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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Remember the Slogan "The Only Way to Fly"?

 I realize that a lot of people, on jobs, and in need of arriving to some destination quickly, needs to make use of the airline services.  But for me, I can't understand the TSA's position and overruling so many passengers' rights, etc.  Not to mention all the extra fees implied and hidden in your travel expenses these days.  Here's proof:

Talk about skipping out on the bill.

A passenger on Delta Airlines early Tuesday left four of his seven bags at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, apparently because he didn’t want to pay more than $1,000 in baggage fees. NBC News reported Tuesday that the passenger, who was en route to New York’s JFK Airport, abandoned four bags to avoid $1,400 in fees. Ross Feinstein, a spokesman for the Transportation Security Administration, said the TSA was notified of the unattended luggage at around 1 a.m. local Seattle time near the check-in area for Delta Airlines. As a precaution, law enforcement responded to clear the bags.

The underlying comments:

deepwater posted: Delta's motto: We're not happy, unless you're not happy....

A Yahoo! User posted: The trick for avoiding luggage fees is to have your "luggage" shipped to you by UPS or Fed Ex. Hotels will certainly sign for your packages and hold them for you. Your luggage will probably beat you to your destination (if you ship overnight) AND it can be insured (if you pay a little extra).

supersonicAF posted: Next up: $5 to pee and $10 to poop.

JOHN S posted: I am pretty sure, after we die, those going to hell will have to transfer in Atlanta, on a Delta flight.

Robert posted: What would have really been icing on the cake would be filling them with cow manure.

sc posted: The airlines are putting themselves out of business. It's time to let the capitalist system that greedy corporations tout so highly finish them off so we can have regional carriers and entrepreneurs enter the market and do a better job. Live by the sword and die by the sword.

Smitrick posted: How dare he call himself a man with seven bags! Sounds more like a queen to me...

Smart lady!--Here's the last one for this time 'round-----

Sheila posted: Should've put it all in one huge bag and purchased a seat for it!

...purely for entertainment and perhaps considered educating the copyright infringement intended.


  1. More and more bad news about the airlines!! I agree, he should have bought a seat for it!!

  2. Ugh. Talk about nickel and diming us to death- if there is a way, the airlines will do it.

  3. I guess there wasn't anything in them he felt he really needed that badly. Seven bags is really overkill, but still. That's an awful lot of money to have to pay!!!!

  4. A thousand dollars for 4 bags - I tell you what - it bothers me both ways. sandie

  5. I cannot walk and use an electric scooter. Since I cannot walk through the scanner, I am treated to a full body pat down.
    I like to remember when I was much younger and I dressed up with my hat and gloves and good shoes for a trip by plane. OTOH, that was well before luggage had wheels to pull behind. But there were SkyCaps that would help with the luggage. Oh well, today it is what it is and I rarely fly these dys.

  6. cool is this :)


  7. it seems everything these days is being either taxed to death or piled high with fees. It's quite crazy if you ask me