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No Pot of Gold...But I've Seen Rainbows Galore

First and foremost, I want to relay my deepest and heart felt thank you to all who have stopped by and left such endearing condolences for the loss in our family. Your thoughts and prayers lifted my spirits. I really, really found comfort with your kind words . Now...I get back to regular blogging. To recap, I began painting a couple of weeks ago; my most recent project.  This is my created rainbow of colors.. I started with a sketch as seen here and then blending some colors for the background complexion to appear a bit 'swampy' on a  hot summer's day. While I let the first step of painting dry overnight, I studied over and over the size, shape and feather colors of the wood duck, so I could have the 'model' etched on my brain to begin painting in the details. By the way, this duck, I have only seen once in my lifetime...and that was decades ago when I lived in Colorado. Now, I am on a quest to find one in Texas. So far, no wood ducks have bee


My brother in law, Al, just passed away this morning... I will be taking some time from blogging. THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR KINDNESS - IT'S MUCH APPRECIATED ~Love, Anni

Brother in Law Update...

Gated/Fenced Access to Sanctuary It's been a long couple of days. I am concerned for my brother in law's health yes...but I am, right now, concerned for my sister's state of mind more so. I've conversed with Al's daughter through emails and texting and she tries to tell me the both of them, Al and Sharon, are in better spirits than last Saturday when the issues sprung upon them both. I told you about the spinal surgery that was scheduled the other day....THAT was put on the back burner so to speak because of what the surgeons saw on the MRIs. I would like to think it's all part of the silver lining somewhere in all this. But the worry gets me quite jittery and jumpy when the phone rings or the text notification sounds off. With the results of the MRIs they found an abdominal aortic aneurism at 8 centimeters. Luckily, it didn't rupture! Also found was a growth on his lung. That was biopsied and it's not cancer. But, this [the last time

You can call me Al..........

Al & Sharon Yesterday, when I got back home from a birding trip to the islands, I decided to check my emails. Now, if y'all know me, I rarely do emails. I just don't find the time in the day. Well, let me rephrase that. I check my synched emails from my smartphone sometimes. But I usually delete them if they're not from family or long time friends. But, yesterday, it was like an omen....I checked one that looked to be a familiar was from my BIL's daughter from a first marriage!!!! I'm glad I did. Sharon, my sister, was now in Denver with her husband, Al. The email from Al's daughter informed me that Al was in the hospital in Denver after an overnight trip via an ambulance. Sharon, packing her needed belongings was driven by a friend from where they all live on the Western Slope in Colorado!! Over I-70's great divide and through Eisenhower Tunnel. Thankfully, the winter weather kept them from dangerous driving conditions!!!

Miles to Go....

Upon finishing the first book of five in the Frank Baum Collection, The Cyclone, I can honestly say the story is not at all like the 1939 movie, Wizard of Oz. Still, it's a good read. I'm glad I read it finally. Yes, it's written for children I'm sure, but in my youth I wasn't 'into' reading much. I was too busy with sports, games, school, and boy crushes to take time to read. LOL For the fact I can now say I read "The Cyclone" by Frank Baum, I am pleased with myself. Silver slippers? I like the concept of RUBIES much better.  And, to be even more honest, I like the way the story was 're-written' for cinema.  Much more of an exotic tale and fit for children and adults alike!!  Okay, moving on... One afternoon, while Bud was napping and trying to rid himself of his flu ailments, I took my lunch in the computer room and just dubbed around, searching, and reading articles from the news websites, and googling. I came across

The BIG Dub-ya

He must have gone by you doing 90 miles an hour. He was passing me! I never saw such a crazy thing in my life! -Let's get down there. -Let's go. We're going down there. Russell, be careful. Remember your condition. Boy, the way he just sailed out there.... Look out. There's nobody in the car. -He's right. -What do you mean, nobody? There he is. Holy smoke! How about that? This guy's still alive. He's still alive. We ought to call an ambulance. I don't know how he survived, the way you went sailing right out there. I'm not a doctor, but I have some medical experience. I'm a dentist. Do you think you're hurt real bad? Is he kidding? Hold on, we're gonna get you to a hospital. You move me, I'll break up in little pieces. But what a deal. Look, there's this dough, see? There's all this dough: $350,000! Do you hear what I'm saying? $350,000! In the park, in Rosita, Rosita Beach State Park... ...just south of Dago in Santa Rosit

Abso Bloody Lutely NO TITLE

How come, when our cats get sick, we're right there, pampering and cuddling and lovin' 'em up ... hoping they are better by nightfall? Then, when we humanoids get sick, they want nothing to do with us and ignore us completely? Maybe, just maybe, they think we stink? Maybe it's for the fact I haven't had the energy to get dressed? I've been in jammies and sock slippers for an entire week! Perhaps it's that if they get too close to me, they think I'd be embarrassed that they actually laugh in my face for the absurd get-up of pink and black plaid flannel jammies with a pink fleece top that is turning yellow with age from a week's worth of wear?!! Wait, if I look close enough there may just be a few chicken soup dribblings on the front side.  That would explain the reason they're so interested in that!!  They've tried licking it a couple of times, and here I thought it was 'cause they loved me. I asked 'em. "W

Where Kids Play...

Sorry I've not been around to visit with y'all....I've been sick, in bed mostly, with a nasty cough. And just plain worn out...trying to sleep in between bouts of coughing spells. I haven't been out of the house since Sunday when Bud and I drove to the islands with the cold, damp, strong winds blowing in from one of the many winter systems that have come our way in the past few weeks. I guess I stood out in that wind much too long, 'cause by the time we got back home my throat was dry and I began hacking profusely then, and haven't stopped. And to top it off, I returned to the island the very afternoon when a sea bird was reported inland. I wanted a picture record of it. I was lucky it was still there, but again...I was out in that blustery cold wind a second time in one day. Y'all will be able to see the bird photos I got this coming weekend when my birding blog shows it off... the meantime, I'll show you the Monkey Mansion. With a