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1] CORPUS CHRISTI (Kiii News) - Wednesday was the first full day of a new city ordinance banning drivers from handling their cell phones while driving in Corpus Christi. It's about time I say!!! Driving while making use of a cellphone to your ear is DANGEROUS to us all. READ it HERE

2] I read this heart warming story of WWII regarding a stolen picture of a red headed woman and a man going off to war. It is so nice to read a news story with heart!! READ it HERE

3] Laughter is good medicine:
courtesy of Yahoo Comics

Long ago, for over 40 years now, the annual Albuquerque New Mexico Balloon Festival was quite a 'thing' to attend. But, admittedly, the balloons these days have evolved to a grand spectacle!!! They're becoming more amazing than ever!! Take a gander at this one: A peg legged parrot/pirate...
photos courtesy of Yahoo News

VIEW THE SLIDE SHOW OF BALLOONS HERE [the one of Darth Vader is phenomenal in my opinion]

5] Since the Fall Classic [World Series] is nearing its premiere for 2013, I was reminded the other day that my parents met at a baseball game long, long, LONG ago. If you've checked out any of my shared links here on my personal blog, you have noticed my Poetry-Haiku link below. Here is where I've shared some of my written works. Today, thinking of my folks, and October and Baseball, I thought I'd share one of my poems. It's called Love Beckons True©


More than half a century their love was.

At a baseball game they met.
Schoolmate and brother ushered acquaintance.

Flaxen hair she had.
Blue eyes, glittering in the sun.
Father asked his friend....
Do you know her?
Sure! She's my sister, Mother's brother replied.
I'll introduce her. But, wait.
Wait 'til the end of inning one.

Flirtatious? Yes, indeed.....and, why not?
Hmmmmm she thought. This guy,
a man of such competence, he's gotta be fun!
He was a find, what we can call hot!

Dark hair parted in the middle. Dapper,
dressed to the nines.

Father & Mother....
Wow! This one, yes this one...
He/She just hasta be mine.

Love grew.

Sacred vows were declared.


Life together was not always a ball game.
Work mixed with laughter.
Hardships, good times, days mixed with tears.
The harder they worked, the more they laughed.
And stronger their bond became.

Years passed....

I grew to adulthood.
Didn't acknowledge the affection they shared.
Too busy all wrapped up in myself.
No, I didn't bother. Never cared.

As age turned into decades.
I realized something dear.
Their life was spiritual, so vibrant.
So true to each other.
A union was pledged, unbroken.

All too soon....

The dark hair parted in the middle
and flaxen braids disappeared.
Even a paunch for a belly was seen.
Golden curls were replaced with silver strands.
Years passed, but their love remained keen.

A third generation was created.
Great grandchildren to indulge.
Warm hearts with open arms & devotion combine.
A house full of happiness, a room full
of love. And...
Most of all, these parents are mine!

Mother left.
Father stayed a while longer.
His lonely heart couldn't handle the loss.
Or maybe in his mind what he felt, was blame.
He left us shortly thereafter.
No more sorrow he was in.
They're again eternally together.
Now watching us below, at our own "ball" game.

And their daughter....?
Gone are those days now.
I am told time heals all, tears shed in vain.
The loss will never leave me.
This sorrow will always remain.
But I now, the one with no care,
relive daily the memories galore.
Today, for me, their love was true.
With me, it will always be there.

With great admiration
and devotion....
Your daughter, Anni

Copyrighted and written 1999©
Please do not steal


  1. Dark vader is sure using the force. Great verse too, sure they are watching you.

    1. it's good to know that someone else thinks they're watching over me.

  2. I so enjoyed reading your poem of how your parents met! Hooray for baseball! And coincidentally, just as I was reading this, the KIII news came on with that very story. I use handsfree in my car, but lets see if this will make a dent in it.

    1. I don't even use the cellphone if I'm driving!!

  3. I love the poem - a great love story for sure! The balloons are awesome!

  4. What a sweet and wonderful poem!

    As far as cellphone use in cars, I have to agree. I wonder how far Minnesota is on this legislation?


    1. 99% of the time when someone causes an accident here on our busy streets it's because they were on the phone.

  5. What a beautiful tribute to your parents. Tugged on my heart strings for sure. Hope you have a delightful day, Anni!

    1. ...thanks Gail!! Hope your day is marvelous for you too.

  6. Replies
    1. ...aren't they...they've come a LONG way in design and so much fun.

  7. Your poem is wonderful and very emotional!!! So beautiful, your parents really had something special, each other, and love and respect for each other too. Love your new matching header and background!

    1. ...thanks Ginny...both for the compliments of the poem AND the blog template.

  8. Anni this was absolutely beautiful...oh my you have a gift. I'm pretty sure your parents are smiling.
    Hugs C

    1. ...awwww, now THAT comment made me smile....BiG!! Thanks M&M

  9. I love the poem you wrote.

  10. My grandson would love those balloons!

    1. ...they ARE awesome. Eye openers for sure.

  11. Love your poem.... I can't write like that but I have some of the same feelings about my parents... My sport is football since Daddy would take me to football games... Mama always told me to be interested in sports so that I could go with my hubby when I got married. (Mama never went---and I think she regretted that.) Anyhow, I did love it (along with baseball and basketball) ---and married a man who loved sports also. Raised 3 boys --and all of them played football and other sports.... And even today, as an old lady, I still love sports...

    I'm not sure I like all of those fancy balloons... Guess I still prefer the colorful 'normal' ones... ha


    1. ...thanks Betsy!! As for the know the saying..."keep an open mind". :o)

  12. I have never seen such amazing balloons!
    The poem I can not read all ... anyway, I read / write English only with the help of google translator (I understand Slavic languages ​​better) and for that I must be able to copy the text into it. To translate and read. So I still do not understand everything. But I am still learning...
    Have a great weekend :-)

    1. ...I understand Mascha!!! That's okay. You do very well in composing our language...and thanks for commenting.

  13. Beautiful poem, we have a huge balloon fiesta in my part of the world and yes amazing shapes and sizes.

    1. ...they ARE definitely eye candy!!

  14. Oh Anni your poem tribute to your parents was beautiful it made me vcry. Great writing. Love the balloons. B

    1. ...thanks Buttons...actually in secret...when I was writing this, I had tears myself.

  15. I enjoyed this entire post . . Then, i read your poem . . and, as much as i enjoyed what went before - Your Poem moved me . . . Lifted me . .
    A wonderful way to express how memories can support and bless us . . .

    1. touched my heart...thanks!!

  16. I've heard of the balloon festival in Albuquerque - wow! the balloons look so fantastic! You poem is lovely, it has a lot of heart.

  17. Funny cartoon :) Impressive poetry! It's like pulling teeth for me...not too good at writing poems. Have a great weekend!

    1. ...thanks Anne, and have a great weekend yourself!

  18. wonderful 5! laughed out loud at the Rocky comic. i used to live in Albuquerque -- loved balloon fiesta. enjoyed your thoughts about your folks and the poem you shared. have a great week.

    1. ...thanks...have a super week ahead, too, Snap

  19. i love the cartoon ... Rocky ... he has aged. not like he used to be. Darth Vader is awesome. a balloon festival i would love to see in person one day. ( :
    have a happy weekend.

    love the the bloggy background. so festive. love love love!!

    1. ...thanks, Beth, for all the compliments. Have a happy weekend to you too.

  20. If you google "Bavarian Crochet" examples of how to will come up, including You Tube Videos. Thanks for stopping by Twisty Lane!

    1. ...thanks!!! This is much appreciated Snap.

  21. I enjoyed your post this morning. I would love to make it to New Mexico someday to see the Balloon festival. I heard it was awesome.

    1. It is...I haven't been there in the looks of it all, I'm missing out on some fantastic balloons.

  22. Great poem!!! Nice tribute.

  23. P.S. I just love your blog background!!!

  24. I love the balloons! I've always wanted to see one of these festivals in person!

  25. i rather prefer the traditional hot air balloons to all the character ones. and i laughed at the rocky cartoon. :)

  26. Really enjoyed your Random thoughts. I agree about using the cell phone while driving. I always pull over if mine rings. However I do feel that one can be just as distracted by say, eating while driving or having their pet in their lap, putting on make-up, shaving, adjusting the radio etc...all of which I've seen people do.
    Love Hot Air Balloons and I would so love seeing the Albuquerque festival. I love fun shaped balloons. The ones you showed here are so cool.
    Beautiful poem about your parents.

  27. Love that Rocky cartoon! We've had the cell phone law for years in California. And I got a ticket to prove it. It was very expensive too, so don't take any chances!

  28. Beautiful balloons. I would love to attend the balloon festival some day. Love the poem you have written about your parents. Very nice tribute.
    Thanks for visiting me today and your nice comments.
    Have a great weekend.

  29. Beautiful tribute to your Mom and Dad in the form of a poem.

  30. My Dad used to say, "When I'm gone, I'm taking all my memories with me." How true, but he forgot that he was leaving some behind for me. I treasure the memories of my dear parents as your poem explains so well that I'm not alone, and very fortunate.

  31. Beautiful balloons photos!
    Greetings, RW & SK

  32. Hi Anni ~~ It's been quite a while since I peeked in here. You are doing great, I like your poem. We all should do that, I might fairly soon (I am also playing with poetry writing on my Photo & Poem Place Blog.

    I suppose it is good that Corpus won't allow calling and driving. Texting is worse. Mrs. Jim's iPhone will text by voice without having it in here hands. Text reading is dangerous when driving, we go rear ended and totaled a year ago by one of those.

    I like to watch balloons too. It was abut 40 years ago I went to one in Iowa. They still do theirs too. And SOME of don't think 67 is old at all!!! LOL
    Sorry I am so late in returnig your comment. I will try to do better next time, please come back. Or read a pom over at my other blog. Thank you.

  33. Beautiful poem, Anni! Those balloons are awesome. How I wish I could see them in person!