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O Tannenbaum...

While the turkey was roasting in the oven, the pumpkin pie waiting to be devoured, the dressing spiced up with peppercorns, the potatoes waiting to be cooked and the gravy simmering as the corn relish, cranberries and olives were being chilled, Bud and I got out the tree decorations from storage and made the living room a bit more festive for the holiday... unlighted - lighted Some close up images of decorations... frosted icicles illuminated by the LED lights Santas glittered snowflakes

Winter yet? It's now Autumn HERE!

Altho a lot of you have experienced snow and wintry weather already, as I posted many times, Autumn doesn't get here 'til late November and into early December. Then, winter in January and early's Spring again! For us old bones, a mild winter is ideal. I invite y'all to come along---- Early one morning, last week, we took a 4 mile walk [approximately and round trip] in the woods. From the parking area, through the woods, to the ponds, and ending at the river... Pollywog Ponds to be exact. The eighth photo from the top there are two golden fronted woodpeckers in the tree...can you see 'em? And the Autumn Colors beckoned us welcome... of trails

In Search of...

An online bird enthusiast that lives in my neck of the woods informed me that there was a wood duck found in Flour Bluff, Texas. With email conversing he told me exactly where to drive [and you thought I was gonna type 'he told me exactly where to go '...ya, and give y'all the chance to read between the lines? I think not!] ---he told me exactly where to find this hidden pond. He also informed me ahead of time that the ducks are very skittish and will probably fly off before any photo opportunity arises. That detail was very correct. Bud and I had no problems locating the hidden pond in Flour Bluff at all...drove right to it. But as soon as I opened the window, off they flew! There were several ducks there camouflaged in the tall grasses, but as they made headway from the water to the air, I spied no wood duck....just mottled ducks and redhead ducks. Oh well. With the windows of the car wide open we could hear Sandhill Cranes in the distance. We drove down th

Let's Talk TERNkey -Turkey - Whatever....

A holiday is coming up this next week, and I probably won't be online much. I wanted to stop and give thanks for all I have in my own little world...and that includes YOU who so often stop by to give a shout out and encouragement at Hootin' Anni's!!! You're dear and precious to me. For those that are observing Thanksgiving here in the U S of A, have a safe and wonderful day filled with good things both in food and company!!! For everyone...have a wonderful week ahead. Will see you again, after the holiday!! Now, shall we talk turkey TERNkey?--------------- Two vultures were in the desert eating a dead clown. The first vulture asks the second vulture: "Does this taste funny to you?" turkey vulture   How do you get down off an elephant? You don't! You get down off a duck. migrating ducks [redhead] Q: How do you keep a turkey in suspense? A: I'll tell you tomorrow! wild turkeys It seems the United States' FAA has a unique device

Stir Crazy...

On a cold wintry day this past week, Bud and I were going stir-crazy being cooped up in the house during the near freezing cold snap. Rains hindered any plans to go birding. But after two days locked up indoors, we said "The heck with it...the roads can't be icy at this hour in the day" we hopped in and drove to the islands in hopes of finding a new bird I hadn't photographed yet. On the Texas Birding site where other birders post their experiences, I read that a Northern Gannet was seen along the Aransas/Corpus Christi Ship Channel's jetty. The wind chill was nearing mid 30 degrees, the sky was drab gray and no sun, the birds along the shore were a bit inactive. But still I ventured out on the Jetty in hopes of finding the gannet. It's a water bird that rarely goes inland, and quite elusive. Of course, I didn't find it. It was really too windy and slick and dangerous on the jetty to go any further without being washed into the