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October Moon©

Long ago, okay, many many MOONS ago, when I was a webmaster before blogging, and I was known by online friends as Wystful 1, I composed this story especially for Halloween in 1999!!!! I shared it here in 2007 or 2008, I can't recall for sure and I'm too lazy to search for it, lol. When I published this, I did it in two's a long recitation.  At my website, I had animations and graphics for most of the part, which I never saved. But, I will share both in this one post. Once Geocities decided to become defunct and alerted us all to save anything we wanted from our websites before they closed up shop, I saved this one among others of my favorites.... In Honor of Halloween, I share with you OCTOBER MOON©......... On this October night, I find myself walking through the country fields, into the forest entertaining the thoughts of a costume party I am to attend. My chiffon gown radiates silvery blue in the light of the autumn moon. It billows ghostlike w

Eeee-eye, Eeee-eye, Eeee-eye Oh....

NATURE NOTES and WILD BIRD WEDNESDAY links to these are found on my sidebar We found quite a few diversified critters this week besides birds. Most of the birds we spotted are more commonly found here year 'round. Too few migrants so far. We went to Bazemore Park in Calallen, Texas this week. Along with stopping other days at our local city parks, and one between Calallen and Corpus, Hilltop Community Trail. I'll just share some of the photos taken along the way, in no random order: What you're viewing is as follows, from the top left: Golden Fronted Woodpecker [I heard this one long before I finally found it!!] - a Scissortailed Flycatcher - Northern Cardinal  - two Leopard Frogs - Llamas [two photos...the difference between llamas and alpacas is mainly size and ear shape...llamas have banana shape ears while alpacas have pointed ears] - the Coypu [aka Nutria ---once hunted for their pelts] - and the White Peacock Butterfly. HODGEPODGE

Monster Mash...

Random 5 Friday Link found on my sidebar Going through my photo folders on my computer, I tried to come up with 5 random --weenish 'monsters' to share - for a Halloween Theme: 1] This past summer while walking along the shores of the Padre Island National Seashore [National Park Entry Fee required], there is an old tree that somehow, sometime long ago, washed ashore and eventually settled in the sand-bed just a few yards from the beach. Most times, when we have been there, the brown pelicans are seen perching on the branches that jut out of the sea. On this particular day, early in the morning with the sky color dreary, the tree silhouette was baren and looked "monstrous". Of course, being who I am, I saw it right away and thought like Stephen King...a good subject for a horror story!! What do you think? 2] This year, driving along one of the main thoroughfares to get to shopping the street a bit, and into a residential area, a couple of ho

Nature's Weekend...

Note: I added the fourth week's Halloween Treat [shown above - just click on any/all and save] NATURE NOTES & WILD BIRD WEDNESDAY links of these memes on sidebar The post today is of my two favorite subjects/days to post lately.....nature, birds and birding. Along with the challenge below, that is every Wednesday -- Hodgepodge! [that I post all at once on Tuesday of course] This time of year when Bud and I enjoy being outdoors after the insufferable summer temperatures and's truly delightful. This past weekend, we did go to the three day, annual, Jazz Festival [which I'll share just a few photos taken with my cell phone, on Saturday]. Friday it was rainy and cold, so I cooked in the slow cooker a batch of chicken enchilada soup. Saturday was perfect for attending the outdoor festival. Sunday morning we drove to the islands and did a little birding. On the drive - Bud and I counted nine osprey on the JFK Causeway... over the sandy dunes [highway]

...all that J-a-a-zz!!

RANDOM 5 FRIDAY 1] Reading this article on our country's distaste of our own politicians...this one paragraph stood out for me 'cause it's what I've been saying all along. Especially recently: " Indeed, the NBC News/WSJ poll asked whether voters would be willing to check a box on the ballot that would defeat everyone in Congress, including their own representatives. Sixty percent of those surveyed were willing to play 52-card pickup and start all over again with 535 new members of Congress. " ... read more of the article I would've hoped for a better percentage tho...Vote 'em all out!!! 2] As you know, for the last two years, Bud and I do not have TV...we are very pleased with our final decision to not pay out nearly $100 a month for programming that is 80% advertisements!! Over the years, we found that we only faithfully watched baseball games from Spring to the Fall Classic and one series; NCIS. Tho, we do watch NCIS over the computer