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New Year Birds & Lasers...

WILD BIRD WEDNESDAY consists of a collage I made of two different White Tailed Hawks. Notice, one hawk has only one leg visible. I don't know if the other is missing, or what...but I know I didn't notice this until I uploaded the images from the camera to the computer. Viewing is better if you enlarge it. HODGEPODGE QUESTIONS follow: 1. Times Square is the setting for the infamous ball drop signaling a brand new year....when did you last 'drop the ball' on something? Literally? Can't think of any instances. For me...but I do remember trying to teach our daughter [pre teen] on how to bowl. The first time she went out on the lane, she "aimed...took her stance...swung the bowling ball behind her, and dropped it!!!" It rolled off the elevated floor and onto the cemented area---you had to be there! Now if you mean figuratively, I didn't reach my goal to get all the yard work done this past summer...way too hot for me!! And now

...Good Night and Good Luck

I'm playing copy cat right now. I have been reading blogs this past week with their posts being a year in review. And being that it is such a great idea, I thought I'd do the same. Within this post there'll be what I would consider the highlights of Hootin' Anni's 2013 and what was happening around me: Looking back to January -- --I shared a winter sunset from Marble Falls, Texas [in the Hill Country] and spotted an unusually marked goose beak! February is not only my birthday month but it's 'heart month'-- --and I finished a quick crochet project of pink and red heart coasters. Also, in February the South Texas Peddler Show is an annual event. I loved the blue sky and the Texas State Flag flying beside Old Glory. In March , the hummingbird Spring Migration hits South Texas-- --one male ruby throated hummingbird posed for me in our back yard! And the Texas State Flower, the Bluebonnet, blooms profusely in the fields and

...Down the Hatch!!

On Monday, October 6, 1947,  an issue of Time Magazine came off the presses with this statement printed: "This toast is a favorite with crusty old Fleet Admiral William F. Halsey". And for y'all I thought I'd try to add a bit of humor with Admiral Halsey's words. A toast to you for 2014-- If you're interested, the photos are as follows-- A Great Kiskadee bird at Oso Bay yesterday. Tahoe, after sniffing my vodka gimlet emptied glass!! Winston, hungover!!! [literally hungover] A sand sculpture on our beach a few years ago... and A turtle, come out of your shell & face the new year--- You may also ask, who is Admiral William F. Halsey? Read about him here . sidebar linking to Saturday Critters and Camera Critters

A Funny Thing Happened in Search for a Booby!!

Christmas is now just a memory. Christmas Day,  2006, Hootin' Anni's became a reality...starting my 8th year blogging here. Many times, I've mentioned that where I live our winters are more like everyone's autumn. Rarely does it get below 35°. But, the last couple of weeks, the temps have been considerably cold and the deciduous trees are giving us a display of color change...if you know where to look. And in the last couple of weeks, when we hopped in the car to chase birds, we came upon some rich autumnal colors!! From along the Nueces River in Bazemore Park near Calallen, Texas, to Paradise Pond in Port Aransas, Texas and Indian Point/Sunset Lake Park in Corpus Christi/Portland Texas area.... Our bird count is growing. A few more different species have been added, like the Reddish Egret [both in non-breeding colors to their white morph winter garb] to a hefty flock of Bufflehead Ducks at Indian Point Park near the North Bay area. But, I gotta ad

A Journey to 2014

I will be taking a holiday break from blogging... May your journey through the new year be without turbulence and May you reach your destination without peril!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. ...Love, Hootin' Anni linking to my sidebar memes: Saturday Critters-Camera Critters-Nature Notes-Wild Bird Wednesday

Honest, Santa, I've been very good this year....

This week...a secret santa came to Hootin' Anni's!!! Special delivery from the guys in brown [no, not the reindeer, but UPS]... ...and it's a very beautiful, wonderful work!! The carving is from bristlecone pine [the oldest trees in the world]... ...and the artist is related to Daniel Boone [the historic figure of Kentucky/Missouri] He has a gallery high in the North Pole Rocky Mountains... so, I kinda know [at least I think] who my secret santa is... No matter, this work is priceless!! ...and I will cherish this piece of art. ...thank you secret santa! --- On another note, so far for the past few days, I've been counting [some large flocks just estimating] the birds we've seen. A few days, but not all days this week, Bud and I were out on purpose to see birds. There is one specific one that has been reported here in our town along the Ship Channel. We've gone out twice so far; where they told us to go through an online messaging forum, but with no lu

Harnessing Nature

NATURE NOTES & WILD BIRD WEDNESDAY -Finally, after nearly two weeks of overcast skies, the cloud cover broke and blue sky showed itself again!!! Tho, the cold front didn't really move out; it remained quite chilly of the mornings...Bud and I wanted to get out of the house so badly after the bout of near pneumonia symptoms, we hopped in the car and drove to the islands early Sunday morning. More or less, just to view the world around us. Seems a long two weeks of being cooped up inside, coughing. The nasty flu bug is finally subsiding and all's right with the world again. At least where it concerns ourselves. LOL We didn't spend much time walking and birding because, as I said, the cold front remained and the early morning wind was cold...tho refreshing. We stopped at a birding area along the ship channel in Port A, and walked the paved pathway. This particular pathway is not shaded and in full sun. We saw mockingbirds, a loggerhead shrike, several ducks and