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Spring by the Bay...

1] A good way to end the month and begin a new one is... 2] March will soon be here and Springtime temperatures will warm us. 3] Wildflowers will show in some hidden places. FIVE RANDOM FLOWERS for FRIDAY and weekend! 4] Spikes of desert yucca reach for the sky giving off some unexpected, highly anticipated pleasure. 5] Some cloaked in morning dew, others sun-kissed, and--- Today, images have mouseover text  - scroll mouse over photo, pause, and read caption - ---The Easter Bunny's on its way... linking to:  Skywatch Friday , Random 5 Friday , Camera Critters , Saturday Critters , WEEKLY TOP SHOT and SUNLIT SUNDAY

I Got My Eye on You!

Enlarge by clicking to view in the Lightbox Feature... Continuing a bit more on our day trip to Lake Corpus Christi , I mentioned in the previous post of some of the few birds we spotted. Across the park road from the historic Pavilion at the top of the incline, where the views from the hilltop looking down to the water below, there is a short trail through the scrub and oak trees that leads to a bird watching area. Youngsters from around the South Texas Coastal Bend area have built bird houses and feeders and they're hanging and sitting around to attract birds. [as seen in this example image I share at the beginning of this post] Tho at this area by midday it was quiet, a mama and papa cardinal was there at a feeding station, but when they saw us they quickly disappeared. We walked back out via another trail and I spotted a caracara...the "Mexican Eagle". And if my Spanish is correct, caracara would literally mean face/face?!!! Correct me if I'm wrong. tripin'

The two of us drove up to Lake Corpus Christi State Park and spent a few hours there, walking around the reservoir [except for Lake City side]. This vast lake retains water for the city of Corpus Christi and the surrounding areas. We enjoyed the quiet time of day. During the week, it's the best time to go to the reservoir...hardly anyone there except for the Winter Texans [out-of-staters]. The day was warm, sunny, a faint drifting breeze filtering the air...a perfect time to relax and walk and photograph the area for a blog post!! We saw very little birds while there -what we did see was one hawk, a couple of killdeer, ducks, egrets, cardinals, and a caracara.  While we were walking the banks of the lake in one area, a long-billed curlew flew in...that one I took several photos of 'cause it was so close to us!  But this time it wasn't about birding, it was more or less a road trip to get outdoors in the sunshine away from the hustle and bustle of the city traffic and no

- Rise and Shine -

Image was a beautiful day in the neighborhood!! [photo of lonely, quiet beach after sunrirse- in another month, it's Spring Break for College know what that means, right?  Bumper to Bumper Bikini-clad butts!! linking to Skywatch Friday _* _ * _ 1]    I can hardly contain myself from revealing the two birds I photographed while in Brooks County this past week!! But, thing is, I had composed and pre-scheduled a post already for this weekend at "I'd Rather B Birdin'" with the InLinkz Tool set for Saturday, the 22nd at noon. I know I could've prepared the new post and copied and pasted the coding I have on my pre-scheduled post...this weekend's photo shoot is of a darling little    bird, so I'll go with that one as planned and construct a new post for next    weekend. I am so excited about showing the two off!! One, such a small bird that is 'lost' in Texas and can't find its way back to Old Mexico....the other is one I&

Rockin' Robin

Nature & Wild Birds In Colorado, seen were hundreds of robins in the Spring. It was a sure sign that Springtime had arrived. They were everywhere. In the hot Sonoran Desert where Tucson is located and Bud and I first retired...a robin was never seen. Ever. But reading PDF articles from the University of Arizona, they were there, and at times found nesting around the areas of the mesquite, palo verde trees, the saguaro cactus and barren hills; Tucson Mountains. Now that we're here, enjoying the birding experiences of the Coastal Bend of Texas along the Gulf of Mexico, in the decade we've lived here, I've seen only ONE robin. 'Til just this past couple of weeks; luckily having the camera with me. LOL, who am I kidding? I have the camera with me 99% of the time I'm out. To continue, in all actuality it's not just a 'robin'...the correct term is American Robin. Same family, but highly different than those found in Europe. So to distingu


So, I'm sitting here at my desk at O dark thirty, and I'm waiting for the sun to rise on a new day. I should be doing laundry or something productive with my time, but I just haven't got much mojo going for me. I think it's the fatty foods I had for dinner last night...the power of 'junk food' tends to wear you thin...even after a few hours of digesting it all. I've been a bit lax in getting some of my weekly blog posts finished. I usually try and make sure I do two a week. On Tuesday for mid-week posting and then one for the weekend. I'll guess I'll work some on that while I'm here. ...just talking to myself. Hello? Anyone there? I'm in the middle of another watercolor paint project too, by the way. The easel is up and taking up a lot of room in the library/computer room! I really should work on that some today also. There is just a few finishing touches on this and then I can wrap up the workshop 'til another tim

Adventures on a Ferry Ride...

Heading over Harbor Bridge to our first stop on the itinerary...which is Indian Point. Altho, for the 2nd time this winter, a brown booby [ it's a bird - I know, I  know...odd name for a bird, but what the hey? ] was reported at this area, we saw none. I really wasn't expecting to find it...they are more or less 'stay on the water' birds...rarely coming ashore. But, we got some walking in, along all the fresh water ponds and the bay's shoreline. Our next stop would be Ingleside and the Aransas Pass area. Both, small towns along the coast. Not much there but it was a nice drive. Eventually, heading toward PORT Aransas [not the same as Aransas Pass, Texas]. And in order to get from Aransas Pass to Port Aransas, you must board the Ferry Boats and cross the massive ship channel. I happened to be driving on this day instead of Bud. And I will say right now...I don't like the idea of crossing water. Deep water...I have a strong phobia. The digital displa