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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

A little Texas Humor Y'all...

...all y'all have a great day.

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  1. lol....lived here all my life, and I never knew that "fixin to" was a Texas term...thought everyone said that! And I often say, "If all ya'll wanna' come in here..." My cousin in New Orleans sent me a list of Texas phrases and what they meant one time.....wish I had kept the list. It was funny to me to find out that they were particular to Texas. :) So glad you understand the language!

  2. These made me LOL! I especially liked the fire ants one, because it is SO true~

  3. I love these! My favorite is the vegetarian one. :)

  4. My favorite is the Texas mosquito! They are all funny, some made me laugh out loud! :-)

  5. Haha, all y'all! We say that in Louisiana too. Having lived in Dallas for 28 years I can relate to all of these little gems, especially the HOT & HOTTER map. Don't miss that.

  6. I'm fixin' to laugh out loud.
    I worked with a professor who was a native of Illinois. He poked fun at a lot of my sayings.
    His favorites were 'right quick' and fixin' to!!
    Hugs C

  7. Love it. I think I need to move to Texas

  8. LOL! Love the sign with the mosquito! I wonder if they are any bigger than ones here in the tropics!?