By the light...of the golden flame

Our dining room table centerpiece...aglow with gold-glittery candle/candlelight. [The large santa boot 'bowl' behind the candle flame in the first photo will be filled with Rice Krispie Treats in a week or so---a holiday tradition.


I have yet to 'be in the mood' to make any special holiday bakery creations. I usually make a batch of Rice Krispies Treats -I always 'pig out' on those I like 'em so much and only make them once a year. But I usually make a couple of different kinds of cookies. Last year, I experimented with a chocolatey delectable and cruncy cookie that was sooooooooo good. Maybe I'll make another batch...who knows. And, I usually make some Mexican wedding cakes - those little round balls of sweet confection with added pecans and dusted in confectioner's sugar. I just don't know yet, what'll inspire me this year. But, I do know I must get busy and make up my mind....soon. Bud also found me a book the other day while we perused the Half Price Bookstore in town. He found three for himself - Napoleon, Civil War and some such other history crap publications...his tastes for non-fiction has never changed over the past 4 decades...anything history; several subjects. I on the other hand, love history, but FICTION based on fact. Bud also knows my love of reading Shakespeare, and the book he found on the dollar-a-book bookshelf was something right 'up my alley'....

I've only read about 6 chapters so far, which deals with how Anne Hathaway was wooed by the bard of Avon, and how they became a couple. Of course, I learned something ---I did not know that William was much younger than Anne. But, it is so far quite interesting and keeping my interest going. I love a staunch, straight-backed, strong willed woman in history, so with Anne being as such so far in the book...I'm gonna find a new admiration perhaps of the Mrs. William Shakespeare. I do know that it has been whispered here and there that she wrote some of his works...but then again, history is now showing that perhaps he didn't even write any of them at all. Which reminds me, I have to look online just when the recent movie, Anonymous [about Shakespeare] will come out on DVD. It never came to Corpus Christi in the theaters...go figure. I guess my first thought is "ignorance is bliss"....the movie-going population here is very unique and should I say "blissful"? [just kidding!]


  1. Goodness, what a scandal!!! I have not heard that he may not have written ANY!!!

  2. Anonymous12/12/2011

    Liebe Anni,

    das sind wieder ganz wundervolle Fotos.

    Herzlichst ♥ Marianne

  3. I've not seen a glittering candle like this. Your photos worked well.

  4. Love those candles.......... so serene and peaceful!!!

    I had no idea that Shakespeare married Anne Hathaway. He didn't write any of those books either???? what have I been doing in school!!!

  5. I've done just a little baking. I'm still dieting and my will power is not so great! If it's in the house, I want to eat it. :)

  6. I so love the red candle and its effect, perfect for a Christmas card! I also love reading fictions based on history. :)

    Dropping by from MYM

  7. so serene...I would love to see the whole table....:)

  8. Nice shot of the candle, so pretty! I only bake once a year hubs is in his glory! Yesterday we had a cookie bake/football watching, with my two daughters/four grands/son-inlaws and friends! We baked c.chip..oatmeal scotchies..thumbprint w/rasberry jam...snowballs!(our name for your Mexican W.cakes! We will most likely give a few away...or just turn into a pig n eat them ourselves! I think our neighbors would love some!!! Your new book sounds very interesting!

  9. Beautiful image of the candle. I must try that.
    BTW Treat yourself to an Orchid. You might be surprised at how easy they are to grow, and the flowers last a LONG time. I can give you some tips...
    Have a wonderful week.

  10. I also enjoy historical fiction. Of course, I find science fiction entertaining, too, so that's not historical. I love it when I find a god book like this one. Who knows if Shakespeare really wrote all those works? If you see the movie, let me know if it's worth seeing. The reviews didn't make it all that clear.

  11. Mmmm.... Sparkly candle.... :-)

    Finding more books... Fun!

    I'm sure the Holiday Baking Spirit will waft in the door, one of these days.

    Myself, I don't do any in particular. My mother-in-law used to bake zillions of cookies at Christmas Time and give them to family. Oh my, oh my, oh my. I never tried to copy her though. :-)

    Plus, by now, neither of us could eat them, due to health reasons. Soooo, it's probably a good thing. ,-)

    "The days are short, the weather's cold,
    By tavern fires tales are told."

    ~~New England Almanac, Dec. 1704

  12. I've baked one batch of cookies - the peanut butter ones with the Hershey's kiss in the middle - and that was from the pre-packaged mix from Sam's - exactly like from scratch, but easier for those of us who have become very lazy about baking. I went to a cookie exchange last Saturday at church and the lovely things I picked up there are serving me well if I need something to share. Cheating, I know! I do need to make another batch, because I'm sending some to Kev as an annual thing.

    I was taking a course on Hamlet at CSU one summer because I was short a few credits at my small school to graduate the next year. We had a very filthy minded prof who enjoyed greatly sharing with us tidbits he picked up from a book you could only get from the front desk at the library - not on the shelves for good reason - called "Shakespeare's Bawdy" Yuck.

  13. Beautiful centerpiece... I love sitting around when the room is lit with candle light...

  14. Let us know when the cookies are ready! Mom is a cookie monster!!
    Hugs Madi

  15. this candle is gorgeous ! I never baked for Christmas, in fact I never baked at all, lol !
    Anyway we will celebrate in Amsterdam in the new house of my son.

  16. I need to get baking! Was going to start, but ave decided to go and see a house near us that's filled with lights! Common on your side of the world, but very rare in South Africa! Not many people decorate the outside of their homes! Looking forward to seeing what he's done this year!

  17. I also love Rice Crispy bars and I also try to do them a lot closer to the holiday or else they would vanish. LOL
    It was nice of hubs to get you the books,what a sweetie he is.
    Have a nice day.

  18. beautiful sparkly candles...they feel precious!

  19. Oh my goodness Anni, I must apologize for not having visited in so long but now I can say I'm completely ready for Christmas and I have more time to visit and comment now:-) I really need to catch up with all my blogging buddies!!

    I love Rice Krispie treats too but it's something I don't make for Christmas...don't know why! lol As for Mexican Wedding Cakes, I do make those every once in a while for Christmas:-) My mom used to make them every year and they were a tradition growing up. My boys never cared for them, though, so that's why I didn't make them too often.

    I'm now going to read your other posts I've missed!! xoxo

  20. So lovely, I love candles.

  21. I´m lovin that candle. :) Have a great week.

  22. I love your comment about your “Bud” choice of reading material. He and my “Bud” might have something in common....for my “Bud” it is the **** Civil War...YUCK! Now you have me getting curious about your book. I may have to look into it. Let me know when you finish how you feel. Love the old iPad. Start making those Rice Crispie Treats....and do not eat too many while you are making them. XOXO genie

  23. Oh I love those treats and I can just taste them..I see that you son is waiting to here about his Ph.D application...good luck to him. My daughter completed hers in psychology 3 years ago and what a long haul that was and how proud we are of her....Michelle

  24. Glitter candle,it's pretty.


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