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It's about time...

...Finally, the collection of cans and other goodies has been completed. I now have enough to start working on a project for the yard. Can you guess what I decided to try and construct with the photo below?

Been doing a backyard bird count...well, not necessarily a 'count' of actual numbers, but trying to keep track of the different birds here this last week. We've had numerous house sparrows. They tend to overtake the feeders. And for some reason, when the yard is lacking any bird activity and I go out to refill the feeders, within minutes of me going back indoors...from the window, I see they KNEW the feeders were full of seed again. How do they do that? Do they have a hidden sentry in the tree somewhere where I can't see 'em, and the look-out tells the whole 'hood that Anni refilled the feeders? Anyway, sparrows, white winged doves, inca doves, both female and male cardinals, red-winged black birds, nashville warblers, hummingbirds, and one late afternoon, near dusk, I happened to notice an indigo bunting!! In our front yard, mainly in the pecan tree, I've spied two loggerhead shrikes, a few starlings and along with doves and sparrows, a couple of mockingbirds.

For most of the week past it's been day trips; birding. Yes, I know it can be a bit boring here. But this time of year, the height of migration for birds heading north again, the area is very active. This last few days we've gone several places and have seen and photographed some. Like Hooded warblers, night herons, spoonbills, terns, skimmers, gulls, ducks, avocets, egrets, plovers, swallows, grebes, buntings, black and white warblers, teals, shovelers, ospreys, hawks, coots, etc. etc. At one of our favorite spots I have noticed less activity [swimmers] of the white pelicans and can see them on a distant island, so I'm wondering if they're readying for nesting?!! Maybe soon I'll be able to spot babies!! After birding, it's been loads of laundry, cleaning the constant sand from the car...ewww, a most difficult task trying to get the sand out of the carpeting. I made a small batch of brownies for us. What else? Let's see. Well, I finished the book Girl Mary for some time now, and I finally began reading a non-fiction book. Now that in itself is quite unusual for me. I rarely even pick UP a non-fiction. But this one piqued my interest. And so far, it's quite unlike the blah, blah, blah of non-fiction statistical type text. The author; Reiss, his writing style is quite good. Well narrated and smooth reading. The book is "The Black Count". I've read a few chapters and for now, even tho the book is a biography of Alexander Dumas [author of The Count of Monte Cristo], he is giving me the history of Dumas' family and old world France and their [the Kings] stand on slavery and free Blacks. In the evening we've been popping in some older DVDs [and even a couple of VHS we have kept over the years], and watching them. We even grabbed from way back in the entertainment center's shelves and found an 'oldie'...Wrong Turn. After seeing it before for several times, it is still an eerie movie, with inbreeds in the West Virginia back country. One day in this week, we stopped at a small museum on the island. One that I've wanted to visit but never got a chance 'cause most times we've been there it has been closed. The museum is only open on weekends and only for a few hours in the afternoon! But we happened to be there around the noon hour and stopped at a local restaurant for lunch and then drove over to the museum. I wanted to see the original light that was used in the Lydia Ann Lighthouse nearby. I got a few photos, which we were allowed to take inside...but they're still on the cellphone. I'll get a post done about the history of the area [and the 1919 hurricane] soon. That's about it for now in blogging. I haven't had much time to be online these days if you've noticed, it's just that we're not home much and when we are home, it's busy with projects, housework, and yard work.

Movie still courtesy of Google Image Search - no copyright infringement intended.


  1. When I moved six months ago, I decided to wait awhile before starting to feed the birds again. House sparrows almost completely took over my feeders! They are such annoying birds, aren't they? But all those others are just so nice to have around. :-)

    1. ...they're very possessive and quite aggressive at times also.

  2. I love biographies and memoirs, and The Black Count sounds like something I would like. I'm going to have to look for it for my Kindle.

    And if you're interested in the 1919 hurricane, I did a three part post on in last year, partly from my family's stories and partly from historical accounts. Here's a link to it in case you'd care to read it: http://shellysm.blogspot.com/2012/06/storm.html

    I can't wait to read yours- there's so much to that time that nobody hears about anymore!

    1. Oh my gosh!!! I just read it [and left you a comment on your blog's most recent post] --- bittersweet. Some great history there Shelly!! Thanks for the invite and the link.

  3. Indigo buntings are so pretty! I've seen a few and they always thrill me.
    I can't imagine what you're making - hope you show it soon!

  4. You have quite the variety of birds at your feeders and your sparrows sound like my pinyon jays but luckily when I'm home if I just go out and chase them off, set the feeders back for a bit, they will look elsewhere. There are some folks on one of our bird groups though that have some pretty ingenious ways to deter the sparrows, ask around!

  5. Anonymous4/08/2013

    The first thing that came to my mind when I looked at the photo was a Tin Man.
    I love the bird photo. I need to fill my feeder but till the weather straightens out I will wait like I am waiting for spring.
    We have a snow storm headed our way about Tues till Thurs. I can not believe this.
    I guess I will continue to admire your nature through photos.
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. I read your quote on the header and I wondered what it meant exactly -
    And I love the birds - you have such a nice variety of them.


  7. Looking at what's in the picture I'm thinking it looks like the makings of a tin man

  8. I've never quite figured out the bird thing either. You load the feeders with seeds and here they come.

  9. Nice post, and lovely new header.

  10. The bird activity right now is so amazing here, too! Not boring at all! I haven't wanted to do much else. Looks like you are spotting many more varieties than we are. Congrats!


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