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under construction

That funky orange, plastic/rubber temporary fencing surrounding freshly laid concrete near a new construction area casts even a 'more funky' shadow. You don't know how tempted I was to go over and carve my initials in it!!! Well, now you do. LOL


For most of the summing up this week, I have spent a lot of my 'free time' working [more construction?] on my Thursday Theme Song Site...setting up and pre-scheduling all the Mr. Linky's scripts for each week. It isn't difficult at all...just copying and pasting the javascript and updating dates/days...but, it can become monotonous. Yep, I work on it a bit, and I become robotic with the maneuvers in a way. I've finished and have completed each week thru the year 2012. That way it's done. Out of 'site' out of mind. And being that they're scheduled to post each Wednesday at 5PM [CT], I don't have to do any more with it...for the entire year. But, as I'm typing this now, I have a gut feeling that Mr. Linky will perhaps no longer exist sometime in 2012, and I'll have to go back and redo a lot with another linky javascript. Figures...is it called Murphy's Law? Also, I vowed to get more walking in this year. Last summer it was so hot and miserable that not much of any outdoor exercising and work got done...so far, so good. At least every other day since Christmas. I really enjoyed walking on New Year's Day. Saw a lot of wonderful waterfowl along the bay [if you'd like to see photos of the area along with birds, check out my Watery Wednesday post *if you missed my post...HERE.] I actually sent out some New Year's gifts and cards this year. I didn't get in the 'mood' for sending off much this past season, and I'm trying to make up for it by being different and sending unexpected gifts to some. For most of the part, it will be a surprise for them. And kinda fun and unusual for me. Oh, heck, if you really must know, I just wasn't in much of a Christmas gift-giving mood this go 'round. That's my final answer, and I will stick by it. I must also add how elated I was to find out that the Dallas Cowboys [sorry die-hard fans] are no longer considered "America's Team"!! Tho, the Packers are now renowned as our nation's team. I think it's wonderful...no...let me rephrase that; I think it's FANTASTIC that the Houston Texans are in the playoffs for possible Super Bowl berth...[fearing they'll not go much further than what will be played today tho...I predict their loss]. In case you didn't know, still the Denver Broncos are 'my' team. I've been a Fan [Tebow? Nah?!!!] since the days of quarterback Craig Morton. Now THAT is eons ago!! And I love the Houston Texans. 'Hate' the Cowboys. It's also been time for me to begin cleaning closets. Getting my yearly winter task started on packing clothes not worn in 2011 so I can get them to Goodwill Charities. Thursday is usually my quietest day around here. So, early that morning I spent about an hour or so cleaning out my Blogger Dashboard and updated the blogs I follow [Friends Connect] - I went through all the blogs I follow and found several dozen that haven't published a new blog post in over a year's time. I stopped following them then. A task well worth doing sometimes to clean up the 'clutter'. Other than the above metioned...well, it's been a quiet week.

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  1. Anni, you disappoint me...you really didn't go carve your initials in the fresh concrete?? hehe I would have wanted to do so as well!!! lol

    Good job on getting all those posts done up ahead for the Thursday Theme Songs and fingers crossed that Mr. Linky doesn't end up not working anymore! I'm having trouble with the Feedjit program I have on my blog, it doesn't show up anymore even though the code is there and I can't even get on their web site. So weird!

    Just the other day I went through my Dashboard to go through all the blogs I was following and like you, found some that haven't posted in months or more so I stopped following them. As you say, it's good to do a "clean up" every so often:-) xoxo

  2. Anni we are late for Saturday and early for Sunday but today (1/7) has been a special day here. MOL

    Anyway we love your jewelry and OMCs the piggy is just too cute.

    You are quite an organized lady..things are set all the way through 2012!! Well done especially the TTS.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  3. One of my goals for the year is to purge the clutter from my life and my home. I've finished two rooms and I'm working on streamlining my daily routines. I'm hoping for a low-stress 2012 (and beyond).

    I don't know much about football other than Tebow is the dude who prays and my husband roots for the Steelers.

  4. Oh yeah, I know how much you wanted to do that. And nice mention of the Pack, Anni...next week I could use an extra rooter if you got nothing else goin' on.

  5. Hope you have a nice upcoming week my friend.

  6. I would have been tempted to put my initials in the concrete too. Great shadows.

  7. With our recent move I am all decluttered, lol!! I can certainly relate! I've just had to buy two kitchen things I had given away - but now I've got new ones, yeah! Off to make some supper here and do a little more blog hopping later. Have a lovely week-end!

  8. Fun, colorful shadow shot for the day, Anni! Sounds as though you've had a good week! Enjoy!


  9. oh funky indeed what a wonderfully fun shadow

  10. I would not have thought of this for shadows. We have them all around here. Nice jo,

  11. The loose and droopy construction fence is as unconstructed as a fence can be, The shadow of said fence is very artistic however! As for teams, in the electronic age we can root for whomever we want and see any game. I do like Green Bay as 'America's Team", the small blue-collar town that is not glitzy like Dallas. There is something non stylish about the GB that has more of an authenticity about it that no other NFL city does...

  12. i would have been very tempted too. there's just something about wet cement...happy sss2 anni.

  13. I know, I know!! I agree! When I see them, however, I am behind the wheel and there isn't anywhere safe to stop! Fabulous!

  14. I went through my blogs last week, too. Most of the ones I follow are pretty active, except one person had died, so I felt it was okay to let him go. :-)

    I have always been a fan of the Broncos, it helped to be living in Boulder for almost forty years! Elway was amazing...

  15. Hi Anni!

    I'm a new follower of your lovely blog.
    Have a blessed Sunday!

  16. Anonymous1/08/2012

    Was du so alles entdeckts, ein tolles Foto!!

    Grüßlis ♥ Marianne

  17. Soooooooooo coooooooooool shadow shot!!!!!!!

    I never do or attempt any *linky* things, or join them. I'm not techy, for one. And don't have the time to visit-every-one. But feel *guilt* when I don't. Did it once, and that *cured* me.

    But many bloggers do it, so this is just me.

    (Computer screen keeps going to black and we have to get a new cord later. No quote today. -sigh-)

  18. Happy New Year's, Anni. It's been a busy week so haven't done much here. But I hope you didn't dump me! You've been busy cleaning things up. I didn't understand a word you said there about the computer clean-up and posting for a year ahead.

    Believe it or not, our new pastor is a Dallas fan - can't understand it. He's never lived in Texas and has lived in Colorado for a lot of the time. Go figure! I can't stand Dallas myself. Not that it matters to anyone.

    Have a great week!

  19. Shadows galore in your photo--all because of ongoing construction!


    If I had a shadow the size of the sun,
    I’m not sure how fast I’d be able to run,
    Or if I could flee from its ravenous jaws,
    While keeping away from its razor-sharp claws!

    © 2012 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Shadows here and there

  20. Great SS!! I wanted to thank you for visiting my blog and answering my question to you the other day! I really appreciate that you took the time! If I make it down there, I'll contact you - perhaps we can get together for a stroll down the beach! ~karen

  21. Love your shadow,

    Now from your post I am not quite sure whether you are a Cowboy's fan or not?

  22. Anonymous1/08/2012

    I, too, would have been tempted to add my initials in the wete concrete! Fun shadows!

  23. Anonymous1/08/2012

    Always good to have a quiet week once in a while. :) I always want to put my mark in wet cement too. LOL

  24. Now that's a fun shadow shot!! Yep, there's something about fresh, wet concrete that beckons, isn't there!

  25. I'd say it was a "quiet but busy (and productive) week. I've never had anything done in advance for the whole year--very impressive. But, as you said, "Murphy"s Law will kick in someplace along the line". Always enjoy reading your posts, Anni. Have a great week. Mickie ;)

  26. Anni girl that is a great crisp shadow with the orange cone and netting .. we have had weird weather here .. just not right for the great white north at all .. so my shadows are a bit haphazard ? .. love the Xmas creatures from post below. I also have to clean up my blog too .. BIG sigh ... takes time and patience ;-)


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