Will the Mayans be right? What about Nostradamus?

Since I was AWOL for a while, I have a couple of Friday's to catch up on FRAGMENTING...
1st from memory: The week AFTER Christmas -

  • Rainy and cloudy weather put a damper on any outdoor activity.

  • Saw WAR HORSE on Christmas Day. Just so so in my opinion. Once again, "Too Hollywood". Loved the house that the family lived in. So...Quaint and a dream house of mine. :::sigh::: Some comedic scenes, lots of tear jerking scenes [when Joey -the war horse, got tangled in barbed-wire...I felt his pain!!], war torn fields, great horses!, and perhaps.... a good happy ending[?], tho a trial to get through the whole thing without sobbing. Once the movie ended, and the nature of calming down after using the theater napkins for tissue to wipe the tears away, my thoughts cleared and my rating was about a 2.5 out of 5 [five being the best].

  • Winston wasn't impressed with his new toy he found in his Santa stocking...bah humbug. He actually found it much more appealing to scamper around with the tree ornament he spied laying around while we were packing 'em away. On the other hand, Tahoe had fun with her wind-up toy - but only for awhile. She found fun elsewhere also...the crumbled wrapping paper strewn around.

  • I did end up making the open-faced, hot, roast turkey sandwiches along with mashed potatoes and gravy, tossed salad, and dried cranberries for our Holiday meal. Made our favorite - blackberry pie for dessert. For cookies, I cheated and bought store brand ginger snap cookies and made ginger snap and cream cheese cookie 'sandwiches'. Bud was pleased with those.

  • Irene was handed her Bachelor's Degree diploma over the holidays!!! She is taking a couple of weeks off with the boys, and then will start her quest for a Master's Degree this month at the beginning of a new semester. I'm very proud; after all she has been through with an abusive spouse for twenty years...it's time, and she's deserving her accolades. Finally.

  • I love having the house uncluttered from all the holiday stuff...altho, I still miss having the festive touches all around. The countdown begins for the next season.

  • But then again, there may BE NO next season if the Mayans'/or Nostradamus' predictions are correct. Thing is, the facts come across as "Your world will CHANGE AS YOU KNOW IT kinda thinking...". Well, if you really get down to the nitty gritty, your world changes every day.

  • Mayans - Nostradamus Predictions

    meteorite image borrowed from N/-\S/-\ ::no infringement intended::

    - - -

    Then, this week in fragments:

  • Received the 1st issue of a magazine that I found out by reading the address label that it's a gift subscription from my sister. And it's right up my alley...Birds and Bloom. This issue is chocked full of ideas and wonderful tips to attract birds to your back yard. I'm so enjoying this surprise.

  • Around here, Texas ground is so filled with clay that it shrinks when dry and then expands when wet. In order to keep it 'just right' for the house foundation and keep it from cracking or worse yet, your house from sinking [and walls splitting] after the clay 'shrivels up to such a condensed soil, a good idea to do as part of the landscaping is to add a soaker hose around the entire house...against the foundation. Well, the other day, I noticed water shooting straight up in the air just off the patio!! Leak!! And then, as I opened the Venetian blinds in the living room ---yep, you guessed it another leak in the front of the house. Time to get Bud to work; replacing soaker hose.

  • The Secret Confessions of Anne Shakespeare...excellent read.

  • Bud thinks our house is haunted! [long story...but I'm not convinced]

  • Cable bill went up $30 more a month. That sucks. What else is new. I personally could do without TV most of the time...but, need my internet. TV? Ehhh!! I do love NCIS and MLB cable [and I look forward to sitting down to watch the new show...GRIMM], so I'll just b!tch about the higher bill and learn to live with it.

  • Maggie, at Just Between You and Me [aka Grandma Yellow Hair] invited me to join her on her Blog's Blogazine Hall of Fame as a guest blogger. She published my life's story [<--link - if you'd like to read it ], along with a few pictures I sent to share. Once again, Maggie, thank you for allowing me to rattle on, and thanks to all who left comments on the Blogazine post.

  • The Free Online JANUARY ISSUE of My Texas Life is now up and ready to read/thumb thru!! It's all about healthy habits/issues for 2012. Link for January, HERE --if you'd like to view past publications, use the sidebar link I've provided.

  • I don't know what it is [maybe it's a linked portion on the sidebar or something], but each time I go into Friday Fragments to visit with those who participate...I get this Malware notice from my Malware Installment, warning me---

    I did a Google search with the suspicious IP # and I guess it really is a tracker of some sort. THE LINK

  • It's a media company who has placed a 'malicious' tracker on the site with, again, no doubt, something on FF's sidebar or perhaps the linky script. Thank goodness for the installed program I have on my browsers/computer. I also went ahead and added the IP# to my blocking filter to see if, hopefully, that will help eliminate the problem.


    1. I love reading your blog, so interesting.

    2. Congratulations to Irene. She's done so well!
      Birds and Blooms is a great magazine with some gorgeous photos.
      I want to hear more about your haunted house... :)

    3. Mari....none of us here wears cologne, but a couple of times Bud swears he can smell the faint odor of perfume when he walks through the hall!!

      Haunted? I haven't smelled anything yet.

    4. We liked WAR HORSE but it was a tear jerker and pretty intense. WE BOUGHT A ZOO is more heartwarming and funny. Perhaps you should try that one.

    5. We are not going to see War Horse. Supposed to be a good movie and all that but we can already guess the ending.

    6. I went over and read the post on the Mayan End of World. Still not convinced, but I'll live each day to the fullest. Your new magazine looks right up MY alley, too, Anni. And now I'll hop on over and read your life story. Must be long! :-)

    7. End of the world predictions? I give no credit to them whatsoever. It will end when it ends. Just enjoy it until it does. LOL I totally agree with you that our lives change every single day.

      We have no cable anymore. We just found it to be a waste of money because the choices on tv are not really choices at all for us. Our internet is via the phone company. Plus, our cable company SUCKS!

      Congrats to Irene! I'm doing a happy dance for her success!

    8. Empty....ya, we're seriously considering dropping the cable TV also. It seems we're spending money to watch commercial time.

    9. I love your quote at the top of your blog! Your holiday meal has my mouth watering. I love blackberries, but have not been brave enough yet to make my own blackberry cobbler or pie.

    10. congrats to Irene - a Bachelor degree at a later age means much more in my opinion. I was married and had one child when I got mine.
      This Mayan thing is just people wondering about the unknown, it comes along with our ability to ponder the future. You might email Mrs 4444 about your malware reaction to her site. I never have a problem of that kind with her site. I have noticed the Linky thing acting up at time. Have you tried other sites using Linky?
      thanks for browsing by A Few Clowns Short

    11. Bill....I have Mr. Linky on my own meme for Thursday's and use the Mr. Linky stuff for other days of the week...no malware there. I'll have to pay attention to the LINKY tool with the links being cropped images.

    12. This blog post was a Hoot! Sorry for the bad pun. I love the Nostradamus/Mayan predictions...

    13. this seems to be a very interesting article..but still wishing you all the best for this year!

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    14. Congratulations to Irene, that's super news and you have every right to be proud of her:-) I'm just so glad that she was able to get out of that abusive marriage and can now concentrate on HER!! As you say, she deserves it after everything she went through.

      As for the Mayans and Nostradamus predictions, I'm afraid I just take those with a grain of salt. It was the same for the so called Y2K, I just went about my life while others were in a panic and spent thousands of dollars preparing for it!! I just figure when the end comes, it comes and there's nothing we can do about it...ready or not:-)

      I love the Birds & Blooms magazine, you will really enjoy having a subscription to it.

      I read your guest post on Maggie's blog and thoroughly enjoyed it...you did great:-)

      Everything seems to be going up in cost, my cable bill has just gone up too. Pretty soon no one will be able to afford to watch tv!! I don't think I'd miss it much anyway since I hardly ever watch it anymore. I prefer renting dvd's and watching good movies:-)

      27F here today...woohoo, a mild spell! lol xoxo

    15. Glad you had a good Christmas - your pets sound like my kids... all the toys they got and what are they still playing with? The paper tubes from inside the wrapping paper...

    16. Weird about the tracker issue.

    17. WELL DONE IRENE!! I'm proud of you and I don't even know you!!
      Winnie and Tahoe are true felines...snub your nose at the bought toys...only play with the boxes, paper and the no nos!!
      Madi and Mom

    18. PS I've had a B&B subscription for years...you will thoroughly enjoy it...well minus searching for that blasted acorn every month.

    19. guess what I watched? Armagadon on telly, and enjoyed it too. Have you watched? Don't think I want a comet here soon.

    20. Ohhhh you are so *naughty*! Bringing up end-of-world predictions. Can you imagine how horrid our 2012 Holiday Season will be?!? With all the crazzzzzzzzzzzzziness, over Dec. 221st??? Eeek.

      Your house may be haunted!!! DO-NOT-WAIT to fill us in on this!!!!!!!!! I can't wait. I'm on pins-and-needles. Love it!!!!

      Congratulations to your Irene!!!!!!!

      Book sounds interesting. I still have to get others you mentioned. So many books--so little time. ,-)

      Please EXPLAIN that "tracker link" thing!!!!!!!

      Haunted house! Remember! Haunted house business!!!!!! :-)

      "Participate joyfully in the sorrows of the world.
      We cannot cure the world of sorrows,
      but we can choose to live in joy."

      ~Joseph Campbell

    21. Good to know that about War Horse...we want to go see it and I cry at the drop of a hat! LOL

    22. Hi Anni
      I just saw your comment about the acorn hunt. Turn to page 96 in the Dec/Jan issue of B&B. There you will find out all about Find the Acorn and show you an example of the actual size of the acorn. Should you get frustrated, let me know I'll tell you the page it is on this month. Also, once you find it be sure to register your find at birdsandblooms.com they have prizes. I've been subscribing for 15 year and have yet to win!!! But I'm not a quitter
      Hugs C

    23. Annie did you watch the meteor shower last Wednesday night. Foolish me was up looking out the guest room window watching the show.

    24. Good luck to Irene with her studies - that's a whole lotta work!

      Had no clue you needed to soak the ground under your house. I guess you don't have a basement?

    25. Anni, you share so much cool info I am worn out after visiting your site...in a good way. Maybe I need a soaker hose...hmmmm.

    26. Sound like 2012 is here and your doing ok.

      Coffee is on.

    27. I'm happy to get rid of all the Christmas decorations too. And hopefully those Mayans will be wrong and there will be a next Christmas.

      Happy New Year :)

    28. Anni, loved your post today. We took the grandsons to see War Horse last Monday and we all enjoyed it. It was kind of a tear jerker. The boys certainly liked it and asked if things such as that really did happen during war.

      It seems every show I watch on tv...or I should say Dwight watches...is a doomsayer show. People have been predicting the end of the world for thousands of year and yes, it changes daily.

      So nice to be back in touch. I don't have anything new at the Writing Nook right now. Maybe over the weekend.


    29. I really want to see War Horse but it's too bad that it could have been a 5 but they wasted it and made it a good enough 21/2.

      That turkey sandwich sounds amazing. I'm a fan of real turkey (not sandwich meat) sandwiches.

      Wow!! I don't know Irene and I'm impressed. I love when people can rise above their circumstances and overcome successfully. I hope that I can do that more and more everyday.

      Ooh the secret confessions of Anne Shakespeare, I'll have to check that out.

      My cousins just told me over the holidays that they are convinced their house is haunted. I'm not too sure either. I tend to be so open to suggestive selling that I start seeing and hearing stuff from my imagination. So I am a horrible haunting filter.

      Happy weekend.

    30. Thanks for the visit. I know you already do a boatload of creative stuff, so knitting might just be the icing on your cake.

      My niece says if the Mayans were so smart, why didn't they predict their own disappearance? But just in case----if you begin knitting, do something small. HeHe.

      I read up on improving my photography skills, and then discovered that my camera is Missing in action. I can't imagine where it's gone. Last seen in this house, so it's got to be around someplace.

      (If you want to knit, YouTube has wonderful resources.)


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