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Christmas in July....and more rambling

  • I've been able to go back to a birth of my BIL's maternal grandparent's the year 1728.

  • Yesterday, I did my 'semi-annual' chore ... I cleaned out my summer wardrobe and got rid of only a few things....I had Bud clean his closet also; only a couple of shirts....put 'em in a bag and drove over to drop them off at the thrift store...and as usual, I have to walk through the store's front to the back drop off door....and I always have to browse the shelves along the way...only to find some CHRISTMAS IN JULY items!! I was thrilled to find the tea for one set of Santa [I just can't pass up anything Santa!!] It was only $2. And, in perfect shape, no chipping or cracks. Wonderful.

  • Then, we drove down to the antique mall just to walk around and peruse the shelves in the many stores lined up in a row....Found these two little ditties. I really don't know what they're construction material is, but they're both VERY heavy; about 8" tall, each. Not a bad price either, considering where they were being sold. Y'know as well as I do that when you find something with an antique dealer, they're usually way over priced. According to the signage in this particular area of the store, the items were from an estate sale. I'm sure they're not antique, but they're SANTAS!!

  • Two trades in baseball that threw me off balance a bit this week....Mariner's traded Susuki Ichiro to 'my' beloved Yankees [I have never liked Ichiro - why to the Yankees?!!]. I couldn't believe it. Oh my. Boo. And then, the Houston Astros traded one of their best start-up pitchers. Wandy Rodriguez. Why, I wonder?!!! I can't understand why a team would trade for unproven, younger players with a star, tenured, player that keeps 'em winning 80-90% of the games when they pitch. Makes no sense. Guess that's why I am not a team owner. But of course, looking through the mind of Wandy...I bet he's pleased to become a part of the Pirates team...'cause Astros have been pathetic for several years. Except for breaking MLB records for losses and such. LOL

  • I nearly chopped a vital part of my body off [well, not really....but it COULD have easily happened!!]....picture to come on my Sunday Summary. I haven't taken the photo off my cellphone and resized it yet, hence a delay in posting a photo of the 'accident'. Let's just say for now, I can walk just fine.

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    1. Oh. My. Body part almost chopped off? Can I even stand to look at this picture? Glad you're okay. What in heaven's name do you DO with all the Christmas stuff, Anni? :-)

      1. ....the garage and one indoor closet is FILLED with Christmas Boxes. LOL And 'the accident' wasn't all that bad, really....but, coulda been worse now that I think about it.

    2. I sure do hope that you are ok? I think your Santa is cute, but I am so not ready to think about that time of year right now,

    3. I love your Santa's! You did good. Now about this body part? Waiting to hear more :O

    4. Love your Christmas finds, especially the Santas from the antique mall!
      Thanks for stopping by my blog, we are actually near Benson, just over the line in Cochise County. I can't imagine living anywhere else! :)

    5. I really don't do Santas but yours are cute! Hope your accident is healing nicely...

    6. I have some wonderful Santas - I love them too! That Tea for One is too cute!

    7. I love the Santa tea pitcher? It looks brand spanking new
      Have a good weekend
      Madi and mom

    8. Hi Anni, I'm not a collector any longer. In fact, I'm trying to get rid of things these days... The only thing I spend unnecessary (but necessary to me) money on these days is something for my birdies... I have a monthly budget ---but have a hard time staying within it!!!!! ha....

      I also am having to buy some smaller size clothes now---so I guess that's an expense--but hopefully a good one!

      The poor Astros.... I loved that team, but ever since the Bagwell and Biggio days, they have constantly just gone downhill. They just keep on getting rid of any players who are GOOD.... Doesn't make sense!!!!

      Hope you are okay.... Almost chopping off a body part can't be fun!!!! Yipes.

    9. Oh my ... vital body part almost chopped off?? Hope you're ok!

    10. Have a wonderful weekend.

    11. Love your new Santas! Especially the teapot!

    12. Nice work on the genealogy! That is a thankless but important job in a family.