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Photo Art and Friday Fragments

I thought I'd try this meme...and boy what a challenge!! I took this photo that I've posted long ago - A Rudy Turnstone [the red one in the foreground] along with three sandpipers that are following. The THREE in this case are quite camouflaged. Which is all part of nature and the 'art' of survival. With the original image, I then went into my Paintshop Pro program and did some texturing like, 'colored edging', distortion, polished stone. I then framed it twice with dark gray and then deep sepia tans. To finalize it I framed it with a default frame pre-set, and titled it with a gold plate at the bottom "Area 51". Can you spot the three followers? Below is my finished work. At the bottom of my post for today I will post the image where you can spot the three sandpiper followers if you can't find 'em...

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  • Finished re-tiling the kitchen floor! I have so many acres and pains right now, I can barely get up from where I sit or lay on. Whoa. rofl
    Left to right -Before & After

  • A 'fuller' view of the room:

  • Denver Broncos lost Saturday's game last week....:::sigh::: But, maybe we won't have to hear or read about TEBOW now, for a while!!'s so lame, so often and runs a certain item in the ground...I really LOVE 'my' Denver Bronco team, but come on....Tebow this and Tebow that for days on end? 'Nough already!

  • Secretly, I've had thoughts of doing the two bathroom floors and the front door entryway with the same tiling we just put down in the kitchen. Call me insane!!

  • Installed several updates on my smartphone, now will they work properly? The last time I installed updates, nothing worked the way I liked, and had to go back to the phone carrier, and get it all back to default.

  • Sad that The Houston Texans couldn't beat the Baltimore Ravens last weekend...I like the Texans [especially their logo] ---Gary Kubiak, the head coach for the Texans used to be with 'my' Broncos!! LOL But, even if they didn't win, :::sigh::: -at least they went further in the season than the Dallas Donkeys Cowboys!! Yay.

  • And last for the week...

  • THIS IS PHENOMENAL. If you're American and tired of the 'quacks' running our country [Congress] ---you really want to listen to this 5 minute rant. I personally think we need MORE like him in Washington!! Representative Kelly from Pennsylvania ----

  • The "Area 51" answer - from above image at the beginning of my post...


    1. I like your art. I found 2 of the sandpipers - needed help with the third. The floor looks great!
      I can't hear the rant - for some reason my sound isn't working. :(

    2. I had the same problem with my smartphone last night. I was feeling proud that I updated several apps. But noooooo. I ended up with serious software failure. I fixed it, I think, on my own. We shall see how it works today. Thus far the play-offs have been weird. I expected Tebow to kneel on a bit further. My darling Saints fell too early, too. Oh well.

    3. Tebow has talent he just doesn't have the experience, or the front line. It was Tom Brady's day.

      My Cowboys seem in a rut, that's been going on for about say 16 years now.

    4. Tebow is fun - at least you are not reading about him beating his wife, getting busted for drugs or generally beating a meat head. I do agree however, he is one of the most boring quotes ever! He must have watched Bull Durham.

    5. I could only see 2 of those sand
      Sad that the media TEBOWed all the world to death!!! I saw a clip on youtube of conan obrien and he showed like 25 clips of media news casts saying the exact same phrase. I think they are all bought and run by the same group of people. ANNOYING!
      THE FLOOR LOOKS GREAT!!!! good job!

    6. You know, I'm not really political, though I've read a lot of political books of late for something I'm writing. I've always identified myself as more a democrat, but I watched an Oprah interview with Chris Christie this week....that guys onto something. Just telling it like it is and not saying sorry for what he believes in. NO backpedaling, no soft answers, that's the kind of person we need running this sad country! (I love my country, don't get me wrong but yeesh, they are like a bunch of spoiled kindergartens up there in congress!)

      Happy Friday!

    7. It looks like we all have the same football angst here. I, too, found only two of the three sandpipers.

      I am loving your soapbox located on my left as I write this. Politicians love to quote Thomas Jefferson---who also said something to the effect of every now and then we'd probably need a good revolution. Strangely absent in the things they admire about his powerful writings. LOL

    8. Well, I could see two but the one on the top was really hard to see, even after you circled him. Good picture! And when I lived in Colorado I was crazy for the Broncos too, but these days football makes me yawn. I much prefer to read blogs like yours than watch football on TV. :-)

    9. Where do you find all the memes you do? This one was amazing - I would not know where in the world to begin. But then your mind always amazes me. I was able to see 2 of the 3 birds - great shot.

      As for the media and Tebow. I love Tim and what he stands for and does for the world. I know that he was just as tired of the hoopla as anyone - probably MUCH more. He's such a good, humble young man. He was hurt badly in that game, so am hoping he mends well and soon. I am now rooting for the Ravens, just because I want the Patriots to lose.

      Have a great week-end!

    10. Hooray for finishing the tiling!!!!!

      Mmmmmmmm, are you now re-thinking the idea of continuing doing the same thing????? ,-)

      "January is a stretch of peace
      when one lives in the moment,
      forced by weather and whim to
      sit still and do some accounting."

      ~Catherine Calvert

    11. your new floor looks gorgeous. You may be in pain now, but I'm sure it was worth it.

    12. I like your photo - that is very cool! Your kitchen floor looks amazing. I enjoyed watching the rant. I don't understand why Republicans don't have someone like him saying sensible things running in the Presidential primary. Congress needs a good dose of more common sense like he has.

    13. Amen, Kelly!!! Well said. An american for America.

      Your photo looks great!!! I actually saw the birds in the background in the first photo, but I like what you did with photo shop.

    14. First I do agree with Dawn he has really been picked on this year. I am voting for the Ravens as I am so tired of how they go on about how perfect Mr Brady is.
      I was sad to see my Cowboys lose but Hey!!
      I found 2 out of the 3.
      Thanks for an another great post.

    15. Anonymous1/20/2012

      Whowwwh, das ist richtig Kunst, total schön.

      GLG Mrianne ♥

    16. What a great photo you started with. I'd say those birds were well camoflauged indeed! Love the added texture. I'm not much for football anymore (use to be an Oakland Raider fan) and my mom loves the Dallas Cowboys but I don't watch much these days. I do agree about the "Tebow" to death and he's certainly not the first athlete to kneel down and point to heaven - Professional Bull Riders do it all the time. Have a great week and don't forget to post your photo link on Bonnie's blog.

    17. OH MY GOSH Anni I'm sore just reading about your's and B's recent DIY project. It is gorgeous!!

      Yes I did spot the 3 followers....but there was some squinting going on.

      Have a lovely weekend...we have rain moving in but that is ok at least the temps are in the 50s...nothing frozen
      hugs C

    18. wow you have been busy...

      Flooringlooks great.

    19. Hello, Anni
      I see you're getting ready for Valentine's Day. I saw the birdies in the first photo.
      Do you have Spring Fever? Isn't that when one starts refurbishing and refreshing one's nest.
      Happy weekend,

    20. An interesting image

    21. I LOVE the "mystery" picture. I found three birds, but for the LIFE of me I couldn't find the one "standing above the head" of the reddish brown one until you circled it for me.

      I'm not familiar with Rudy Turnstones, but he (she?) sure looks awfully like a Killdeer!

    22. Very creative and wonderful hidden images; very much like the processing. Thank you for sharing. Karen

    23. Very cool image , well done

    24. Very unique and cool. They are really well camouflaged!! Ain't nature wonderful?

    25. Wow. Those birds really know how to camouflage themselves!

      LOVED the video. He speaks for the common man, which is what he's supposed to be doing!

      Your pain from the flooring work reminds me of my painting pain from a couple of weeks ago, from which I am still actually healing (my left forearm). Tonight, I am also in pain from a slip and almost-fall I had last night, but that's another story...

      The other pain I can relate to is having your team lose in the playoffs. :(

      Thanks for linking up! Have a great weekend.