Oso Bay - on New Year's Day

Wind is howling, and the temps are cool around 8 a.m. - a couple of times with the gusts at 35MPH, I had trouble holding the camera steady. But---

Walk this way. Take a stroll with me along the bay [Suter Park]...

through the woods and over the boardwalk...

Suter Park

Oso Bay

See what I see [all within a time range of twenty minutes' walk to the bay area] ---

Great White Egrets

Great White Egret

Great White Egret

3 egrets [right] Black Crowned Night Heron [left]

Wildflowers near the boardwalk

Yucca plant in shadows [Suter Park]

Wildflowers near boardwalk

Black Cormorant

Ducks, seagulls, and white pelicans

In foreground [red beaks] Black Skimmers, white Pelican, seagulls, ducks, heron and stilts [pink legs/feet]

Great White Egret

Black Crowned Night Heron

Great White Egret

Blue Heron

Ducks and Cormorants

Ducks, White Egrets, and Roseate Spoonbills

Great White Egrets

Note: There are Great White Egrets [similar: white cattle egrets are smaller and more 'buff' in color, usually spotted inland and not around salt water] and Snowy Egrets in this area ---the difference is the color of the beaks...yellow= Great White - black= Snowy.

- - -


1. What are three words you would use to describe your 2011? LONG HOT SUMMER

2. Do you like shrimp? What's your favorite way to have it prepared? I LOVE SHRIMP...butterflied, and deep fat fried. Gulf Shrimp are the best in the world. Sweet, huge, tender...mmmmmmm!!!

3. Is your house de-Christmased? If so when did you tackle that job? If not, when will the decorations come down? It's all done. The job was tackled for the week following Christmas. I got into the habit of 'de-Christmasing' when the kids were home, they'd help and we'd have it done before it was time to go back to school and work. The tradition stands, albeit without the kids.

4. Do you like to watch scary movies? I love scary movies!! Some that will have you on the edge of your seat and jumping with all the spooky, startling, unexpected. SPREAD THE JELLO. [if you don't know the comedy routine by Bill Cosby, about scary stuff and jello...listen to it here -CHICKEN HEART it'll have your rofl - PART ONE & PART TWO] part 2 is the 'scary' part.

5. ice skating~sledding~skiing~snowboarding~of the four listed which wintertime activity do you most enjoy? Well, I am not a winter person when it comes to this and nasty cold, snowy weather. But if I must choose one, it'd be ICE SKATING...and that is watching it on ESPN/Olympics, etc.

6. Did you have a childhood hideout? Describe it. Oh yes...but it was only a weekend hideout. What you say? A weekend hideout? Yep. You see it was at my grandparents' farm. They had a huge farm...and a three story farm house. But it wasn't even near the house...My grandfather gave me and my dad some lumber...there was an irrigation ditch...trees lining on a hilly knoll. It'd take about a half hour to walk there when I was a child. My dad built me a tree house near the ditch. When I would go there for the weekend, I would get crackers and a Ball™ jar with water from the ice house, a blanket ---and go to my own "Picnic Mount" being that the tree house was atop the hill. It was very primitive...but MINE!!

7. What's a place or space that motivates you? Tons of 'places' and 'spaces'...it really depends on where, the mood. A good book gives me a space that I'm motivated to research or turn the page...a movie can motivate me, an idea for a craft project, a crochet pattern, a seasonal time of year, for instance a beautiful clear sunshiny day in Spring...the beach, family members, day trips, seeing a different bird while traveling along the bird trails...gardening...too many things to narrow it down to just ONE place or space.

8. Insert your own random thought here. It is hard to understand how a cemetery raised its burial cost, and blamed it on the cost of living.


  1. What a great spot to walk. I can't believe the number of birds sharing that area with you! Very nice! Hope the new year is treating you well. Love your random thought!

  2. What a beautiful walk! I love all the varieties of birds and the green. Here it is white, windy and cold!

  3. You had quite an interesting walk my friend!

  4. Anonymous1/03/2012

    Thanks for sharing these lovely photos. I enjoyed them so much. I enjoyed your HodgePodge answers too!

  5. Those egrets all look like the Hunchback of Notre Dame. But all those great bird pictures just makes me smile, Anni! Thanks so much for the fun trip with you! Cool...

  6. Did I see two pink birds? And by the way these place is beautiful. I can come with you taking a lot of pictures ^_^

    Watery Wednesday

  7. Anni, I do think that you DO live in paradise, if you don't count an occasional hurricane. Love your bird and flower pics, and I share your love of deep friend butterflied shrimp.

    Hope that you are having a wonderful new year so far. Thanks so much for trying to see some of Tyler's game on t.v. They have moved to the area not far from his new school, so perhaps someday we can arrange to meet in person? Hope so!


    Kathy M.

  8. Beautiful place Anni, lovely shots too.
    Simply beautiful!

    My watery Wednesday , happy new year of the dragon.

  9. We spent last week in the Coastal Bend area - love it there. Now back home in the Hill Country.

  10. Wow I can't get over all the bird life you saw on your walk, that's so awesome! Sometimes I'm lucky to even see a bug on my walks!! lol So many different types of birds, every picture gorgeous.

    I took down all my Christmas decorations and the tree yesterday, always do it the day after New Year's Day:-) Like you, I love scary movies. I remember seeing that Bill Cosby routine, just hilarious!!

    Loved reading about your secret hideout as a child:-) Mine was under the stairs, I had placed blankets all around and made like a little tent out of them! xoxo

  11. I haven't thought of Chicken Heart in years....we used to have that ALBUM! : ) I love the pictures from you walk...looks like such a pretty spot!

  12. Wow! No wonder you live there! Such gorgeous sights to be seen!

    Long Hot Summer is what we had too and I hope it doesn't repeat itself this year! Shrimp?! That's one great thing about living on the SC coast- fresh shrimp! Prepared just about any way at all! I prefer psychological thrillers but not those where you know someone is going to jump out you just don't know when!

  13. I cannot imagine having such beautiful scenery so nearby. Oh, my! just gorgeous!

    Enjoyed your answers today and what a great hideout you had as a child.

    #8 is hysterical!

    Blessings for this day!

  14. A walk to a beach! Oh how wonderful! And what a beautiful walk to it, too. How lucky you are to be where you can take this walk, -happy sigh-

    Hehhh, my Christmas decorations are still up on Jan. 4th! I haven't had the urge to put them away yet. :-) It (the urge) will hit! Then I'll do it.

    Our temps are being very, very, very cold up in our neck of the woods, so all the decorations still look kind of nice. :-)

    Thank you for your very sweet words, in my blog comments. Thank-you-much, my Dear.

    "I am not young enough to know everything."
    - Oscar Wilde

  15. Your post just warms me up! Great to see the egrets, herons and the wildflowers. I like to ski.

  16. Annie..
    gorgeous post!!
    thanks for letting me tag along..
    awhile pointing out the birds!
    think I'm gonna "borrow your list of Hodge-podge"
    adding my twists..
    will link back to you !
    have a delightful day!

  17. trekking your lovely blog!!! thanks for sharing and keep posting! Happy New Year!


  18. What a beautiful walk Anni, thanks for sharing! Fantastic bird captures, and those pink spoonbills are just terrific!

  19. The critters in the bay looks amazing and rare. you don't see theme anywhere besides bay, and watery area.

  20. Anonymous1/04/2012

    Faszinierende Photos von Silberreiher und Pelikan.

    GLG Marianne ♥

  21. Your photo's are always amazing. I am hoping that after I do a photo a day challenge this year my skills are a little better. Thanks for sharing.

  22. Such beautiful place! Many great photos from you here!

  23. Hello there!! What a delightful post of all the birdlife in your little corner of the world. I am wintering at my daughter's in New Braunfels and am hoping to get down your way for a little birding/camping experience. Any suggestions on a good place to park for a week? (small travel trailer) ~karen

  24. Wow, such beautiful pictures.

  25. Oh how I enjoyed that stroll...soo pretty. You certainly had a wonderful hideout as a child...I'm in love with shrimp too. Your # 8 is hysterical, haha...Have a good day!

  26. #8 cracked me up!!!
    Your Bill Cosby comment brought back some wonderful memories as kids. My dad put speakers is our bedrooms and, for awhile, everynight after we were in bed with the lights out he would put on the Bill Cosby albums. What wonderful memories! Thanks for reminding me through your answers.

  27. I truly love the new header, my color!!
    I loved the photos of all of the different birds that you have to look at.
    Enjoyed your answers and I got a real big chuckle out of the last one.

  28. I just wanted to let ya know that I just read your beauitul story over at Maggies place. Girl you are one awesome lady!

    I enjoyed strollin' thought the bay area with ya, made me feel all warm a fuzzy. See, it was a whoppin' 12 degrees in the Ponderosa's hollers this mornin'.

    You do hodgepodge well sister!

    God bless ya and have a fantastic 2012 sweetie!!! :o)

  29. Those Great white egrets are magnificent birds and you have captured them beautifully - so much to see in our local area. That's the joy of taking photos we suddenly become aware of the things that would have once gone un-noticed.
    Thank you for dropping by my blog and I look forward to seeing more of your corner of the world

    "Adelaide and Beyond"

  30. The shore birds are wonderful. We have herons here. At night I can sometimes hear them flying near the harbour. They have the strangest sound. - Margy

  31. Wow! I could stay one whole day bird watching! Nice photos!

  32. What a beautiful walk, love the photos!
    Thanks for sharing!

  33. that was quite a collection of birds from that walk. I coudl have stayed there the entire day. :)

  34. Absolutely gorgeous pictures...have you ever thought about putting all of your pics in a book?
    Madi and Mom

  35. Oh, Anni! This is marvelous, peaceful & so scenic!! I do get to occasionally see the hawks flying over on my walks, spectacular sight.

    How the heck did you highlight & insert your link in the comment part of my page comment section?

    TTFN ~
    Have a great week ~

  36. Oh my goodness! And I thought I had a lot of wildlife here!! What beautiful species and lovely pictures you got of them!! I am so glad you named the Black Skimmers, we see them in Florida and never knew what the name was.

    Loved your meme. We had hideouts at our grandparents home too which was just down the road. They were in the barn in the hayloft and we even went in under the bales of hay where there was some space. That wigs me out now just to think of being in such an enclosed area!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm rather claustrophobic at this age!! ha!

  37. I enjoyed reading your story on Maggie's blog. Had me laughing & crying.

  38. Anni, thank you for inviting me along on your walk. The scenery and the birds are awesome. Love the wildflowers. We won't see any here for about 3 months, but that time will pass quickly.

    Loved hearing about your hide out. My brother and I had one as well. But that is a story for another day.


  39. Hi dear Anni
    Each time I visit your site I say I going to the coast. Mad at myself for not doing it.
    Love your pic's and your answers.
    Wanted to come by say hello and to thank you again for being a guest on my site.
    What a great story you wrote and shared with us as my Blogazine Guest. I owe you big time

  40. I enjoyed the walk with you very much ! there are some birds I have never seen !
    Yesterday I took all Christmas decorations down and our living room is back to normal ! I push a big sigh of relieve that all these festivities are over !!

  41. Kids in Borneo were taught O my darling, o my darling, and dirty old men who did know English would see little girls and sing o my darling. My mum was wondering why our schools taught us this silly song.

  42. tats such a lovely and calm pathway...n i love the way u've caught the seagulls :)

    have a great 2012...

    My Third Eye

  43. Oh, I'm a little envious of the walk you took but I'm really glad you shared it. Awesome!

  44. Oh my goodness Anni, I had forgotten all about Chicken Heart! I had the album and played it until it was worn out.

    I love all of your bird photos especially that gorgeous Blue Heron.

  45. #8 had me giggling! sorry!


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