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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Out in the West Texas towns [and reserves]....

Will return sometime soon. Right now, I'm packing stuff...getting prepared for some travel time...Bud and I are gonna be looking for some Spring Migrants in the Rio Grande Valley, along the river and Old Mexico border towns...about 400-500 miles round trip when all birding and wildlife reserves distances are tallied; with some other sights to stop at along the way. It seems like a short driving distance, but the 4-5 hours at each stop, searching for birds will take a lot of time in a day/ for the week. I want to find at least ONE species for sure that is not around our area and only spotted in the RGV area during this time of year...perhaps two or more. Time will tell. Hopefully we'll see more, but y'never know.

Gail, from Louisiana Belle, suggested Bud and I watch "The Big Year" recently, and we did. Now, tho the weather doesn't call for a fall out [which in the movie you see the sky is black with birds because of a weather pattern/storm ---this doesn't happen I'm told, all you'd see is the influx of birds on ground...not blacking out the sky!], we will be just like Stu [played by Steve Martin] and Bostick [Owen Wilson]. Of course with those two celebrities, you know it's a comedy. Still, the two of us associated our actions when out birding to this movie.  In some instances the movie is totally wrong - like an owl in an area where it's never been recorded, or a hawk in the blizzard when, in actuality, they migrate to South America, etc. etc. etc. All in all tho, the movie is VERY entertaining -- that's the point of entertainment; a good movie doesn't have to be so politically correct for me...just a fun flick to watch. And it's based on a true story of the birders' quest for winning the most birds seen in a year's time.
    Adapted from Mark Obmascik's best-selling book, The Big Year is a true story about three singularly obsessed men who compete to see who will be the "best birder in the world" by spotting the most species in a year (in their case, 1998). To win a "big year," as the endeavor is called, a participant should expect to identify more than 700 species, travel 270,000 miles, and spend 270 days away from home.

...and trust me, it's not just MEN as the movie depicts, there are avid WOMEN birders also. In fact I read in a magazine a while ago that one woman birder [I think she was an executive to the Smithsonian or some such institution]; she missed her son's wedding because of a reported bird sighting and her travels to find it!! It'd make a great sequel to The Big Year.

Watch  it online for free from putlocker here -this is a safe site with no spyware or malware that I've ever experienced....and I use putlocker often now that we have no cable tv.
movie poster courtesy of IMdb.

IN OUR ABSENCE, I HAVE A PRE-SCHEDULED POST for two weekends, with linking to share your birding experiences. Located at I'D RATHER B BIRDIN' - check 'em out!!
this weekend:  "Colors of Spring" ---colorful migrating warblers
next weekend:  Courtship Dance* ---the bronzed cowbird struttin' his stuff!!!  *no active link 'cause I'm gone when it's scheduled to publish...go here


  1. Enjoy your trip and the grand quest. Lucky you!

  2. Oh Anni, you are going to have the best time in the RGV! And you are going to take so many photos of the fantastic birds down there. I wish we could go with you!! But Joe and I are heading to southern Louisiana for 4 days of birding there. We will have to share photos when we both get back to our homes! Have fun!!
    I enjoyed The Big Year a while back. It was a riot! Like you said, not altogether accurate, but fun.

  3. Dearest Anni;
    Oh, how exciting to have a birding trip♡♡♡ I smiled with your "Not just MEN ~" phrase. I'll enjoy the movie tomorrow. Night Night from Japan.
    Lots of Love and hugs, xoxo Miyako

  4. Have a great time.Wishing you many sightings both old and new.

  5. Anni, your trip sounds wonderful.. this is a trip I would like to do myself someday.. so I will be taking notes when you get back.. Have fun and happy birding!

  6. Hi there. Hope you have a great trip. Sounds exciting. We are on the road today also. I am using my new iPhone. Trying to learn it. Have fun. Hugs

  7. Anni you and Bud have a great birding adventure and remember you are birding for all of us so take lots of photos...LOL like you need to be told to take pictures
    Hugs madi and mom

  8. Enjoy your adventure. I'm looking forward to seeing the pics.

  9. I hope you have a fabulous time!! I actually have this movie on DVD and can't wait to watch it!!!

  10. hi Anni ... hope you have a wonderful ‘bird-hunting’ vacation and get to see some special birds.
    Thanks for stopping by Timeless Treasures to leave a nice comment on my Spring mantel. Loving the aqua and yellows together.
    Be safe.
    Audrey Z.

  11. Enjoy your trip, and I wish you lots of fun, good luck birding, and safe travels!! You will be missed here!

  12. The Dr I work with every week is an avid birder. He's gone all over the world to see birds and plans all his vacations around it. Just last week he returned from Camaroon where he tells me he recorded 181 new birds.
    Have a great trip - we'll miss you!

  13. Wishing you and Bud a wonderful birding time.

  14. Your upcoming trip sounds like a lot of fun. I hope you see a lot of birds.

  15. Enjoy your trip and travel safe! Happy birding! I liked the movie The Big Year. Very fun.
    xo Catherine

  16. I am so thrilled you enjoyed that movie! I was with my cousins the other night and we were talking about birding and one of them asked me "Are you doing a big year?" They're not even birders and had seen the movie and enjoyed it. I will do it one day, but not this year. Too late anyway, I think. I hope you have a wonderful time birding the Rio Grande. Cannot wait to read and see all your new sightings!! Be safe most of all. Hurry back. :)

  17. happy travels, and birding can't wait for pictures. Thank you for stopping by, My mom broke her hip on Thursday ;( she is doing well.....will watch movie shortly

  18. Have fun and drive carefully. Looking forward to hearing about your travels and the birds you've managed to spot.

  19. Sounds like a fun trip! Have fun and be safe. :)

  20. You have a grand time!
    (ツ) from Cottage Country Ontario , ON, Canada!

  21. Oh, I hope you had a successful birding trip! What fun! We are going to Madera Canyon next month to celebrate our 45th anniversary and do a little birding. We can't do much because we are both disabled, but we love it! Loved the movie The Big year, too! I'll pop over to I'd Rather Be Birding. Hope you have an awesome week. Oh, did you ever go to the Audobon sactuary on Thornydale when you lived here...I'm betting yes! :-)

  22. Funny, I was just thinking of Big Year a couple of days ago and associated the movie with you!