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Not All Treasure is Silver and Gold, Mate!

IN THE HISTORICAL section of the Museum in town, there are a few 'favorites' for me. I will get to that in a bit. But first a bit of history found under the museum's roof... ~"It was in 1519 that a Spanish explorer, Alonzo Alvarez de Piñeda, discovered Corpus Christi Bay. Three hundred years later, in 1838, a trading post was established overlooking Corpus Christi Bay and named Kinney's Trading Post, after its founder, Colonel Henry Lawrence Kinney. It was not until 1852 that the trading post became an incorporated city and was named Corpus Christi, meaning The Body of Christ"~ Which was celebrated over four centuries later... That tidbit brings me to my all time favorite piece in a glass encased exhibit. The Queen's Gown!!! [photos below] annual jubilee held in the city! Initially a three-day celebration [now-a-days a week long celebration]. The discovery and naming of Corpus Christi Bay by the Spanish explorer, Alonzo Alv

Our Two Worlds Meet...

Along Ocean Drive, the ritzy area of town on the bay shore, I spotted this privacy fence. I can't figure out the reason behind the sections that have the lattice parallel and the one section angled...can you?--- the end of Ocean Drive, we turn off to head onto Interstate 37 and go a short distance onto Chaparral to spend a couple hours here: Bud is a History Buff. I, on the other hand, enjoy the science of Nature! Earlier this week, on a cold, wet, drizzly, gray day, we decided to spend a few hours perusing the museum. The HISTORY and SCIENCE museum. That way, we both have what we like and could spend a goodly time walking the sections of the museum while remaining dry and out of the rain and cold. Can't go birding on days like that!!! Tho we both started off walking the exhibits together, Bud, eventually entered the History section...ME? Yep...I meandered a bit longer in the Science section. In both the history and the science of our area, there were ship

Gonna Spread My Wings 'n' Fly...

...way up high, in the sky!! I'm sure a lot of you that visit here at Hootin' Anni's have visited Ms. T at The Run*Around*Ranch . Today, I would like to dedicate this post to her!! Each Wednesday, if you haven't already known, Ms. T shares her paddling of Whistlers; she titles her posts Whistler's On Wednesday. And she always shares the perfect personalities of these tree ducks!!! If ever a bird can be charming, these are the epitome of bird charm. They're pretty, comical at times, protective, colorful, quite docile, and nearly silent...unless you're lucky enough to hear them. They don't quack...they actually whistle. And it's a beautiful song. Okay, so, over the weekend, during breaks from trimming the pyracantha [yes, grows like a weed!!] and a couple of bougainvilleas, and the gardenia...I had my sketch pad out for idle times when Bud was loading the refuse for the city's collection day. Oh, and we also thought we hired s

I'm thinking...

Willy Nilly Five Six, Seven, or Eight  this week, has me thinking.  And I'm in high gear, the wheels are turning, churning, and ready to burst in thoughts... ...thinking the saying goes "Opposites attract". Not only in the magnetic fields but Bud and I. Yes, we will be celebrating our 47th year in wedded bliss this May, but we truly can provide clear evidence the old adage holds true to the two of us-- -Bud loves coffee, I detest the taste! -Bud loves extreme heat...I'd much prefer the cooler temps! -I like a dark room, Bud has to have every light on in the house! -His preference is sweet tastes, I'd prefer tart! -While I have to have my red meat cooked medium rare, he has to have his charred to the point it's LEATHER. ...thinking there are more important news coverage stories than Bruce Jenner's accident and Kate Middleton's 'baby bump'!! It's like a rag mag these days...a gossip column instead of anything worthy of 'pr

Seashore...Part III

It's dubbed The Longest Stretch of Undeveloped Barrier Island in The World ... To conclude our day at Padre Island National Seashore, the park itself is 70 miles of coastline [Padre Island is the largest in the barrier chain totaling 113 miles, but only averaging 1.5 miles in width!]... we made our last stop around the loop at the Malaquite Visitor Center, seen HERE and HERE . At the center you'll find a gift shop, a snack shop, a book store, a small museum of sorts to show a visitor what is expected for the surrounding area. And auditorium and shower house. The pavilion is covered and several picnic tables are on the main deck. There is an observation deck and a boarded walkway to the beach access. Also, this is a famous area for the annual release of the endangered Kemp Ridley Turtles. As the adult turtles return year after year to their 'home land', they nest and the Parks Department collect the eggs and incubates them in a special facility just for the