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Orient Express?

Recently I purchased new shower curtains and shower liner for our hallway bathroom. Colors mingling with ruby rose, vanilla cream and gold and green...
Tina, at Picstory, would like to see ideas with the letter *B* this week...

"B" is for Black. I not only like to wear a lot of black [sweaters and sweats in winter to black slacks, capri pants, leotards, jeans...in summer; yes, I still continue to wear some black, sleeveless blouses, tank tops and shorts]. I also like black for decorating. In fact our hallway bath [two separate rooms for shower and lavatory] is in black. Mixed with black painted walls and brocaded gold and flocked wallpaper... The two rooms are Black, gold, red, and touches of the Orient.

ceramic panda and silk scarf that was framed [geisha girl]

Some of Bud's Oriental figurines from overseas when in Navy

New shower curtains and blackened bronze HoTei with redstone mini-Buddhas

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  1. Such interesting features in your home! I imagine black red and gold scattered around would create quite a dramatic atmosphere!

  2. What a collection! Loved the photo of the ceramic panda and the geisha!

  3. Nice pics I love the last one, I am now off to look up Ho Tei. Have a good week. XXX Don

    My Ruby Tuesday 2 pics

    1. ascu75....here is a good description of a HoTei: HOTEI

  4. Hi! Miss Annie! Bud's oriental figurines are very interesting. But I gotta say I love the Panda!

  5. Somebody has rubbed that Buddha's belly for luck a whole lotta times! I would LOVE to see your black bathroom, BTW. Sounds intriguing. :-)

  6. The curtain is really pretty!

  7. Awesome panda bear.

  8. Hi Anni,
    You should consider a 2nd career as a decorator. We love your description of your new decor. Red, white and black outlines are NCSU colors...Go PACK,
    Hugs Madi

  9. A lot of Bs in your home.
    Have a nice evening

  10. Most of what I wear is also in black:-) I'm loving your new shower curtains and I need to go over there to look at Bud's oriental collection, it looks to be quite interesting!! As for the Panda...adorable:-) xoxo

  11. Wow, very elegant! I am always interested in things Oriental as our granddaughter is Chinese, and two of our great nieces.

  12. Now I feel like I took a trip on the Orient Express. Which was one of my favorite Agatha Christie stories. Love the buddhas!

  13. Anni, I also like black and really love the panda. Enjoyed visiting your home through cyberspace.

    Hope you and Bud are doing well.

    Blessings, Mary

  14. PS. Come over to my Writing Nook. It's Black History Month in Canada.

  15. thanks for joining us with your nice black B´s :)

  16. Black is the colour of my kittens!

    Cheers from Cottage Country!

  17. Cool and interesting photos.. Like that scarf..

    Visiting for RT 2- hope you can stop by:)


  18. beautiful red pictures especially the buddha :-) Visiting from Ruby Tuesdays 2, hope that you can return the visit too.



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