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Friday Fragments

  • The newest, December 2011, issue of My Texas Life is now online. This month it's filled with holiday baking and ideas. I have the link to the site on my sidebar, scroll down, open and then click on "December Issue"

  • Talked with my sister in Colorado on Tuesday...they got snow, but the thing that makes me shiver is the temps they're having...near zero?!! Too cold for me anymore.

  • Couldn't resist buying a couple of Santas for my collection, a pedestal cup for hot chocolate and a pair of santa candleholders [by the way, speaking of candleholders, have you ever wondered just why taper candles rarely fit snuggly? I have!! Why oh why? --

  • Speaking of too cold for me - Wednesday morning HERE it was in the 30s for a low temp. BRRRR!!

  • And fragments... this is the oldest cemetery in New Orleans; I plan on adding more 'whole' crypts on my Sunday Shadow Shot meme post [including a new one added to the cemetery --Nicholas Cage *actor* had one built for him to inter his body upon his death]...it's such an interesting yet sad area...some of the crypts are in FRAGMENTS. . .

  • . . . and when I see a cross, I always stop and afterwards I notice the silence that surrounded me at the given instance, even when the area is 'busy' with tourists' chatter such as this cemetery, and traffic from the city streets moving rapidly in the rush hour. The stillness is mind boggling -

  • And lastly, from my posted Themesong yesterday, Mar commented on my Thursday Trashy Post section regarding passwords and testing your password. It's a fun site. I typed in mine and this is what I got:

    I'll come back in 5 million years just to see if anyone has broken my 'coded password'!! Promise.

  • Wanna Test Your Password Strength? Okay....click here


    1. Wohoooo that is something else for a password!! I like the photos too the New Orleans cemetery is like the cemetery in the Philippines most especially the what we call common cementery. Happy weekend!

    2. It got down to the twenties here last night, I know what you mean. It was cold all day long yesterday, even though the sun was shining. It's that time of the year. I moved away from Colorado because it got too cold AND too hot in the summer. Now, like Goldilocks, I'm just right! :-)

    3. I like to visit old cemeteries and I've noticed that quite calmness in Civil War cemeteries.
      I'm glad you mentioned that about candles...you usually have to trim the bottoms to get them to fit and then they won't stand up...
      Its 27 degrees here this morning.....we had some snow and sleet along with our rain on Wednesday.
      Mama Bear

    4. -sigh- So sad to see those crypts in fragments.

      I guess I prefer a plain old cemetery, with just head stones. Which of course, can be in various stages of decrepitude too. -sad-

      But interesting...

      Isn't it interesting, how some of us, find such places, of interest? Actually, I've come to this late. For a long time, I'd not have wandered in a cemetery. Now in Summer, we seek out the oldest ones around here, we can find.

      "Christmas is here,
      Merry old Christmas.
      Joy-bringing Christmas,
      Day of grand memories,
      King of the year!"

      ~~Washington Irving

    5. Great photos and stories... LOVED then especially the cemetery. Can't wait to see more!

    6. You wouldn't like it up here - it was 4F this past week but supposed to go up to 25!

    7. I am sure if you think 30s is cold you would not like it here in NE. It was -6 when I went to work the other morning. We also got 5-6" of snow on Thursday and very icy roads.
      It is going to warm up Sat & Sun to 34+ I can not wait for that.A real heat wave!!!!HOHO
      I did the password link and I got 6hrs so I'd better change mine.

    8. What a fun site, but I wonder if the site is designed to crawl your computer to find the cookies or something of the sites you visit and then use the passwords you put in to hack your accounts?

    9. Your photos are so sad. Why doesn't anyone fix this place up?? Wow, you have an amazing password! I need to check out this site!!

    10. Hi Anni,
      I love that Santa on the left. Quite unique.
      My B has been to N.O. but I've never been. We need to go in the winter as I make a habit not to go anywhre hotter than NC in the summer!! LOL
      Hugs C

    11. Stopping by to say hi fro FF! I love the pedestal cup!!!

      Mom on Caffeine

    12. I love cemeteries. I take my camera with me and talk to headstones and say hi to all of the names. It's dorky, I know :)

      I've become a wienie to cold weather ever since I moved to FL.

    13. Anonymous12/09/2011

      Wow, that's a secure password haha... mine said 15 days for one of mine and 15 years for the other haha

    14. Your blog makes me happy, thanks.

    15. Love your Santas ! Your collection increases each year, lol !
      If ever you are interested in a new Saturday's Photo Hunting, I started this theme, as TNChicks Photo Hunters stopped. It's here

    16. I like how you describe the quietness when stop and notice a cross. Cute Santas! I'm now going to try out that password tester. Thanks for sharing!

    17. How interesting to check the strength of your password. Thanks for that link. Do you think that is accurate?

    18. your santa's are so so beautiful. i went out and got a whole bunch of new stuff too this year, one needs a bit of change every now and again, doesn't one...

      and what on earth did you chooses as a password????? think i need tips from you on this one.


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