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Pawty-ing pooped - - -

Well the two travelers have returned to their Texas domicile and I might add that after all the Fat Tuesday celebratin' along Bourbon Street in Nawlins --these two furlines have been pooped out for the past few days!!! They have more than likely spent a few too many hours at the cat house and I can hear 'em whisperin' to each other..."Did we really do that?" And..."Those costumes we wore, were they for real"? And...."Oh my achin' head!!!" Well, it serves 'em right is all I can say. They've been hung-over fur too long...I think I'll go and bang some pots and pans. That's what I used to do to my humanoid children when they'd come home in the wee hours of the morning and I had to get up and rouse them outta bed to get their work done--------

Just look at these two! Don't they look pathetic?

Sir Winston of Poo

Mama Tahoe of Stink
[her gotcha day is February 28th --we adopted her in Tucson AZ in 2002]

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Have you ever wondered why:

The cat loves fish, but hates wet feet?


Cat's motto: "No matter what you've done wrong, always try to make it look like the dog did it."


  1. I can always be guaranteed a laugh when I visit you, Anni! I love your description of the catting around done by the felines...and the cat funnies. I truly understand your moniker - you are a hoot! Have a wonderful day - your travelers will probably be pretty quiet today!

  2. Anni, your kitties are beautiful. And I love the cute funnies this week! I thought I might mention I read on the internet there is a Snowy owl sighting in Dallas. Not sure if you are close enough to go and see it. I assume they are rare sighting in Texas. Wonderful post and photos, have a great weekend!

  3. I can always be assured of a good laugh when I visit you. What a perfect way to start the day!

  4. Those kitties do look tuckered out. Now we are in the serious part of Lent and cleaning out for Easter. Thanks for the smiles and grins, Anni.

  5. Oh your poor kitties! Well, they have a whole year, to rest and recouperate. So they can do it again, next year! ,-)

    "I used to be pure as the driven snow, but I drifted." ~Mae West

  6. Hope those 2 party animals recover soon! I love the cat funnies!

  7. The funnies were so fun this morning ~ GREAT photos of the cats...

  8. It's pretty bad when our cats party more than we do! LOL They sure do look partied out but I have no sympathy for them, they could have at least brought me with them!! hehe

    Those cat funnies were hilarious, I'm still having a good chuckle over here:-) xoxo

  9. What happens in Nawlins, stays in Nawlins! :)
    Cute little fur balls!
    Loved the funnies - especially the last one.

  10. Enjoyed the funnies this morning! Thanks!!!

  11. Beautiful cats.
    I like the funnies :)

    Regards and best wishes

  12. They really do look like they've overdone it a bit. Catting around will do that. (I feel their pain. I remember when I was young and foolish.)

    Happy Gotcha Day to Mama T.

  13. I love cats so much.

  14. Ha, looks like those two did some serious pawtying! I love those cartoons.

    Happy Gotcha Day to Mama Tahoe!