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RARE Green Breasted Mango
Central American Hummingbird in Texas!.

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A walk around the Garden of Botanicals...

Dragonfly Iron Sculpture
Botanical Gardens
Nature Pathway

Butterfly Iron Sculpture [park bench]
Botanical Gardens
Near the 'Butterfly House'

Red Pansy
Botanical Gardens
Near the Gift Shop

Botanical Gardens
Nature Path
Resting Area near "Ranch Hand" sculpture
"Couch" made of quarried stone and mosaic

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As I mentioned on my Friday Fragments, I lost a cousin, so it's been a moody week. Thoughts of him and our days spent during our youth together keep coming to mind. I've tried to keep busy, tho in a state of 'confused' at times. To keep occupied, Bud and I went shopping for new flooring this week. I have been wanting some change for the kitchen. We have had floor tiles [green and gray 'marble'], and I'm thinking for a change...perhaps wood. We haven't made up our minds yet...errrrr, ummmm - that means we haven't AGREED on anything yet. LOL...but, hopefully we can come up with something new and get it done soon. It's time for a 'new look'.
We also took a nice long walk around the local outdoor/indoor Botanical Gardens. It's been two or three years already [I think], since we've been there last. We usually try to visit in the early part of Spring instead of during the 'dead of winter'... neither of us felt like driving very far to go birding anywhere, and we wanted to get outdoors and 'do something'. The Gardens property is out on the highway just minutes from the outskirts of town. There have been some changes since we last walked the area. They're adding to the 'botanical' parts...some wildlife enclosures...they're not completed yet, but promises to be a nice group of additions. Eventually, they'll have a butterfly house ...along with tropical birds and some reptiles in two other areas. The best part of the area is the gift shop...lol....and the outdoor trails. You can hike along the paths to reach the Oso Creek and walk along another path to reach the birding tower and Gator Lake. Oh...and another thing that was new [the last time we were there it was being constructed] was the desert hill...this is all succulents and blooming cactus. We both enjoyed that a lot...made us think of our days in the Sonoran Desert near Tucson!! A few roses were in bloom in the five rose gardens they have...the plumeria were housed for the winter and will come out to be part of the landscaping in April. The pansies along the walkways were beautiful and oh so colorful!! There were cardinals flying all around in the natural pathway [hot sun by the time we got there...so I was thinking of rattlesnakes but didn't see any...I don't know HOW many saw me tho!]. The orchid house was all abloom. Here and there as we meandered around the grounds, tropical birds were in their cages. Indoors, before we paid our entry fee and signed in - we both took the time to view the reptiles in their cages. I will save those pictures for Camera Critters in the future post [upcoming Saturday]. And the flowers and more cactus blossoms, etc. I'll save for other posts to make sure I don't overload a single post and make it extremely long in loading time for some visitors...

PS...we did, finally, agree on new flooring. It was between wood or 'cork' [Bud says it looks like cork, I say it looks like marble] looking tiles...I convinced him tile would be easier to work with since we're doing it all ourselves this time instead of hiring a bunch --we hired some outfit last time just shortly after we moved in here, and the tiles bubbled, and starting lifting up in parts ---we can do it better ourselves, and it'll last longer [I hope]. And since I'm gonna post this early Saturday evening ---I'm gonna go watch some NFL. LOL


  1. Annie I am so sorry for the loss of your cousin.
    I am very glad you posted such pretty pictures of the gardens and sculpture ! I love the dragonfly .. I have a much smaller metal one myself .. it has aged and weathered with the garden .. like me ? LOL
    Picking flooring has been the bane of our home ownership .. I wish we had gone with real wood in our kitchen .. instead it is a laminate wood flooring .. the colour is nice but I think wood would have been better some how .. I can't even say anything about our bathrooms .. flooring .. I chose WRONG all the time and I am kicking myself .. I think cork would have been better !!
    Joy : )

  2. Anonymous1/14/2012

    So sorry for your loss.
    Very interesting gardens to walk through!
    Enjoy your new floor, and I will be sending good thoughts for your son!

  3. Terrific shadow shots for the day, Annie! So colorful and delightful! I do understand about having a down week, my children's father/my ex husband died this past weekend and although we had been divorced for many years, we had remained friends and he was a wonderful father. Lots 0f memories. Enjoy the game!


  4. You've found shadows in the most unusual places - this is my first time contribution to "Shadow Shot Sunday" and I guess I get reflections and shadows mixed up but they are both beautiful in their own way.

    "Adelaide and Beyond"

  5. The couch is beautiful! It seems to be an interesting botanical garden.

  6. I just love that butterfly bench! What a great place to visit.

  7. Those wonderful iron sculptures cast great shadows - almost an artwork in themselves! Love the flower and shadow too! But the sculptured "couch" is definitely a most unique piece of art! Fascinating post and good luck with the floors!

  8. I would love to visit that Botanical Garden! My favorites are the dragonfly and the couch. Wonderful!!! (I have a friend that would kill for that dragonfly in her yard!)

  9. And forgive me...I failed to say I'm sorry for your loss. ((hugs))

  10. I know you must be very sad these days. Losing a close family relative is harsh and very painful for the old heart. In time you will heal, but you know it is going to take time. Getting out and about is the best thing in the world at a time like this...and replacing the kitchen floor will do miracles for you...give you a back ache for sure. Your pictures are so pretty this week...love the art sculptures in the gardens...and I really like the new theme to your blog page. It is precious. How did you get the piece to go across the top with the memes you like. That is sososo cool. genie

  11. What a very calming and pretty area. I am sure when you finish the remodeling, it will be worth all the effort and work that went into it.

  12. Love your shadow shots, the Dragonfly sculpture is my favourite.

  13. Love the sculptures in the Botanical gardens! About our Republic, that being said, why is it not possible for 99% of us to oust the 1% that owns the country?

  14. Loved the sculptures in the gardens! About our Republic, that being
    said, why is it not possible for that 99% of us to oust that 1% that owns the

  15. What a huge dragonfly!

    Come find out the origin of my shadow last week.

  16. I love the butterfly bench, so clever.

  17. So sorry to hear of the loss of your cousin. I am glad that you have fond memories of him.
    The Gardens look like a wonderful place for a walk. Your photos are wonderful. I especially like the butterfly bench.
    I just put new flooring in my rental house,(my son lives in the house). We went from carpet to wood. It looks so much better. It was a chore to put it down, but so worth it.
    Hope you enjoy the game.

  18. I love that drAgon fly shadow - the gardens look quite lovely...

  19. That stone sofa at the Botanical Garden is very interesting & pretty. Is it comfortable?? Sending my sympathy on the death of your cousin Anni.

    Why do you want to take up the tile in your home? I just love my tile floors. But then, in our big house that we sold 8 years ago we had hardwood floors, so I guess I was ready for a change too! Happy SSS.

  20. Genie....the 'piece to go across the top with the links to my favorite memes are actually graphics/buttons I made in my Paint program and then I linked them individually in the Blogger's "Add a Gadget".

  21. If I had a pillow along to soften the seat, I could sit on that butterfly bench for hours!


    When you see the shadows dance,
    Be it Mexico or France,
    You may join the shadow fun,
    Dancing till the day is done!

    © 2012 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Shadowy Choices

  22. That couch looks inviting even though the pillows may not be as soft as one expects.

  23. the dragonfly is huge and the couch looks very inviting!! nice shadows. hope you enjoyed your football games.

  24. Anonymous1/15/2012

    I love the butterfly bench - super collection of shadows!

  25. You have nice pictures for today. Visiting from SSS!

  26. Beautiful photos, Anni. So glad I had time to drop by for a moment.

    Hope you and Bud are well.


  27. I enjoyed the walk. I love the new look of your blog.


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