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Total Recall...

Recalling my year in blogging: DECEMBER 2014: ...finally!!! A full face to face view of the horns!! Isn't it beautiful? I dubbed him Jefé [pronunced HEH fay --Spanish, meaning boss] Dappled and Brindle ONE COMMENT: "What a fascinating read this post is! Too bad you didn't get the bird you were in search of, but, I'd say the cattle was a pretty good alternative. Those horns are very impressive." NOVEMBER 2014: After reading Sandra's post on pancakes - ... Laughing with guilt written all over his face, Bud turns his back to me and the computer and exits the room. I  follow behind Bud so I can get myself a drink of water from the kitchen faucet. Still giggling of the ironic resemblance of our conversations , as I walk behind Bud who is now making his way toward the dining room table, I say: Anni: "Wasn't that a hoot?" I gulp down some refreshing cold liquid from the tap... Bud: "I swear if we had four cat

Jetty-some - not Jetsam

It's been a mixed up week, what with the holidays. I don't know what day of the week it is at times. I'm just trekking along, taking one hour at a time and when someone tells me it's now 2015, I'll try to remember to put the correct year on my bookwork. LOL Anyway, for the last couple of days a huge, massive cold front moved into South Texas. Winds, rain and more rain, strong tidal waves on the coast...sadly someone was ignorant and didn't pay heed to the small craft advisories handed out to boaters, and one capsized in the rough sea, rescuing efforts saved two of the three aboard; the other is still missing and presumed dead. The Coast Guard have been searching the bay area for two days and into the evenings, finally calling off the search because of darkness. Heart breaking, I know. I do have sympathies to the family's loss...but for the life of me, I just can't fathom the lack of common sense sometimes. Truly, it was an accident waitin

A bit Bird Brained!!

First off I'd like to thank all who stopped by this past week to send Bud and me good will for the holiday! Much appreciated. Hope your Christmas was a happy one. My dear hubby had me going on a treasure hunt yesterday. One gift under the tree...when I opened it, there was a clue inside a Wizard of Oz 75th Reader's Digest Magazine...I read the clue...followed it, and found another clue hidden. It went on for some time with more clues...finally a whole slew of little treasures. Fun. I fixed turkey, mashed potatoes with gravy, cole slaw, cranberries. With our traditional 'dessert' for Christmas, Rice Krispie Treats! [I love 'em] Family called, texted during the day...we watched our last holiday movie for the week. We've been trying to watch a Christmas themed movie during the entire week...Yesterday, the last one, was Jim Carrey's Grinch. Others: The Christmas Candle [Susan Boyle], An American Christmas Carol [Henry Winkler], and The Polar Expre

It's Been A Good Year...

card source I'll be back after Christmas. May your days ahead be happy and bright... Finding smiles and laughter near... Waiting for Santa... Enjoying time together with family and friends!! Happy Holidays to all. Merry Christmas everyone...y'hear? Love Anni and Bud

I'm Engaged!!!

...engaged in a job of work that is. This past week, I installed a new .exe file for my bird photos. Y'see, I have several collage wooden frames that have 8 [5x6] slots for photos. A couple of years ago, I thought that it'd be a good idea to not only indulge in photographing the many birds that migrate through our state, --instead of just having them saved on discs, why not show them off a bit? I had 80 of my favorite bird photos printed and then framed 'em. Well, I really wasn't all that satisfied with the outcome. But framed 'em anyway. From another software program I used a black misted oval to frame all the photos...something I was growing to dislike...a lot!! Now that I have this fantabulous program installed with filters, plug ins, and favorite layers, I've spent the last four days when I have time to sit at the computer, and I'm planning on revamping all of them and re-frame them!!! The entire project will no doubt take me into 2015, I'm

Hee haw...fences, farm critters and a bit o' ha, ha

GOOD FENCES & CRITTERS Cattle & Cattle Egrets in Flour Bluff Texas SKYWATCH A section of the Botanical Gardens consists of arid/desert plants. Jutting up into the cloudless blue sky these dominated the skyline. WILLY NILLY FIVE 1]   I can't remember who it was but on their post a while ago, there was a link to this IQ Test Did you test your IQ? This was my result...a screenshot of my number--the top 1% of scores? Whoa!!! 2]   With that IQ, you'd think I'd know better than to try this confection. Yep, absolutely divine!! Mouth watering, sweet, ooey-gooey, exploding with pecans in every bite. The praline caramel is 'to die for' delicious and creamy. No better around! Even the ones I had in New Orleans do not outshine this brand. And it's store brand at that! But oh my goodness. At approximately 400 calories per praline. Yep, I know it's not all that healthy to divulge in such fattening, butter-filled, treat...well, he