Bridge? Mississippi River? Scary thought---

LEFT: nearing swampland RIGHT: Road congestion for miles!!

LEFT: Cause of delay - LSU football fans RIGHT: those nasty iron tresses

LEFT: The Great Mississippi River RIGHT: Baton Rouge from atop the bridge

  • For Fragmental Friday [Friday Fragments], I thought I'd start at the least the part when we neared Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Before Bud and I started the car trip to stop by at Erik's for a while in Houston, and then go from there down to New Orleans, I made sure I checked ahead of schedule to see if we were going to have to contend with traffic for a New Orleans Saints game at the Superdome on Thanksgiving and/or the Sunday after. Nope...luck would have it that the Saints were scheduled to play on the Monday Night Game! heavy traffic for pro football games along with the heavy traffic for holiday travelers!! Lucky, right?

  • WRONG!!

  • I never even dreamed or any thoughts coming to mind to check out COLLEGE FOOTBALL!!

  • I have a bridge phobia [the kind with iron tresses above me and beside me while driving and/or in the passenger seat...] I don't LIKE crossing the Harbor Bridge here in town at all, but have come to the conclusion, if I want to get to the other side, I have to face the fear and move forward.

  • About 20 miles outside of Baton Rouge, on the interstate no less, a traffic jam. And the GPS shows us a red line on the highway....clear up to and across the bridge that crosses the Mississippi!!!!

  • Of course the GPS doesn't tell you what the cause of the traffic snarl is, just the length...we were in it, and no way out. The three of us figured a multi-car accident ahead.

  • An LSU game...exit lane over the other side of the bridge was the culprit. By the way LSU won and had a perfect season!!!!

  • We got over the bridge after about an hour traffic delay along the stretch of interstate, and we were on our way into Baton Rouge, Louisiana...finally.

  • After Baton Rouge, we had a rendezvous with gator country!!

  • Next adventure ---the deep south, Louisiana Swamp land....
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    1. Glad you made it through your fears and glad LSU had such a GREAT season... Beutiful bridge though~~~

    2. Good morning, Anni
      I could have written this post about the bridges...I even made Honey Bear turn around rather than cross a similar bridge in Charleston once...lucky for me they built a new one before our next visit and I was able to go over to the other side without too much anxiety...then we moved to Pittsburgh and I had to get over it somewhat if I wanted to go anywhere...I still hate the old superstructure ones and the concrete ones without the overhead part aren't much better.
      Mama Bear

    3. Oh I love bridges. Whenever I cross one, I have been known to drive with one hand and take pictures with the other. There just is something about the geometric architecture that fascinates me.

    4. Heavy traffic n accidents go hand in hand...hate it!!!! Makes it even worse when your on a bridge that you fear! Gald you make it over safely!

    5. I know a few people with that same bridge phobia. Glad you made it across without incident, even if a traffic jam of an hour is pretty distressing!

    6. Hi Anni!
      yep.. Bridges get to me also.. like when I lived in key west eons ago,,26 bridges to get back to the Mainland.. or getting stuck on the Old two lane Overseas Hiway for seven hours due to worst fear was crossing the Sunshine Skyway bridge across Tampa Bay.. only to get to the top and see the missing part a barge had knocked out.. I was down in the seat not looking out windows until safely away..
      now don't get me started about tunnels...
      loved your road trip!!
      ps: the squirrel photo.. was taken through my bedroom window.. he comes regularly to the window and teases the felines indoors...knowing they cannot get to him!!
      warmest hugs..

    7. I can so relate to the bridge fear. First, I hate heights and our main bridges are WAY UP THERE! Next, I am scared to death that an earthquake is going to hit when I'm on one of those blasted things!

    8. Anonymous12/02/2011

      Liebe Anni,

      das sind atemberaubende Bilder, total klasse.

      Herzlichst ♥ Marianne

    9. I feel for you girl.I don't like long bridges either.
      You sure did get some beautiful photos however.
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment.
      Have a wonderful weekend.

    10. Come to Atlanta!

      Hey I am with you. I am not much for bridges and when we go to Ohio we have to go over one to get into Ohio.

      And there is nothing that FRUSTRATES Old Chatty more then traffic! I don't do road rage or anger - but I am frustrated.

      Glad you got home.

    11. Wow, what an adventure.

    12. I love those pictures! I am not fond of bridges either - I always have a sigh of relief when we get across them, but they sure make for a nice picture!

    13. Oh ANNI I can feel your anxiety...I'm not a fan of high bridges, ferris wheels. To be stuck on one in traffic....oh my gosh my mind would have been wondering just how much weight the bridge can hold etc!! I would have been glowing bullets!! We southern girls don't sweat we glow

    14. PS years and years ago we went to Grandfather Mountain in NC. They are famous for their mile high swinging bridge. I was MUCH younger...anyway my family convinced me to walk across the bridge with them...I thought (silly me) once across you went down the other side...NOPE...I had to make a return trip...

    15. I would have been an absolute nervous wreck till we were back on dry land and over the bridge!!! I don't like bridges, elevators, or escalators.

    16. I'm glad you made it safely to the other side. :) Lots of traffic stopped on a long bridge could be very scary all right!

    17. I don't like going over big bridges, either!!!

      Oh I look forward to photos of Louisiana Swamp land. As long as I'm not near the gators. :-) And to pics in New Orleans too.

      Can you tell? I never got to the "real South." Just flew over it, down to FL, a few times, when Daughter/family lived in FL. But some how, I don't *see* FL as the "real deep South." :-)

      "This is the one fairy hour of life
      when the world seems all of light /
      For the thought of woe,
      or the name of a foe
      never darkens the festive night"

      ~~While the Christmas Log is Burning," 1871

    18. I hate traffic jams but love bridges. Glad you eventually got through.

    19. I have to go back and see the previous post(s) about this trip coming up. Glad you got away. As for bridges - the only one that has bothered me is the one over the Royal Gorge. We had to walk across the only time I've been there, and I literally crawled the last few feet because it was swaying so much.

      I will have to write my piano story, or re-print it, if I've written it before. I don't have one now either, and regret that.

      Have a great week-end!

    20. I look forward to hearing more about your "adventures"--always fun to travel, always nice to get back home. Your Christmas tree is gorgeous!!!! Have a great weekend, Anni. Mickie :)

    21. Neat post! I grew up about four miles of two bridges. One on the
      Mississippi river and the other on the Ohio river,No matter where we went we had to cross a bridge.They were build in the late 40's.very narrow. Thanks for sharing Joann

    22. Great shots of the bridge. I hate driving in heavy traffic.

    23. Anni, I am not a lover of bridges, but manage to get across them when we come to the USA. I'd much rather be driving when we cross but that doesn't always happen.

      Looking forward to more photos of your trip. Glad you had a great time.


    24. Hi Anni, Your road trip sounds amazing, I tried to leave a comment on your previous post yesterday, but something was up big time with my computer.

      Anyway, I just love the places you have been to, the names are so romantic sounding..Baton Rouge,Louisiana gator country and the Mississippi River...the deep south . We don't have any wild animals like gators or snakes here in NZ.

      I'm like you I hate those bridges with the iron tresses above, but to get to the other side you have to suck it in and just do it.

      Have a great weekend.

    25. Anonymous12/02/2011

      nice post! thank you so much for sharing...blessings... soraya

    26. Anni, great pictures and story. So glad that you guys had a fun trip.


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