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Take a walk with me...

...this post is loaded heavily with images. I purposely sized them small for loading time in mind. If you'd like to view them larger, click on any image to take you to the lightbox filter for an enlargement slideshow... ...AND... my hodgepodge answers for our hostess, Joyce, are below all the photos. Please scroll down. Early one morning this past week, Bud and I drove up north off Interstate 37 and stopped at a favorite wooded area in hopes of seeing a Lazuli Bunting that was reported there. Well, we didn't find it, but never-the-less it was a good walk. Quiet, still, and no other people around!!! Way too early. It was a dismal morning. No rain, but the clouds were heavy and gray. As we walked around all three ponds [two with water, the other long dried up from the drought over the years], went to the long, still running, wide river and traipsed the opposite sides of the ponds. Birds we did get in our sights were the usual ones, cardinals, indigo buntings,

It's all Happenin' at the "Ritz"...

Image this case, Omni. I'm sure this'll bore you ...but...just to get this done and over with...with the National American Birding Association Convention behind us, maybe my week ahead will be a bit more quiet. Bud and I attended only one day for the lectures and goings-on. It was interesting. We got a chance to talk to some of the other members of the Audubon Society from our local areas. Found a new way of getting to some of the local society's sanctuaries near home/the coastal bend of Texas. Altho, with the lack of rain in the past few weeks here, we will probably wait and check out the land birds instead. When it's so dry the water birds seem to just fly over; knowing all too well there is no food source. Anyway, the convention was held in a ritzy hotel in the downtown area along the bay water. The Omni Hotel. Ritzy, according to our city council members and local newspaper me, it is not all that impressive. I've been in much swankier

Inns and Outs...

outside our hotel room window...the reflections of the sky in the window by the mermaid fountain and a landscaped resaca for ambiance linking to:  Weekly Top Shot - Skywatch Friday - Weekend Reflections Along the banks of the Rio Grande River, in Cameron County, Texas, there are resacas. Resacas, the term, could be derived from the Spanish rio seco meaning 'dry river' or resacar meaning to 'retake'. Either way, in reality, they are similar; being that the river itself, when flooded, formed many areas that held the flood waters eventually drying in areas, then forming from the silt channels of water that turned marshy; swamps. At Santa Ana, when we walked several of the mile long trails, we came upon a quiet, peaceful, area that is a resaca. The vegetation was 'to die for' pretty. The stillness, except for bird calls, was pure enjoyment. The variegated verdant shades, the richness of silver, dried wood and moss...all beautiful to the eye. T