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October Moon©

Long ago, okay, many many MOONS ago, when I was a webmaster before blogging, and I was known by online friends as Wystful 1, I composed this story especially for Halloween in 1999!!!! I shared it here in 2007 or 2008, I can't recall for sure and I'm too lazy to search for it, lol. When I published this, I did it in two's a long recitation.  At my website, I had animations and graphics for most of the part, which I never saved. But, I will share both in this one post. Once Geocities decided to become defunct and alerted us all to save anything we wanted from our websites before they closed up shop, I saved this one among others of my favorites....

In Honor of Halloween, I share with you OCTOBER MOON©.........

On this October night, I find myself walking
through the country fields, into the forest
entertaining the thoughts of a costume party I am to attend.

My chiffon gown radiates silvery blue in the light
of the autumn moon.
It billows ghostlike with the breeze.
Toting my silken slippers in hand, I walk on.

Through the thin wispy clouds
moonbeams guide me toward the trees.
Ahead, the forest entices.

As my foot falls, the sea of grasses yields
to my step.
With each stride, down-like seeds from the golden blades
beneath me take flight.

From a distance a dog barks, echoing back to me.

Now before me the thicket stands.
Into the woods I cautiously trespass.
A haunting whisper of wind casts a spell.

Blinded by the gloom, I stop.
Something's lurking within for
the odor of musk I perceive.
As I advance, a faint touch to my shoulder I feel.
Should I continue or should I run and take leave?
I find courage and persevere...deeper into the forest
I know so well.
Convincingly I say to myself
"You know this wood, you've been here before.
A hundred times, at least".

Farther I go forward, heart racing inside.
That touch to my shoulder....imagination or real?
In the pitch black surroundings there's a snap of a
dried twig behind me.
I twirl around, gulping breath as I find focus.
Through the darkened skeletal branches red, firey, eyes
are piercing my now chilled flesh.

With indescribable fright, I scream! I close my eyes and
hide them from further viewing with my clenched fists.
Again, in haste, I find my footing. I swivel to my left, running.
As I run away, low pine branches scratch and cut my face.
I breathlessly try to leave before I am captured. I glance
over my shoulder. The malevolent eyes...they've vanished!

A hidden rock jutting from the dried pine needles and fallen leaves
trips me. I fall to the damp odorous forest floor.
The fragrance of musty,
decaying grasses and leaves permeates, entering my every pore.
From fright, I don't know, but I lose consciousness,
laying nearly face down on the ground.
Then, for maybe what was hour, or just minutes, I am awakened!
A damp warm cloth is wiping across my scored face, bringing me back to reality.
Slowly opening my eyes, I see through the haze a white creature, with eyes
reflecting red from the night's dim light at my face! As I labor to rise,
the leaves and dried twigs have a muted sound now, and I watch it run from me.
My muddled senses and quiet thudding of hoof beats tell me it is a horse....white, and ghostly!

As I find balance, I once again hurriedly
try to escape the heavy and dangerous canopy from above.
I look up for an assurance of the moonlight to guide me.
The glow of the autumn moon is faint. The color of a ripe pumpkin.
A brisk gust of wind hums through the boughs and I am startled.
I feel deep regret of such a venture on such a night.
I pick up my pace, glancing down to the ground.
My bare feet are streaked with small cuts and covered with my own dried blood.
Leaving this retched place, going back home to its warmth would be oh so good.

I continue, inhaling and exhaling with a little more ease with each step out.
Every sound I hear is magnified in my horror.
At one point, I caught myself thinking...this forest, I don't recall
it being so deep, so vast.
I must leave this wood, get out in the wheat fields, and do it now...
get out...and get out fast!

Minutes pass like hours!
Moonrays from the orange orb overhead grow darker.
The witching hour is near.
Feeling lost and quite abandoned, I cut through the trees
at a fork in the forest's growth.
Movement of the branches breeze!
Searching for the way, stillness becomes deafening.

I sit on a jagged stump of a fallen oak. Aching. Tears of exhaustion and
anxieties drop from my eyes onto my muddied chiffon.

From behind me, deeper into the darkness, I hear a spine chilling scream.
No where to go, but run! Run as fast as my achy legs and bloodied feet can
carry me. Out from this terror!
As I run, the woods become blacker. Mist begins to fall around me. Dampness.
I was a lost soul.
I knew not where I was.

Then, voices I hear. Happy voices!
Not far from me.
Again I stand and listen. Yes! I hear them,
just over the hill, somewhere near me.
I step up my cantor and traipse on.
Finally, a clearing in the wood.

The fog of the night, surrounds my soul as I leave
the darkness of the forest.
Listening through the misty grayness of night
the voices again come to my ear.
With each step, laughter & sounds grow clearer and more distinct.
I must be near town, at last heading to the party!

...stay tuned for the conclusion [which I added below if you're still here, reading]

OCTOBER MOON continued......

Through the drizzle, they call me.
An iron gate soon appears.
Laughter, human voices. Fun.
As I step through the black gate, figures appear!
At last! I'm safe. In the company of friends!
They know me, for they all call me. Call out my name.
Groups of friends gather 'round.
Their features still not distinct, I feel a warm glow in my heart.

As I begin to retell my tale, some move in closer
to listen, to console me.
Then, it hits me. The smell of dead flesh!
This is no party! I've entered a graveyard.

Forms now become visible. Friends? No!
They're certainly not mine. They're walking dead!

Reversing my steps, I leave in a rush. Some chase after, beckoning me.
The fields are now damp with moisture. Sticking to me as I run.
The light from the moon has disappeared with the storm.
Black is the night. Thunder rolls in the distance.
What was beauty at dusk, now seems deadly, treacherous.
Blades shredding my chiffon as I run.
I did not know the direction I headed! Just putting distance between me
and the dead, I felt I could survive this.

Lightening flashes close by. With the iridescent light, I saw a structure.
A house! Within, lights glowed golden through the night, perhaps
with it carrying friendship and guidance homeward.
Each step I take takes great effort. I am tired and want to rest.
I want to be home. Safe on such a haunting evening. Behind my own doors.
Perhaps these fine folk will be able to direct me home.
Flashes of lightning again show me the way. Yet, somehow the storm
quickly subsides. A calmness in the night. Lunar beams reappear.
Exhaustion nearly overcomes me as I step through what was once a
wooden gate. I step nearer. The house glows in the darkened night.
Pumpkin orange as the harvest moon.

I collapse when I reach the dilapidated steps to the entry door.
As I fall onto the wooden slats, I realize the apparitions that seem to
float around the house....I look to the moon.
At the top cupola, a faint bluish glow flies through the night air.

I awaken in familiar surroundings. I vaguely remember the happenings, though still lingering. I step from my
bed, searching for clues. My ivory flesh upon my feet are not scarred, nor any evidence of cuts.
My dress made of chiffon, thrown over the chairback is clean and lacking any torn parts.
I search upon my image in the mirror, nothing. Was all this just a dream? Or, did it happen somehow?
Knocking on my door brought me around from my trance.
Mother comes in carrying my silken slippers!
"These were found down by the old graveyard this morning. Dagger, our ol' mut musta drug them off...."
She says as she drapes them over the Victorian bedpost.
Last evening was All Hallow's Eve,
with an orange October Moon....

October Moon©
copyrighted 1999, 2007 and 2013---
All Rights Reserved.


  1. Wow, you have gone all for for Halloween! Your story is really cool, it seemed like a dream, but then maybe not!

  2. Hello ... it´s great !!


    Best regards

  3. Beautiful moon, Anni! Happy Halloween!

  4. Now that is a story. I'm glad you save it.

  5. Beautiful full moon! Happy Halloween Anni!

  6. That was a fun read on just the right day of the year! All Hallow's Eve, which I do think of belonging to you, Anni. You know how to celebrate it. Love the story! :-)

  7. What a tale you wove! Goodness. Love the ending. Well done, Anni. :)

  8. A fantastic story!! Wish the graphics were still with it, as I'm sure they were just a good as the story. Thanks for sharing, for us newbies to your blog!

  9. You are full of talent! I love your poetry- and I hope you will feature more of it here. Happy Halloween to you~

  10. Bone chilling tale. Happy Halloween

  11. Yikes - that's some tale! It would have my Grands up all night. Happy Halloween, Annie - no Trick or Treaters here in Breck. It's too cold and snowy - they'd freeze in their tracks.

  12. You are one very talented lady,Anni! Your poetry is awesome like everything else on your blog.

    Happy Halloween!