From an Acorn, a mighty Oak grows [aka The Mushroom and the Oak]---

The mushroom and the oak
In the meadow stood together.
When the former, in his cloak
Pearly-white, briskly said:
“I have just got out of bed,
And I find the world is radiant with good
I see a thousand pretty things —
Flowers with color, birds with wings
That fly so far and so fleetly; —
But there’s one thing puzzles me most
How a tree of power and size
Should take so long to rise.
I at once sprang from the ground,
And have hardly looked around,
And have not been here an hour: —
But, to win your state and power,
As your wrinkledness appears.
Took a dozen score of years.
Look at me,
And you’ll agree
I am whole and clear and sound.
Isn’t that a perfect dower?
And I ‘ve not been here an hour!”

Poem by: Joel Benton
The oak tree's response can be read HERE
No Copyright Infringement Intended

These mushrooms toadstools[?] were growing behind the Barnes n Noble Bookstore where I had parked the car. I zoomed in with my cell phone camera and snapped these 'macro monday' photos. Filled with shoppers gettin' in and out of their cars, the parking lot was full; I'm sure half of them thought I was strange taking pictures of these fungi ---but, it's all for the love of blogging!! If you enjoyed reading the fable of the 'shroom, you'll love the mighty oak tree's comeback!! Click on the link provided above the copyright notice - it will open in a new window/tab.

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studio waterstone

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We've been taking a few day trips here and there for the past week, and I'm kinda getting behind in visiting with those that leave me comments here. I hope to catch up with them soon. I always feel quite guilty when I neglect the kindness of my followers who are always making time to visit and leaving comments. Anyway, one day this past week, we drove to the island to check out one of our favorite birding areas...Paradise Ponds. Sad thing is, there has been such a hard, long, drought, the Pond is dried up completely. The boardwalks that normally allow you to 'walk on water' is just above all the harsh, dried up weeds and crusty silt. Hardly any birds. As we walk into the area, there is a chalk board for us 'birders' and those who have been there before us, mark on the board what birds they've seen. Anyway, while we were there, Bud and I saw TWO lone birds. One on a power pole and another in a little crevice in the landscaping. The power pole dude was a night heron and the one in the crevice was a Cooper's Hawk. I took photos of both, but yet they're on the camera's media card. After that area, we drove over to the area's tidal basin and the refuge...I took photos there also...funny thing is, when you round the 'corner' on the raised boardwalk that meanders through the reed and cattail plants...the cormorants are in the SAME spot...each and every time we go there to do our walks/birding. It's like Cheers Bar...the same people birds day after day after day.

Photos to come sometime soon.

After walking, on the way home we stopped at our 'stomping grounds'...the Half Price Bookstore. There, Bud found four books [he reads a lot more than I do], and I found one. A novel about the Hurricane of Galveston...called: The Windows of Heaven. I'm still reading the Secret Confessions of Anne Shakespeare. Yep, I'm a slow reader. Not a 'slow' reader, but I only read a chapter or two a night. So, it takes me a long time to get through a book. That doesn't stop me from buying more at half price tho, 'cause by the time I'd finish a book, the one I DID FIND would be gone by that time. They keep piling up in my room as 'soon to be read'.

And then, with the caucuses now in 'full swing'...I can't help but post a editorial cartoon I found in the newspaper. Poor Rick Perry [insert a sarcastic-looking smirk here]....


  1. Anonymous1/09/2012

    Good Mornin', These pictures are great...the love of blogging causes me to take pictures in some crazy places too!

    Hope you have a wonderful Monday.

  2. Nice mushroom pics and I really like that poem!

  3. Anonymous1/09/2012

    Liebe Anni,

    den Pilz hast du sehr gut fotografiert, bei uns ist ja Winter ohne Schnee, da findet man mit etwas Glück auch noch einen Pilz, aber sicherlich nicht mehr schön anzusehen.

    GLG Marianne ♥

  4. Enjoyed the mushroom pics. I always have my camera handy, you just never know when that special shot will be there. We haven't had much rain this winter, so things aren't as lush as usual. But I do live in the desert, so I shouldn't complain.

  5. Great macros. Hope you all get some more rain to replenish your water spots!

  6. Wow! Does your phone cam ever take marvelous photos!!!! Wowwwwwwwww!

    And of course we stop, and take pics of interesting things!!!! 'Tis the joy of photography and blogging!

    You read at exactly the pace, which is fine for you. Not slow or this or that. We are individuals. "Auntie sezzzzzzzz..." :-)

    Oh my gracious! The caucuses and etc.! Oh my gracious!!!! A 3 Ring Circus!!! I am a MODERATE CONSERVATIVE but I also know that the Rep. Party has a "Death Wish." -sigh-

    At least, that's what "Auntie sezzzzz..." Everyone is free to disagree with me. :-))))

    "The early mist had vanished and the fields lay like a silver shield...
    It was one of the days when the glitter of winter shines..."

    ~Edith Wharton

  7. Great shots Anni, I love fungus photos!

  8. Lovely mushrooms shots Anni!

  9. Looks like a chocolate cake with icing on top in the first picture ;)
    Btw re your comment to my photo, I saw the same thing! - when I posted it I thought to myself 'this could be a Father Christmas cloak'... so funny when your comment came in!

  10. Great pictures! Like the poem also!

  11. Great macros Anni. I love mushrooms!

    Happy MM

  12. Love the mushroom shots! I especially like how you captured the texture of the underside.
    Thanks for your visit and comment on my blog.
    Happy Macro Monday!

  13. Anonymous1/10/2012

    Wonderful pics. I had a similar discovery; in my new front yard. Never thought toadstools could be so lovely. ;)

  14. The photo quality of the mushroom is very good. You must have a good handphone.

    Sad to hear the water is drying up. I was thinking that Winter may have brought you some rain or snow but I don't think so anymore. In fact, hubby is in Texas now and he says he is wearing T-shirts. That warm in Winter?

    We are also going through a dry spell in Malaysia but it is quite ok since we have lots of rain for the last few months. Thank you for your caption contributions.

  15. Believe me, I'm used to getting strange looks from people when I take pictures in certain places...especially of my food in restaurants! lol We really do must love blogging, what we do for it:-) Wonderful macro shots of the mushrooms/toadstools. I can never remember which is which or do they mean the same thing? Must Google that!!

    Oh no, how very sad that the pond at Paradise Ponds has dried right up:-( It's no wonder no one is seeing many birds there. That's too funny about the Cormorants, though, wonder if two of them are called Norm and Cliff! lol xoxo

  16. Love those mushroom shots. Buddy and I are always looking for them. Sorry to be so late commenting, but the kids at school have given me Montezuma’s Revenge and I am cough all day and all night and have pretty much lost my voice...YUCK! Am trying my best to start getting caught up tonight. Hugs, genie


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