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Fragmenting MORE - recipe - privacy issues - anniversary...

Within the pages, I read the following:
    If you're reading this article, chances are good you have a page on Facebook, too. More than 150 million Americans already use the site, and the number grows daily because Facebook makes it so easy to keep up with friends, family, and colleagues, discover great content, connect to causes, share photos, drum up business, and learn about fun events.  To deliver this service, Facebook and other social networks collect enormous amounts of highly sensitive information—and distribute it more quickly and widely than traditional consumer data-gathering firms ever could. That’s great when it helps you find old classmates or see ads for things you actually want to buy. But how much information is really being collected about you? How is it being used? And could it fall into the wrong hands?

I don't use FB anymore...other than opening it for Irene's updates on HER account with photos of our grandsons.  I've never liked FB at all...from the get go.  It was too collegiate for me, not really anything of interest for me other than to log-in once in a while when Irene would tell me that she posted photos of the grandsons.  In the back of my mind, there were always privacy issues and a huge amount of 'friends' that I've never heard of nor even met...from all walks of life and countries across the 'net.  I kept asking myself...even when I had set my privacy to the top level..."How are these people getting my name and FB account in order to ask to become a 'friend'...when all along there is a setting I had set for top privacy preferences?" which I would've assumed that FB preferences would adhere to, and NOT overwhelm me with sending emails that say "Hootin' have friends who would like to contact you"....I don't need that crap annoyance in my email inbox from the Facebook account!!!!  Over the years, I've read some articles about the membership that continues to astound me.  One thing is, do these people that use FB daily realize what this group collects?  And are they naive/ignorant enough to not care anymore?  It's all  about online info getting into the wrong hands.  Heck, I rarely use credit cards anymore...I want to stay 'off the grid' more than anything these days.  Mainly 'cause of 'big government/brother' but, that's my personal problems.  Today, tho, it's all about the current issues in a most recent article I read----

[this list is courtesy of Yahoo - no infringement intended....just for the use of informing others!!!]

  • If you're online and a FB need to read this:

    Some people are sharing too much. Our projections suggest that 4.8 million people have used Facebook to say where they planned to go on a certain day (a potential tip-off for burglars) and that 4.7 million “liked” a Facebook page about health conditions or treatments (details an insurer might use against you).

    Some don't use privacy controls. Almost 13 million users said they had never set, or didn’t know about, Facebook’s privacy tools. And 28 percent shared all, or almost all, of their wall posts with an audience wider than just their friends.

    Facebook collects more data than you may imagine. For example, did you know that Facebook gets a report every time you visit a site with a Facebook “Like” button, even if you never click the button, are not a Facebook user, or are not logged in?

    Your data is shared more widely than you may wish. Even if you have restricted your information to be seen by friends only, a friend who is using a Facebook app could allow your data to be transferred to a third party without your knowledge.

    Legal protections are spotty. U.S. online privacy laws are weaker than those of Europe and much of the world, so you have few federal rights to see and control most of the information that social networks collect about you.

    And problems are on the rise. Eleven percent of households using Facebook said they had trouble last year, ranging from someone using their log-in without permission to being harassed or threatened. That projects to 7 million households—30 percent more than last year.

  • The entire article; some three pages long can be found here.

    Also, regarding FB...I recently read that beginning sooner than you think, there will now be advertising/paid advertisements embedded in your smartphone when - and perhaps BEFORE you log on to your FB account.  Money/greed...that's what it's all about these days, for everything.  Sad.

  • Today marks Bud and my 44th wedding anniversary!! We plan on quietly celebrating with a movie and out to lunch.

  • The May issue of My TexasLife is now online ---link on sidebar--- It's all about Mother's Day. But, there is one special recipe on page 20 on the paper edition...Strawberry looks absolutely delicious, and I plan on trying it.

  • FREE online crochet scarf/shawl pattern!!!

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    1. Happy wedding anniversary, have a great day.

    2. Happy anniversary! Hope you have a wonderful day to reflect on those years! Amazing in this day and time...Dan and I have only been married since 2006 - don't think we will be around long enough to have 44 years together! I have a dear friend who uses something called "foursquare" on FB and every time she goes somewhere and checks it, it tells exactly where she is! I have warned her, but somehow, she doesn't seem to be afraid. However, the one time my identity was stolen, it was not from the internet, but from a piece of paper in an office!

    3. Congrats on your anniversary! It is great to hear about couples lasting so long together.

    4. Congratulations on your anniversary. I wholeheartedly agree, re FB. We just had a trial that used posts on FB as evidence.

    5. Happy Anniversary! and Happy Mother's Day! :)

    6. Replies
      1. Kathy...did you change your profile image? Thanks for visiting and the Anniversary wish.

    7. May you have a lovely day today on your anniversary! What movie are you going to see?

      1. Thanks....we went to see THE RAVEN

    8. You bring up quite a few disturbing facts about Facebook. I use it occasionally for the same reason you do: to see family and friends far away, but I don't put anything on it I don't expect the world to see.

      Happy Anniversary, Mother's Day, and just plain Day! It's beautiful here and I'm hoping you have a great celebration, Anni. Hugs to you... :-)

    9. Happy anniversary to you both!

    10. Happy 44th to you and Bud and may you have 44 more!!
      No FB here either...never been on it for any reason. Being Madi's assistant is a full time job. LOL

      Off to check out the new crochet pattern
      Hugs Madi and Mom

      1. Thanks M&M!!! Ya, that scarf/shawl pattern looks very easy and quick to do.

    11. Happy anniversary!
      Too many people do not understand how FB makes it's money and it makes lots of money. In a very basic way, the expression nothing comes for free applies well to FB. It costs money to develop and host a big system like FB so people should stop and wonder why and how do they offer it for free. As you point out it's not free. Users are trading their info to use the system. I guess it would not sell as well if they explained it that way.
      BTW - I use FB but not as much as many do.

    12. Happy Anniversary, Anni! That is quite an accomplishment!

      I use Facebook more as a writer, making connections, than as an individual but I understand your points. Great post!

    13. Happy Anniversary! 44 years is great!

    14. Happy 44. Glad you linked to Mrs. 4444 for such an occasion.

    15. Happy Anniversary. I hope you both enjoyed the day.
      Even though I have facebook I very rarely use it. I never liked it and only opened an account to stay in touch with son when he was in the army.

    16. Happy Anniversary, wishing you many more happy years together. I love you sweet friend.

    17. HAPPY, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! You have been married about as long as we have. I hope you had a great day. I know so many people who are giving up blogging for Facebook...I did the opposite...started with Facebook but like blogging better.

    18. I never liked Facebook, so never got on there in the first place.

      Congrats on 44, and MANY MORE!!!

      We're a little behind you - - - we'll celebrate 37 a little later this month.

    19. Happy Anny, Anni!! I don't do FB either. It just creeps me out that they just seem to 'know' who my real life friends are and I have not ever signed up!!! "You might know.." and how did you figure that out!!!

    20. Hope you had a great anniversary. I am playing catch up again. I also dislike Facebook and only go their to keep up with family members. I very seldom post anything and always send my comments by
      regular e-mail instead of on facebook.

      I will certainly be sharing your info with a few folks I know .