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  • FIRST & FOREMOST...I want to thank each and everyone for all the wonderful birthday wishes in the past few days. You guys, my bloggin' buddies, are top in my book!!! THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART. Y'all definitely know how to make this ol' gal feel really special.

  • The Super Bowl is over, I was pleased to have the Giants win. Very much so. But now....it'll soon be MY time of year for sports. Following professional baseball!! Soon, I'll hear the crack of the bat...see the home runs, and root for my favorite teams. D'Back, Rockies, Astros, and of course my all time favorite, the Yankees!! It's gonna be an odd season for me and the Yankees, tho. Jorge Posada retired a few weeks back. Not surprising because of his turmoil and 'bad' season last year, but still he's been with the team almost 'forever'. I love what he did, I just plain 'loved' him. Anyway, it's now coming up on Spring Training... and I read that the one time Spring Training ballpark in Tucson [one of two---the Colorado Rockies no longer train there either], the AZ Diamondbacks used to train in Tucson at Tucson Electric Park. But, I read that it's now had a name change...Kino Veterans Memorial Stadium [pronounced KEEno]. Tho, the D'backs train elsewhere as do the Rockies, I'm happy to hear that the bond issue that we passed when we lived in Tucson...that the ballpark is going to be used by the Chicago White Sox here and there a few times. At least the money spent decades ago isn't going to waste on the huge park. March 2nd and 3rd are the scheduled 1st games of the season. "PLAY BALL"

  • The Kino name as mentioned above is named after Father Kino [a Catholic Missionary for the Pima tribe in and around Arizona] - also he's connected with the history of the San Xavier Mission just outside Tucson on the reservation.

    The "White Dove of the Desert"

  • The Super Bowl Commercials...well, at least the one I picked WAS part of the top ten. [if you want to watch the commercial, click on hyperlink & scroll down] But, the #1....so darned political, even NFL dropped it from you tube? Unbelievable. It made a statement. The corrupt American government, the people who suffer...the country in HALF time. Needing to go forth for the 2nd half and win!!! I kinda liked it actually. Thing is tho, it's really sad to have the need to use this time slot to make a political point so strong and yet it's all about ONE auto maker? It should have been more about the American People who suffer with no jobs, etc. etc. and leave it go at that. Another point, Americans know about the economy...they know HOW to be strong; it's the government that's weak. Top Ten commercials list here.

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    PHOTO ART FRIDAY & Friday Favorites, mingled in together this week with Floral Friday Foto Memes

    I used the photo of a church in our city -- one that is located atop Upper Broadway...on a bluff overlooking the Bay. This is the original photo - with that image, in my Paintshop Pro, I used these techniques:

    "Define Filter"
    "Edge Art"
    "Frame and Texture"
    "Gold Nameplate" *Corpus Christi* [in English: Christ's Body]
    making it turn to a monochrome watercolor...

    And then, this one that ties into part of the post below...

    PaintShop Pro

    EFFECTS used:
    Pastel filter
    Hot Wax
    Edge Glow
    Wrinkle Emboss
    Color Adjustment
    crop/paste behind frame
    Gold Nameplate: "Luck of the Iris"

    connecting to: PHOTO ART FRIDAY meme
    Photo Art Friday

    I was invited to join in on the meme --Floral Friday Foto, and with this blossom/plant being one of my favorites I thought I'd combine this with, of course, Friday's Favorites. You see, when I grew up in Colorado, my father, the man with the greenest thumb ever...had acres of flowers, fruit trees, and a vast vegetable garden!! One species of flowers that he had bordering his property lines, along the split railing fencing...was IRIS. Tons of colors in the Rocky Mountain Springtime!! Relocating to Tucson after Bud retired, iris did not grow well. And I've never seen anyone's yards around here in the sub-tropical Texas Coast have any iris blooming either. I figured it was too wet or something. But then, one time when we were in Lowes Improvment stores, they had bins of different patented iris. I spied a blue one!! I took it home an planted it. So far, in the last eight years, it's only bloomed once!! Then, Dawn, a blogger from near my hometown in Colorado sent me some iris bulbs to plant. One is thriving!! It has bloomed every Spring. As it is right now....PURPLE is a favorite color of mine, and IRIS is a favorite flower for Springtime-------

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    1. Nice piece of history - LOVE the iris! I have some re-bloomers here - white ones. Plus the requisite purple bearded and some beige ones. Fortunately, they love my area, so I have had them for years and years. These have been transplanted several times and always seem to do well. Have a happy Friday!

    2. I love iris flower, they are so interesting to photograph. I have a couple of the bearded variety than keep coming up every year.
      Nice work.

    3. Especially love your treatment on this old church! Also, how exciting that your iris is blooming. Such a beautiful reminder that spring is coming soon!

    4. I was glad the Giants won also. Tom Brady is a great quarterback but a little cocky for me.

      1. Yogi....cocky is a 'soft' term. LOL...I would've come up with arrogant so 'n' so!!

      2. Glad the Giants won, but didn't watch the game. It makes me nervous, to watch a game, when I WANT one, to win. ,-)

        "How can a woman be expected to be happy with a man who insists on treating her as if she were a perfectly normal human being."
        ~Oscar Wilde

    5. I really like the church "relief". And I love capturing irises in their natural element along ponds or a lakes edge. Usually they are tucked away in tall grass, moist earth. You are real lucky to make this one work in TX no less! You must be doing something right. :)

    6. Thank you for sharing, love irises and church.

    7. I love irises ... they remind me of my mom. She always had irises ... the purple kind. I remember how, as a kid, for Mother's Day we'd fix coffee (instant) and toast with a vase of irises (they'd always be blooming that time of year) and serve her breakfast in bed.

      I, too, am anxiously awaiting the first pitch of the 2012 baseball season! DH & I will be going to southern Florida in March for spring training, and I cannot wait.

      1. We used to follow the Rockies [Colorado] to Tucson for Spring Training. Every year since their inauguration season in '93 up to when Bud retired and we moved there. LOL

    8. Wow, I just discovered I like Irises also!! I really like your photo art, fantastic!

      I found it a bit offensive that the commercial about serviving came from one of the companies that begged for government bail out money. They survived on our backs :-(

      How do you have reply on your blogger comments? That is cool!

      1. Yes...very offensive. I think it should have been aired under the UAW or some such union that represents its people instead of a 'car company'.

    9. You remind me how far south you are when I see that iris a-blooming already! I am amazed by the green shoots coming up through the ground here, but we are at the OTHER border of the US, the northern one. Figures you and I would have different flowers at different times. Today I'm going to the flower show in Seattle; it's indoors of course, with forced blooms.

      1. Yes, by the time the rest of the country has its "Spring"...we're high on into our Summer months.

    10. Nice history and beautiful, interesting work!

    11. Great photo effects - you really piled on the filters! It's addicting isn't it? Beautiful images.

    12. Sadly, I thought the M&Ms commercial and the E-Trade ones were best...

      1. Wayne....dang, I missed the M&M commercial. I love the older one where the guy opens the cupboard and the M&M dude says "You get in the bowl"!!! LOL

    13. I liked the M&M commercial. Had me laughing!

    14. Hi Ms Anni....oh my goodness you have the most excellent eye for what makes a pretty picture and then you do your thing and make it even more special.
      So who is your fav baseball team? My grandpapeep loves the Atlanta Braves.

      Happy Friday and remember you are allowed to celebrate your b-day the entire month..so do something fun this weekend.
      Hugs Madi and tell Winston and Tahoe meow.

    15. I love Iris, too.
      Happy Days ahead.....I'm not a baseball fan but my parents were and this reminded me of them.
      Mama Bear

    16. Oh girl, that beautiful Iris gives me hope for the days to come. We have a nasty winter storm movin' in this weekend! No flowers here!

      I have to confess I only watch the big game for the commercials. A couple took my breath away and the MM's made me blush! Heeehehehe!

      God bless ya and have a fantabulous weekend sweetie!!! :o)

    17. What a beautiful flower and the color is priceless of course:)
      I grew up a Yankee fan also.
      I did not care for any of the commercial and some were just a waste of good money. I do agree with you on the Eastman commercial however it could have been for everyone.
      have a wonderful weekend.

    18. I just love what you did with these, especially the iris!

      Sending you wishes for a wonderful weekend!

    19. Your treatment of the church piece is wonderful.
      I love Iris plants, have some new ones that I planted last year that I'm excited to see bloom this year. Lovely rendition of the Iris as well.

    20. Since I don't watch football, I didn't see the top 10 commercials for half time so just went to the link to watch them...I think Clint Eastwood's ad is deserving of #1 spot, that's quite a speech he says on there. Also loved the Jerry Seinfeld and Matthew Broderick ones:-)

      "The White Dove of the Dessert"...what a wonderful name that is for the mission!!

      Your purple Iris is so beautiful and how special that it's the one Dawn sent you! It's -2F here right now so no Spring flowers growing in my garden!! lol xoxo

    21. Nice effect on the image of the church!

    22. Oh my Anni - what great examples of digital editing! Love the church!! The treatments of the two iris shots are great too. And I like the touch of the nameplates with titles. Thank you for sharing your artwork with Photo Art Friday.

    23. I love perennials; they're beautiful and come up in spite of my black thumb! Your photos are impressive. I really like the way missions look the similar, no matter which one you're looking at--They sure are beautiful. I've only been to one (Oceanside California), and I hope to visit more in the future.

      Thanks for linking up this week. Have a great weekend :)

    24. I liked this church.
      This is the kind of work that I most appreciate: PB and high contrast.
      This church, as it is, is a work of art.

    25. Very nice post-processing of your photos, especially I like the photo with that old church.

      Regards and best wishes

    26. We liked the dog commercials on the Super Bowl best!

    27. Very nice image and processing. Thank you so much for sharing the "church" and iris... Visiting from PAF. Karen

    28. There is something about the blueness of this flower that stands out.

    29. Anni, the iris is just beautiful. It has an amazing colour that you have captured well.

      Thank you for participating in Floral Friday Fotos.

    30. Oh am I ready for some baseball!! I am also SO thrilled that I will be in Florida on book tour and will get to see a Spring Phillies game in Clearwater. It will be my first Spring Training game:)
      Your photos are lovely.
      My tulips are trying to bloom here in Philadelphia. They are so confused.
      Have a great start to the new week...

    31. These are lovely. I remember seeing the mission when we were in Tucson. I think I posted something I did with one of Bonnie's textures. The thing I love about your image of the mission is the gorgeous blue of the sky. The light in that area is really special.


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