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Faint Shadows on a cloudy, blustery day---

No, it's not snow, or frost on the leaf --it's sand.

The shadow of a tiny clam shell upon a broken sand dollar


- - -


I'm gonna just cover the week with mostly observing the one day of importance; other than beginning to work on preparing to get our lousy tax return sent to the CPA---ugh. I hate that job and avoid it like the plague. I mentioned previously on another day's blog...Valentine's Day has come and gone. Bud and I went to Logan's for a steak lunch. I even splurged and had greasy french fries for my side dish. Not the sweet potato that I normally order. What the heck, it was Valentine's Day. We also, after consuming a heavy meal, walked from the restaurant clear across the area to just 'window' shop along the larger strip mall - tho we went through several stores like World Market, Hobby Lobby, Kirklands, Marshall's and then onto Target. There are only two stores in our city that carries a brand of camera batteries that I won't do without...that's Target and Walmart. So, there was a purpose other than walking off a few of the calories. And, while going indoors of some of the shops, I was looking in particular for new and different Easter Egg Cups for my collection. I found just a couple of them in World Market, and I was not impressed at all. Left 'em on the shelf. At Target I had a difficult time finding the size of batteries in my favorite brand. They had plenty of Energizer and Duracell...but not my kind. As a last ditch effort I walked to the back of the store in the camera department and found a package there. And, it was the only one package left! Guess I'm not the only one that likes 'em. They last longer than any other I have found. As where the copper top and the bunny brand, I can take about 20 -30 photos with a set of four. And with this particular brand I can get a good 40 -50 photos before they are dead. And yes, before you ask, I do have rechargeable batteries, but I like to carry extras in my camera bag. We then, stopped by the book stores to peruse the shelves. I found TWO. One that I've been looking for for a couple of months now since Dawn told me about it. BAWDY SHAKESPEARE. I was almost set to go out to Abe Book Finder's site and order one from that site. Just out of pure luck, I walked around to the literature/poetry aisle and there it was. Cheap at half the price. LOL The other one looked quite interesting to me; reading the blurb on the back cover. A man's wife is murdered and the only way her husband can find the 'killer' is through the only witness...his dog. THE DOGS OF BABEL. But, I'm still reading Forever Amber, and it's not bad, so I will continue with Amber before I begin a new book. Bud bought one on Napoleon and Wellington. Blah, blah, blah. LOL After returning to the car, we started heading for home and on the way...along the back roads instead of the freeway, I decided to take a side trip to Cracker Barrel. There, I found THREE new egg cups. Figures. We could've saved a few miles and ate our lunch there. They have the best Chicken Fried Steak in town. rofl Oh and before we arrived home I made another pit stop...the grocery store for cat food....ended up going through their video store in the back and found another NCIS...a full season [6 I believe] with Ziva. I don't figure on buying any that has Caitlan in 'em. That was a Valentine's Day present for the two of us. Irene texted me that she rec'd a dozen long stemmed roses for this special day of love... from her 'new guy' interest [they've known each other for many years tho] ---ahhhhh, life is good!!! Oh, and since the past two days we've been under flood warning/watch with heavy rains at times...on Saturday morning, I edited and composed a new post on my Photo Blog ...COLORS OF THE WIND; adding four images [of a cooper's hawk, a duck, a cardinal, and a pelican]. It's been months since I've added, about three months. Whoa. The link to my photo blog will open in a new window/tab if you'd like to view 'em.


  1. Really neat shot of the clam shell on the sand dollar.

    I love how you've decorated your blog for Mardi Gras, Anni! Your blog is always so festive and cheery.

    Happy Shadow Shot Sunday, and Happy Fat Tuesday this week!


  2. I do love your sandy, shell shots for the day, Anni! Beautiful! Hope you're enjoying a great weekend!


  3. The gulf sand looks soft, just the thing to run our toes through - if we are near the Gulf that is. Winter sand up here is cold and rough...real fries for Valentine's Day? All treats, greasy and otherwise, are perfectly acceptable on that day!

  4. Love the photos ~ you always take such wonderful pictures!

  5. Very interesting photos!! You've got me curious about the brand name of batteries that you buy. Would love to know if they're available in Canada!

  6. great shots and i agree: no wv!! :)

    1. Yes, my AMEN for no word verification. It has turned into a nightmare on Blogger!

  7. I like to see photographers undaunted by cloudy days, and still able to find shadows, no matter how faint.

    A Famine of Ink

  8. Love that sand dollar shot.

    Thank you for your contribution to Shadow Shot Sunday 2.

    Miniature Rose's Shadow, have a blessed Sunday!

  9. For a second I did think the sand was snow!

    Hmmm..the book with the dog as the only witness sounds interesting.

  10. Enjoy reading your blog but can't see any dates on it. So I am not sure if I an even on the most current entry. Can you help me?

  11. Your faint shadows are stunning! Especially love the overlay in the last photo!

  12. Love the second photo, Anni, but the picture of the egg cups made me cry. My mom used to collect egg cups. I don't know what happened to them, or to the shelf where she kept them. I really wanted that shelf, because Dad made it, but my brothers didn't know anything about it after they moved Mom and Dad from Vancouver Island to the mainland.

  13. Hi Annie Sweetie...
    Oh my gosh, what a beautiful share. I felt the cold air and the wind as we walked this beach. I love seeing the piece of sand dollar and the little clam shell hopping a ride. What a beautiful shot. Love it.

    Oh wow you stopped at Cracker Barrel and found your heart's delight? Oh sweetie we were there just last night, and guess what I ate? Yep, chicken friend steak. They do make the best. LOVE it. I always known we were kindred spirits. What fun, you found 3 beautiful little egg cups. Aren't they fun? I love the little red polka dotted one. That is one I must go back for this week. I love red you know.

    Thank you for sharing, I so enjoyed my visit today. Have a glorious weekend dear friend. I had no problems getting in to leave a message today, your backdoor works for me. Thanks my dear friend.

    Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  14. Love your shadow shots, anything from the beach is a real favourite with me.

  15. I love world Market and Target!!! Your f1rst picture is amazing!!!! I didn't know you had another blog, for how long? The bird pictures are wonderful, and the butterflies below, spectacular. You are SUCH a good photographer!! I've been to Cracker Barrel at lot, but never tried the chicken fried steak, now must try it!!

  16. Lovely shadows, Anni....and I talked to my friend in New Orleans, via skype the other day, and she was moaning about Mardi Gras madness....I remember how much fun it was my first Mardi Gras at 18, when I was in nursing school at Charity. The next five years I spent in New Orleans, though, I always volunteered to work.

    My shadow shot is at:


  17. I love the leaf shot. The light touch of sand, the crumpled leaf and the pattern of the sand make such an interesting photo. The beach is sucha great place for photos and finding shadows too.

  18. Very nice compositions and photos.

    Regards and best wishes

  19. Beautiful little closeups

  20. your photography is reaching new heights! most excellent!!!!!

    and would you believe, i prefer the sweet potato to fries??? freaks hubby out all the time, since he's on your side when it comes to treats.

  21. I was wondering if NCIS was out on DVD. I just discovered it a couple of days ago when I had the TV on (mostly for background noise) while I was sewing. They had a marathon of NCIS that afternoon and I'm hooked. Of course, I curious to catch up (and my DVR doesn't have enough hours to record the grandkids' programs AND several seasons of NCIS). Now time to go shopping for NCIS on DVD! ;-)

  22. Annie my girl, you started a whole big dialogue between Patrick and me about Caitlyn and Ziva. haha. I couldn't remember Caitlyn at all. Anywhoooo, sounds like you had an excellent V-Day. (My cousin who lives in Texas is also a big fan of Cracker Barrel.) We were in Boston & eating out for a week was my week-long V-Day gift. WooHoo! Your Shadow Shots are terrific. I thought it was frost until you spilled the beans. Happy SSS.

  23. As always, enjoy your conversations. I have decided nto to purchase any of the NCIS DVDs since we get them on reruns every day of the week almost. Just found out this weekend that my cousin, David, also loves NCIS and watches all the reruns. He can almost tell you the dialogue...we had a good time watching them together this weekend! Have a great Sunday afternoon!

  24. Anonymous2/19/2012

    Super photos - and hooray for no WV!!

  25. It is a cold and blustery day here too. 63 yesterday LOL
    We have a winter mix heading our way. Hopefully the ground is too warm for any accumulation.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  26. Both images on the beach are lovely. And, you are they type of client we love! You got your information together and to your CPA in February! I'm not practicing any more, but I sure hear about it all day by day from my wonderful daughter. :)

  27. I enjoyed your post very much today. Great shadows from the leaf. I am in total agreement with what you have on your sidebar about that "robot" thing. Driving me crazy. I am not going to leave a comment if they use it. Just too much time and crazy. Who thought of such a thing?

  28. great shadow shots!!!!!

  29. I've read The Dogs of Babel but don't remember it too well....Amber? Is that the series about a new world....I've been looking at them but so far, haven't read any...
    I thought of the egg cups at Cracker Barrel as I read about your search. I was in there on Wednesday....they are reasonably priced, too....wish now I'd bought a couple...
    Mama Bear