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How come, when our cats get sick, we're right there, pampering and cuddling and lovin' 'em up ... hoping they are better by nightfall? Then, when we humanoids get sick, they want nothing to do with us and ignore us completely?

Maybe, just maybe, they think we stink? Maybe it's for the fact I haven't had the energy to get dressed? I've been in jammies and sock slippers for an entire week! Perhaps it's that if they get too close to me, they think I'd be embarrassed that they actually laugh in my face for the absurd get-up of pink and black plaid flannel jammies with a pink fleece top that is turning yellow with age from a week's worth of wear?!!

Wait, if I look close enough there may just be a few chicken soup dribblings on the front side.  That would explain the reason they're so interested in that!!  They've tried licking it a couple of times, and here I thought it was 'cause they loved me.

I asked 'em. "What gives here? You're both ignoring me!"
"I know my hair hasn't seen a brush or comb for days."
"Gimme a break."

"Sure...ignore me 'til you need me. Then, it's all purry times again."
"I think I won't feed you both your kibbles 'n' bits Fancy Feast for a while...see what you think of that."

Tahoe sits at the couch, facing me down with not a sound. Just those golden eyes, burning a hole in my blankie...

I move around a little bit to get a better comfort zone and she takes off with a little squeak...

I doze off. Wake up, and she's back like a little black poltergeist!! Staring me down.

As I move a bit and reach out to pet her, she leaps away and runs to the back door.

"Aha" I say weakly, "I know what you need!"

Slowly, I untangle myself from my warm cocoon.

Three scoops. And she's waiting patiently for my return. Tahoe meets me at the back door.

A clean litter box.

Job well done...

Now, it' time to ignore me some more 'til next time.
Or Winston needs fed....
Something like that.

And, so goes my week.
Yours? Filled with the excitements I've been having?

Not so much.

If you miss me, I'll be over at my Bird Photo Blog today, catchin' up there.


  1. Cats are always like that :) My cousin has one, and she's only there when she needs something :) Have a great Sunday!

    Mersad Donko Photography

  2. Anni, I hope you feel better soon.. It sucks being sick.. Maybe a dog would be more affectionate. Wishing you a happy Sunday!

  3. You poor thing. I find that ours snuggle into bed when we're sick. When hubby had his prostate surgery, back in January, MY cat spent his time on the bed with hubs.
    (ツ) from Cottage Country Ontario , ON, Canada!

  4. Gosh, Anni, it seems like you've been sick a long time, even to me and I only "see" you virtually. Cats are certainly individual creatures, I agree. Hope you're feeling better soon.

  5. so sorry you are sick and get no attention from your kitties.. your words are so well written I can see the past week as though I were there

  6. Hope you are feeling better very soon. Weather here is atrocious so it's just as well to stay in bed or under a quilt on the couch!

  7. Maybe they think you are contagious?
    A question that has nothing to do with this post.
    Is there still boat ride service.. over to the island of St. Jo from Port Aransas? St. Jo was a private island and you could go for the day for a picnic.

  8. I love cats but they are all about themselves.

  9. I do hope you're feeling better, Anni!! Yep, I gave up looking for sympathy from my cats years ago!! If you want attention or sympathy from them then you'd better have a bowl full of kitty-goodies at hand!! Hope you have a good new week!!

  10. Oh they are so funny at times, especially my dear kitty that decides the dogs can't wake me soon enough, so she sits on my head if she can't snuggle in close enough! They are a strange and silly creature, but we love them dearly!

  11. Well that was a cute tail! I can see you and you need to get well SOON!

  12. Cats are so independent and picky but we still love them.

  13. I hope you get better soon. Maybe they will let you use them as hand warmers. We have been known to do that.

  14. Certainly hope you are feeling better. Have to love cats, don't we!

  15. Sorry you've been so sick. Our Oliver must be unusual. When any of us are sick, he snuggles up and lays with us.

  16. Sure hope you are feeling better!! I'm catching up on blogs after being gone all weekend. Cats are certainly fickle. I agree with you!

  17. well if I'm sick I think I would rather have a cat ignoring me than a dog all up in my face wanting to give me wet puppy kisses and begging me to play :) just saying
    Wishing you healthier days and cleaner jammies

  18. I'm sorry you've been so sick. Hope you're feeling better soon. Those pretty kitty cats are always thinking about themselves, aren't they? :) One of mine will snuggle against me keeping me too warm, whether I'm well or under the weather. I'd rather she not always be that close!

  19. I sure hope you are feeling better. Cats are pretty animals, but have a mind of their own.

  20. cute and finicky fuzz balls. :)

  21. Oh bless you my friend, so sorry to hear that you have been under the weather for over a week now. No fun. I hope that each day this week you gain your strength back full force, after all, those kitties need their fiddles ;) I have one cat and she is always quite the entertainer. I have spent much of past 6 weeks lying down and she is almost always there to greet me...silly kitcats ;)

  22. Hope you feel better soon! Those kitties need to learn to take good care of you!

  23. Sounds like you have the same crap I had...mine tested positive for the flu...was in ER on Christmas evening. Felt so nauseated it was hard to drink and ended up dehydrated. Things just started tasting normal the past few days.

    We had bitter cold weather last week and the cats just wanted to sleep...

  24. Anonymous1/12/2015

    Hope you feel better soon!