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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out


I'm going to have only the video I composed and published at youtube today along with the lyrics posted here...BELIEVE by J0SH GR0BAN, and photos from my past Christmas posts over the years....

Children, sleeping.
Snow is softly falling.
Dreams are calling,
Like bells in the distance.
We were dreamers,
Not so long ago.
But one by one, we
All had to grow up.
When it seems the magic slipped away...
We find it all again on Christmas Day.
Believe in what your heart is saying,
Hear the melody that's playing.
There's no time to waste,
There so much to celebrate.
Believe in what you feel inside,
And give your dreams the wings to fly.
You have everything you need, if you just believe.
Trains move quickly
To their journey's end.
Are where we begin again.
Ships go sailing,
Far across the sea.
Trusting starlight,
To get where they need to be.
When it seems that we have lost our way...
We find ourselves again on Christmas Day.
Believe in what your heart is saying,
Hear the melody that's playing
There's no time to waste,
There so much to celebrate.
Believe in what you feel inside,
And give your dreams the wings to fly.
You have everything you need, if you just Believe.
If you just believe.
If you just believe.
If you just believe...just believe...just believe.

- - -

Once again, it's time for the 'talk of the town'. This time "town" litter ummmm, literally!!

More than 100 apples mysteriously rained down upon a small British town on Monday night. The still-unexplained apple shower left 20 yards of city streets and car windshields covered in the cascading fruit just after the daily rush hour.

The news immediately brought up comparisons to biblical tales of raining frogs and whether such reported freaks of nature actually occurred. In this instance, no one has officially confirmed when, how or if the apple storm truly took place as described.

However, Jim Dale, senior meteorologist from the British Weather Services, told the London Telegraph: "The weather we have at the moment is very volatile and we probably have more to come. Essentially these events are caused when a vortex of air, kind of like a mini tornado, lifts things off the ground rising up into the atmosphere until the air around it causes them to fall to earth again."

And, as always, the comments found under the online news article are the "best". For instance:

hnieves posted: 2012 the sky is falling

benjamin a posted: I have a theory! It's apple corps' ploy to advertise the coming of the iphone 5.

chieftain posted: Crop circles, Stonehenge, UFO abductions, and now apple showers: How come all this weird stuff always happens in "small British towns"?

Janice posted:
100 apples is a shower .. well see i learned something new today.... Next time I am on Jeopardy it will come in handy I am sure.

leBoots posted: ...or a bunch of kids were throwing apples. I'll go with the space vortex from another dimension though.

O'Rourke posted: God has got to keep in practice even though no one's asking for anything sensible -- this one reminds of Eden: He was just reminiscing, "Hey, Satan, how's them apples?"

and last, but not least --

AUDREYH posted: If God gives you apples; make a pie!

Read the article HERE


  1. Thanks, love that song.

  2. Liebe Anni, das ist so wunder, wunderschön.

    *drückdich* ♥ Marianne

  3. Very interesting. Love all the explanations! AS I grow older... the words.."Never say Never" comes to mind!

  4. I have heard about these events before. I am not sure what happens to rain down a shower of apples, but walking around with just an umbrella might be a bit painful! Funny story! :-)

  5. Wow, you are pretty good at the youtube thing. Thanks.

  6. Just beautiful Anni ~ Loved it
    Merry Christmas

  7. A beautiful Wish!!!

    Merry Christmas to you and to yours, my new blogging Friend.

    Oh-those-comments-are-soooooooooo-good!!!! Yes, the best is usually, in the comments.

    "Happy, happy Christmas, that can win us back to the delusions of our childish days; that can recall to the old man the pleasures of his youth; and transport the sailor and the traveller, thousands of miles away, back to his own fire-side and his quiet home!"
    ~~Charles Dickens,
    "The Pickwick Papers", 1836

  8. Anni your talents continue to amaze and please me.
    Absolutely beautiful music and pictures.
    Merry Christmas to you all,
    Madi and Mom

  9. Love your video Anni, a beautiful song with great photos.

    Mother Nature can cause some very strange happenings but apples? The explanations are too funny. The last one is my favorite.

    If I don't get over before I want to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas.

  10. Wow, Anni. Howdja do it? I can't make head nor tail of posting to YouTube. Good for you!
    And those trees and things changing shape boggled my mind.
    If this were a contest, you'd win, except you can't win, because you host the meme, so it's a good thing it isn't a contest!
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours.

  11. Yes it would be ok to be young again but it sure wouldn't be wonderful.

    Coffee is on.

  12. I've never heard the song before, but it was nice. Your pictures in the video are great, lots of interesting Santas. And, the dancing Christmas Tree... that was cool!
    As for the Apple story. That would be a strange sight to see. I guess some things in this world you just can't explain. The comments are funny though.
    Merry Christmas!!

  13. You made this video and put it to the Josh Groban song? I LOVE Josh Groban and have ALL his albums!!!! And your video is so professional, you did a great job with the different Santas, I like the Santa train the best!!! thanks for the song and video, AND the weird raining apple story!!!