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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Honest, Santa, I've been very good this year....

This week...a secret santa came to Hootin' Anni's!!!
Special delivery from the guys in brown [no, not the reindeer, but UPS]...
...and it's a very beautiful, wonderful work!!
The carving is from bristlecone pine [the oldest trees in the world]...
...and the artist is related to Daniel Boone [the historic figure of Kentucky/Missouri]
He has a gallery high in the North Pole Rocky Mountains...
so, I kinda know [at least I think] who my secret santa is...

No matter, this work is priceless!!
...and I will cherish this piece of art.

...thank you secret santa!


On another note, so far for the past few days, I've been counting [some large flocks just estimating] the birds we've seen. A few days, but not all days this week, Bud and I were out on purpose to see birds. There is one specific one that has been reported here in our town along the Ship Channel. We've gone out twice so far; where they told us to go through an online messaging forum, but with no luck. There was another birder at the reported spot when we arrived the 2nd time, and she said she saw it, but it flew off. Staying there for an hour or more for its return, she never saw it again, and left shortly after we arrived. I showered, honestly. Maybe BUD was a bit ripe and chased her off. LOL

Anyway, no special bird. Oh, and the bird to be spotted for those lucky ones, it's a Brown Booby. This particular bird really isn't supposed to be 'inland' it will be something of a treat if we spot it. Bud and I will plan to go back on Sunday maybe. This area is teeming with oil refinery trucks, train tracks and shipping stuff. Heavy semi truck traffic and ROUGH road to follow. Perhaps we'll be lucky to find it if it's still here on Sunday, when the refinery traffic is nearly nil.

In the meantime, after we left that area, we drove to a small town farther northwest of the interstate heading to San Antonio...Calallen, Texas, to a park that is known internationally for its HAWK Migration path. We stayed there about an hour, hour and half, and saw a few raptors and land birds along the river bank, and, along with egrets and ducks on the pond. My first day of counting and graphic, I had three unidentified birds [I wasn't sure about the Cooper's Hawk, but now confirmed---and I had Harris Hawk count as 3 --they are now confirmed Northern Harriers. The Warbler hasn't been properly ID'd yet. Here's my bird count list as of December 19th...


  1. Anni, sounds like a great count for CBC! I love your gift, very cute Santa. Have a happy day !

  2. That is a wonderful gift. Such a unique and different Santa. I love it.

  3. I LOVE that carving! It's a beauty!

  4. Isn't Danial Boone and Davy Crockett two different people. I though Davy Crockett went to Alamo...

  5. How very beautiful! I love how you love the birds so much! We have learned a lot from you.

  6. Lucky you to have a secret Santa, and a really good one, too! Hope you see that bird; it would be a very nice Christmas present to yourself. :-)

  7. Are you sure you have been a good girl? I am sure you have been. Otherwise you would not get such a beautiful Santa! sandie

  8. That carving is indeed beautiful!

    And thanks for that lovely card, sweetie!

  9. What a beautiful carving. You must've been good to get such a special gift. Thank you for the Christmas card, too. I have one for my blogging friends, but it's going up on New Year's.

    Isn't birding fun?! Double D and I went back to Madisonville today and I saw my first American Pipit. Not the most exciting bird, but it's another to add to my life list. You've got quite an impressive list there yourself, Anni. :)

  10. I guess the Santa is priceless, and will be worth more and more as time goes on, awesome present!

  11. The carving is fabulous, your secret Santa is very talented.

  12. Great list of your birds and wonderful gift!
    Erco Travels

  13. My first boyfriend was a carver and he made a horse head for me. As the years went by, he became well known, carving waterfowl. It's "art from the heart" and your Santa is sweet! (Gere)

  14. what a very cool carving! really nice gift!

  15. We love the carving and OMCs you and Mr. Bud have been very busy counting birdies...I'm purrty sure I can't count that high
    hugs madi your bfff

  16. what a fabulous santa carving. You have a very nice secret santa out there :)

  17. Wow what a bird count. How long have you been counting (bird watching) birds?