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Fragmenting my week so far...

  • Pulling weeds in the front yard, after doing some lawn work, I happened to notice a large amount of water just 'sitting' near the shut off valve for the house water/piping!!  Oh dear.  Dang...more plumbing expense!!!  Called the plumber, he showed up [later than promised; as always], and got the leak repaired.  If it isn't one thing, it's another.  Sometimes, owning a house isn't all it's cracked up to be....oh to be a renter at times like this!!  But then, I figure renting [tho the landlord is responsible for all repairs, big or small], to me anyway, is just like throwing money down the drain....nothing to show for your investment.  Perhaps that's becoming an 'outdated' way of thinking any more as so many choose to rent these days.  Guess there's advantages in both scenarios.

  • This weekend, I plan on the task of unpacking Halloween decorations

  • Watched NCIS season 10 opener episode online this week.  I was thoroughly quite disappointed in the outcome of the season opening.  For me, being that it was just a one hour showing to 'end the cliffhanger' of the season 9 finale that had us in a whirlwind of bombing, heart attacks, who will survive...etc. etc. etc.  And then, to wrap it up all in one hour of 4 1/2 months of 'their lives' aftermath?!!!  Too quickly it was concluded...and way too short without much detail at all!!  It left me with a 'is that all there is'?!!!  "That's it?"

  • Been having computer problems for a few days. Upgraded everything and did a long full scan for viruses, malware, spyware; finding nothing wrong, before I called the cable to have them check their modem. Everything seems to be working okay now. For now anyway!!

  • In the news of baseball...Houston Astros are no longer NATIONAL League. As of Wednesday's night game against the St. Louis Cardinals, they played their last game as a member of the National League. Houston Astros are now American League --- I haven't been an avid follower of the American League except for Yankees. Now I'm gonna have to make a switch.

  • On more television, GRIMM will be back for episode 4 tonight - will watch it online tomorrow morning.

  • ...and I'm still working on getting the computer back to normal. I've got a couple of words for the whole fiasco, but I'll refrain!!!

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    1. Will check back to see your Halloween deco. It is always very frustrating dealing with computer crashes etc. are Grimm and NCIS good? I just finished Six Feet Under and currently on Dexter (season 3).


    2. Thanks for sharing your week.

    3. I agree about the NCIS would have been better done in 2 parts...of course, the suspense would have been hard...I would have liked to see who found Ducky on the beach...and a lot of other stuff! Oh well, I still love 'em! I have been dealing with a long-distance computer problem for my mom for 3 weeks now - at least an hour a day. I cannot tell you how many times I have been in tears at the frustration just because my step-dad didn't believe a wireless router could go bad. His friend said they NEVER go he fiddled and had every jack-leg in the neighborhood mess with the computers until I finally blew up and said "go buy a @#$@ router NOW!" I walked my mom through installing it, it worked, and then her wireless interface card died, so now the step-dad has his laptop wirelessly connected and Mom's is connected via cable. I will be there in 4 weeks and she is getting a new laptop - PERIOD! So...I said all that to say that i share your frustration with computer problems! Have a wonderful day...

    4. I would have been more satisfied, too, had the opener been fleshed out more ... I was expecting more to the Ducky story line and to the Tony-Ziva story line ... and the ending was a bit anti-climatic. I just got the Season 9 DVD and am getting caught up.

      It felt weird, to this Cardinals fan, to realize that the 3-game series they just completed vs the Astros would be their last (aside from the occasional interleague series). Now Texas has 2 AL teams and no NL team.

    5. I can identify with the cartoon! ;)


    6. I didn't mind the "wrap up" on NCIS, I'm just thankful for another season.

    7. Hopefully next week will be so much better...

      Sometimes I think it would be nice to own a condo...we had one in PA that was like a town house....we were on the end of the section and had a lovely back yard which someone else took care of as well as any maintenance on the outside...we only owned then inside, so to speak....but then, Honey Bear loves to garden and piddle with outdoor things so I guess we'll stick here....if it was just me, a condo it would be.
      Mama Bear

    8. Hope all your computer issues get solved soon.

    9. it would be nice to not be responsible for repairs but I agree it's nice to have something to show for your money and being able to do exactly what you want to with your home.

    10. Computer issues are a royal pain. Hope yours are solved soon. Funny, I had the same opinion about the season opener of Modern Family. I expected way more humor than they gave me. And then, they just skipped over the summer months and BOOM! Here we are. I'm hoping they'll come through with funnier stuff as the season goes on---they usually don't let me down.

    11. Hi Anni. Oh bless your heart. Glad you got the leak fixed. I'm glad that we rent because owning your own home can get quite expensive. But, like you said, you don't make nothing from renters when things tear up alot. Hopefully you have your computer fixed. One of my girls watches NCIS I think. I'm looking foward to seeing your Halloween decorations. When I get my check Monday, if I have any extr left, LOL, I want to buy me a few Mums and set them out here in front of our apartment. Our local grocery store has them 2 for $10.00. I think that is a good deal. I may get me 4 of them. Got so much with the girls going on in October, so I will have to see. Hope you have a great weekend. Take care.

      Karen H.