day here in Bedrock . I am awaiting a return call from my cardiologist office in regards to a R x question I had. My cardiologist is off for the week [he's probably on the beaches right now checking out the bikini-clad gals. Heck, he may even be checking out the Speedos?!! --kidding of course] Anyway I await a return call. It's nothing earth shattering important, so if the call doesn't come in today, that's okay. I know I'm not the only patient. So, Bud and I checked out the new facility for birding enthusiasts that is being built from a city Bond Issue. I think it's supposed to be completed this year, but not sure on that. Anyway, Sunday morning, before the sky became gray again, we took a short walk. There was a slight chill in the breeze, but nothing bone-chilling. When we arrived, we 'sneaked' in to the unfinished area, and the paved parking was barricaded, but it was a Sunday; no workers!!  We then  left